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Coming from a very casual background, a Ukranian family decided to leave everything to live in the so called Taïga, the Siberian Forest.
They come back with kno...wledge and a big heart so now it is time for sharing.
Hope you enjoy!
A video about them by vice here :

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It INSPIRES TO LIVE in nature & to SAVE FORESTS! Together we will publish this book on a hemp paper! | Check out 'CANNABIS BOOK Total DOWNSHIFTING or Full UPGRADE' on Indiegogo.
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John Jordan

"The territory is that by which the commune materializes, finds its voice, comes into presence. “ the territory is our living space, the stars we see at night, ...the heat and the cold, the water, the sand, the gravel bars, the forest, our way of being, of working, our music, our way of talking.” This is is a Nahua Indian speaking, one of the comuneros who took back—by force of arms, at the end of this century’s first decade—the communal lands of Ostula seized by a gang of small landowners of Michoacán.The Nahua went on to declare the autonomous Commune of San Diego de Xayakalan, there on those lands.

It seems that every existence with some slight purchase on the world needs a land base for its orientation, whether it’s in Seine-Saint-Denis or the Aboriginal lands of Australia. To inhabit is to write each other, to tell one’s stories, from a grounded place."

To Our Friends, The Invisible Comitee, Autonomedia.

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by Tanaaz The November 3rd/4th Full Moon in the earth sign of Taurus is going to be showering all of us with love and abundance, making it one of the most magical Moon’s of 2017. November is already a power month seeing as it holds the vibration of 11, and this Full Moon is the perfect …
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Image may contain: 1 person, grass, outdoor and nature
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För drygt två år sedan var jag på Gotlands Djurfristad och hälsade på några fantastiska individer. Särskilt fin kontakt fick jag med Elin. Nu är jag tillbaks oc...h hade en jättefin dag igår, särskilt med Jane.

Besöket på denna djurfristad blev särskilt starkt denna gång efter att ha manifesterat utanför slakteriet i Visby i onsdags. Där dödades kännande individer på löpande band för att ätas upp. Senare samma dag såg jag kalvar som var inlåsta i små boxar på en bondgård. Denna, och andra djurfristäder, visar på att vi kan ha ett helt annat förhållningssätt till djur. De kan vara någon, inte något, i förhållande till oss människor. Vi kan njuta av deras sällskap istället för smaken av deras kroppar. Vi kan leva i fred med varandra istället för att utöva våld mot dem. Vi kan njuta av mat från växtriket, istället för att äta av djur.

