How to get your resume past applicant tracking systems:…/5_Insider_Secrets_for_Beating_Applican…

Don't just focus on earning good grades - make sure you learn the material. Employers increasingly want you to show what you know.


Awesome infographic on choosing a major:…/…/major-decisions-choose-wisely/

We'd add that students should consider the impact of globalization trends, too.

Awesome infographic on choosing a major below. We'd add that students should consider the impact of globalization trends as well.…/…/major-decisions-choose-wisely/

Median earnings of college graduates without an advanced degree are 65% higher than that of high school graduates.…/education-pays-2013-full-r…

If you're starting to feel burned out, hang in there! It's okay to take a break, but don't fall behind in your homework before exam preparation starts.

More and more students are asking questions about networking. Here's a mini-blog on the subject:

Many college students muster the courage to start networking but quickly get discouraged when those first calls/emails/texts are not returned. Just as marketers are often considered successful if they can achieve a 3% response rate, students need to understand that it is perfectly normal not to hea...
More teens seeking job-skills courses in the West Valley,After three school years of declining enrollment, Career and Technical Education classes are gaining popularity with West Valley high-school students.

Excited to hear that another student who used Global Grad has a full-time job offer after completing college!

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Did you know that interacting with professors outside the classroom can boost your chances of finishing college?

College isn't like high school - focus on joining 2-3 campus organizations and making a significant impact.

Fastest growing industries include 3D printing, generic pharmacy, and mobile apps:…/the-7-fastest-growing-industries-…/

5 of the 7 fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy are fueled by technology startups.

Today's college students are managing much more than homework...…/4158c8c0-1718-11e3-804b-d3a…

When President Obama talks about “college students,” he doesn’t mean teenagers at highly ranked schools.

Do you understand the skills your college major will help you develop well enough to explain to a potential employer?

Why do your personal reasons for attending college matter?

If you can’t answer this question, you need to reconsider whether you should become a college student right now. If you are going to college to party, please other people, get out of the house, or just meet people, don’t go – it’s too expensive and the years of your life are too valuable. If [...]

Your choice of major, not school attended, may influence earnings in your early career the most.…/your-college-major-counts-more…

Don't focus initially on choosing a major. Focus first on eliminating majors.