It's hard to believe that we're celebrating 5 years on terrestrial radio! Thank you all for your support over the years!

As always, we count our success by the number of callers during the show, not how much you have to give. In the end, it all adds up to help keep us on the air as the Treasure VAlley's ONLY community powered radio station.



1) Come by the station at: 1020 West Main Street, Suite #50
2) Call (208) 258-2072
3) Donate online at:

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Thu 9:00 PM MDTRadio Boise KRBX 89.9 FMBoise, ID
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I was out looking for G Jones and Bleep Bloop tracks for tonight's episode of GiTS, and found this monster of a release from Saturaterecords

G Jones and Bleep Bloop are in Boise this Saturday at The Reef.

Pay what you want download:

28 track album

Tasty tunes from Ives on MalLabel Music

Free or Donate for DL:

10 track album

This will definitely be getting some play on GiTS……/dimond-saints-feel-the-bern

Meet our saint of the year, Bernie Sanders. If you feel the Bern please share. for more info on Bernie Sanders goto

Fall Radiothon fundraiser for the only Community Powered radio station in the Treasure Valley…K.R.B.X. Radio Boise!

GiTS celebrated it's 4-year anniversary last May, and you all have been a wonderful support over the years! Thank you!

Please consider calling in during the show tonight, or donating online. Even a small donation of $5-10 makes a difference when it's all added together, that's how People Power works.


PH: 208-258-2072

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Thu 9:00 PM MDTRadio Boise KRBX 89.9 FMBoise, ID
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Installment 3!!!

Always good for bangers and badassery…

Free or donate:

16 track album

It's Music Thursday…where I spend the whole day working on music and costume stuff for #Treefort2015 and prepping for the night's episode of GiTS.

((( )))

Just a few moments ago, I suddenly began to experience intense physical pleasure spinning through the right and left sides of my skull, completely distracting me from what I was doing…

…after a brief moment of confusion, I realized it was sound of Kalya Scintilla's new album vibrating my eardrums.

16 track album

I just discovered a "brother" Glitch in the System out of Christchurch, New Zealand…

Hosts Muz and Nik bring an eclectic mix of glitch driven music backed up by quality interviews, news and current events plus the most useless weather report on the planet.

Thriftworks recently released a three album whopper on Bandcamp, "Fade," "Fader," and "Fadest…"

…Annnnd, he's coming to Boise on January 17th, which deserves an Artist Spotlight theme for tomorrow's radio show.

Exploration of the outer ranges of the synth universe…

We explore the outer ranges of the synth universe here with episode #168 of Glitch in the System on K.R.B.X. 89.9FM / 93.5FM—Radio Boise. A non-stop mix recorded live on-air, but without the talk over

Seriously sexy and psychedelic vibes on this new @Bil Bless album…

FREE or Donate for DL:

11 track album

I played a lot of tracks off this release tonight…

…Free or Donate for DL:

12 track album

Playing a couple of tracks off this release tonight…

…free or donate for DL:

17 track album