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Mathieu Lamour

You were probably already thinking I am crazy and I thank you for having stick around so far. You may have done it by some, let’s say, nasty reactions and that’...s all good! It doesn’t matter what color you poured in, it was energy and it fed the game. You know what: game over!
Have you noticed how fast a big threat manifested by 3 hurricanes has faded? Sure, some died on the way and concrete blocks had been washed away. Concrete is just about material that can be easily replaced with solidarity from all over the world, not a big deal then. About the people, depending on your beliefs it may be good news but the only sure thing is that now they are gone and we cannot bring them back for now. My heart sing with all the ones who lost precious people hopping they will accept and get back on their feet quickly.
It is true that North Korea has not yet surrender and the UN does not show any sign of appeasement. That said, a global nuclear is just an option. The other one could be the end of North Korea straight after they would send their first missile which could easily be destroyed with the anti-missile system set up by the US in the area. If NK don’t rapidly adopt a more peaceful approach, I bet for the second scenario.
Yes, I have just been playing a role. I knew it was a role but playing does involve joy and it was certainly not about joy all the time for me.
Since the beginning of my Jesus story, I have always been puzzled between the acceptance of actually being this guy or just being a puppet manipulated by a really powerful force. I did surrender to it because each time I was resisting, my existence was turned into a nightmare the next second. This is what I was trying to say while reminding I am a human before all, struggling in a flow of events I was thrown in. Right now, knowing where is the truth between the puppet and jesus has no Importance for me. Now is about the aftermath of what is has created and I can definitely see the good in it.
On a personal note, it pushes me far away from my comfort zone. This happened on a constant basis that made it impossible to redefine new ones where I could rest. It was like piloting in a blinding light with my truth for single instrument. I am glad I survived but hey ! What a ride!
At this point, I can say I passed the test and I am happy to keep on this way. Well, I am slowly starting to feel happy about it.
On a broader one, regarding the amount of gratefulness I received from the ones who felt inspired by this working-craziness I have displayed for years, I know that it did encourage people. On the other side, during my weakest period, I was finding the amount of anger I was creating in some people very unfair. In my brightest moment, I could see I was offering a catalyst for these ones to choose between compassion toward a poor guy who did not ask for anything and shooting at the messenger he was. This look like unconditional love versus I protect my little self, I cannot stand this expansion of my own reality and I take refuge in the sick but comforting things I already know.
In that respect, I was just a part of the giant game we were in so far. I invite you to look at all the dark revelations we had this last decades about our world as something that let us choose between the respect of others(including Earth) whatever the consequences for my little me and a denial of what is.
There was no utility in comparing each others, we are all different. We surely did inspire each other though.
I see all of you: yes you, the one who know me for years or minutes as pioneers. We were at the uncomfortable but intense first seats of this adventure. This is a broaden group of humble and shiny people who had been so supportive that we made it through. We are not gods, we may be shape out of a very hard wood, our soul may come from stars or old galaxy centers but we are fucking humans before all!
Now begin a new chapter.
So I am not going to keep on claiming to be jesus but I will embrace my higher self as much as I can. I hope now we will be more and more embracing it so a new kind of creativity will shape a new and unforeseen world.
You have probably noticed some above normal gifts popping up in your existence, aren’t you? It is time for you to welcome them when they happen so you can start to play with them. I am sure that once we will balance ourselves with this ever expending reality, the challenges we are facing today will be kids play.
If nothing of that kind happened to you directly, you have heard of it and if you feel curious and joyful with this idea, it will not be too long before you meet someone who will guide you. Not a god or a shiny wonderful person, no. Just a gifted human with their own challenges to face that can be of help. We still need to work on ourselves and stay true more than ever.
What about all the ones who are going full speed on the materialistic way of life then? The service to self path, the control, money chasing, domination… you know the story. I bet they will not be kicked out with a massive solar flare or a sudden purge as some think. Is life that nasty? Honestly? Like all of us, they will be offered opportunities to reshape their existence on a free will base.
The old system is dying in a very obvious way and space is made for anyone who dares to walk toward their own dream. Oh yes, be sure the old system will try to survive but it will look more and more archaic in front of our new abilities.
Modern medicine will be replaced with healing,
Food will be only about enjoyment and not about survival anymore,
Drugs will be shit compare to the sensation we will generate together with chanting, dance, tantra…
Travel will be instantaneous thanks to immersing experience on earth and everywhere in the universe,
Our choices will be facilitated thanks to a more expressive inner truth,
Science will look like a fairy tale thanks to the new understanding all the above will bring.
I see only one last challenging time in our transition journey, we will all have to let go of our small selves so we can get together and make all of this a common reality.
Of service, forever, Mathieu.

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"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible." – M. C. Escher

With the last sanction taken by the US government, this may be of interest.

A dream I have to share.
En français :…

On Saturday morning I woke up at 6.30 pretty tired. I went out of my bed for a few mi...nutes and quickly got back to sleep. During this second phase of sleep, I had a dream :

My sister, my mother and a few other people were gathering for a small party in the country side. It was during the evening and the sky was cleared. All of the sudden, a moving light appeared. There was a thought in the air, as if we all thought :
This is a nuke.

Without saying a word, we watched the course of the missile until it disappear beneath the horizon as it was getting close to the soil.
A few seconds later, we saw the giant mushroom growing at distance. We all went hiding in a safe place.

In this dream, I experienced the ten minutes of waiting as if it was very real, I was literally there. When we step out of our shelter, I woke up.

I rarely dream and since 1 year, all of them predict something. Usually, it warned of a situation that will happen in the following day. Until this dream, it was only about myself and I never had such an intense one.

Since I shared this dream around me, 2 people reported me the same sort of dreams in the last 2 days.

It reminded me what I wrote when the first big cyberattack of the year striked :

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Posted by Gaia

Could these tiny crystals in our brain create a global network of connected consciousness? Find out more:

Shelton Pritchard Lindsay

Do you ever dance and breath and sweat so hard you trip yourself out? loose your mind In A dance beat and ride a wave that's like sonic expression made into the... light that breaks through your body and remakes you. I think I did tonight. Okay I did tonight. I want to share the moment tonight pivoted into something new. On the middle of the dance floor in a moment of breath I was flooded with visuals of the world as an expanding rainforest of possibility. We had just been dancing in circles as a sweating mass of bodies and I was disoriented. I felt swirled up into something new and as my feet found balance the world faded away and the forest erupted. It was the visual expression of trees as these endless rivers of fluctuating light. These tree of moving living light of the sun rendered into flesh and energy pulsating around me in these people but also astrally. It was like being in a different dimension and present at the same time. I looked into my self and asked my essence what it wanted and i thought it longed to become living light and as I raised my arms up, I felt myself begin to pour from my finger tips up into the world to shape myself into one of these living trees when I was overcome with the thought that what I truly wanted was to dissolve. The thought erupted thought me with simple honesty. Dissolve. Moments later I found myself awakened to my body and began dancing in a present way once more with one of my dearest and oldest friends whom I have been dancing with for years. Kate. The thought struck me. What does it mean to dissolve. We shared a kiss And I was back with the trees and I breathed in deeply And I let go. And the universe answered. I had this moment of fear but then these bodies and these limbs erupted around me in the actual world as we dissolved into each other. Bodies and limbs of dear friends and strangers. -Dissolve- Dissolving is moving and expressing and being. It's about spreading out and spreading through one another. So I did. --dissollllvinnggg-- I have never felt like this after a night of dancing. I love my community. I can lose my mind on the dance floor in a room full of people because we liberate space for one another. I can move like this because Tasha Blank is not just a dj she's a guide who sings us to our soul with music. Because Swanson McJohnson makes drum beats and pounding feet meet and becoming chanting. Because of Akil Davis and Elliott LaRue's encouragement and words and melody and music. Because of everyone. Because of that love. Because of that trust. Because of that thing called respect. I feel reborn through dance. -- dissolve -- that was the wisdom in the visuality of the trees to extends roots like mycelium dreams into one another and be free. Dissolve. Dissolve. Dissolve into the freedom of just being.

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Exopolitics: A rarely explored topic.

On June 29, Alex Jones, host of, interviewed Robert David Steele, a former U.S. Marine Corps and CIA clandestine services official, who volunteered insider information about secret ev…
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July 5, 2017
Jim Carrey is set to face trial for the death of his girlfriend Cathriona White after a judge refused to dismiss two wrongful death lawsuits filed against Carrey. White, a make-up artist from Ireland, was found dead in her Los Angeles home in September 2015.  A post-mortem found the 30-year-old died...

You may like to have a smoke before and close your eyes at some points.

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Soulseekers Worldwide

Did you ever ask yourself what "spiritual dimension" does mean? What it does mean that we are "spiritual beings"? This man explains it beautifully and even teaches you a small exercise that helps you to become aware of it.

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Posted by Nasca De Nasca
Nasca De Nasca

¡GRAN HALLAZGO! Un equipo compuesto por investigadores de 5 países concluyó que la momia del humanoide descubierta en Nazca no está relacionada con seres humano...s actuales y tiene una antigüedad de 2400 años ! La presentación mundial será en Lima el 11 de julio !

La verdad se abrirá paso en el 2017 👽

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A mathematical model normally used to study networks helped reveal the architecture of the brain.