Gloomy Stars - I want my Sadcore Trash

Lo-Fi Heroes!
Gloomy Stars bei ByteFM
Mittwoch, 14.3.18, ab 22 Uhr
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Friday night and cold and rainy. Perfect time for the GLOOMY STARS
Give an ear!!!

Fri 8:00 PM UTC+01Kamikaze-RadioLadelund, Germany
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Another new Gloomy Stars song on the radio "Today I´m Sunday"
A big thanks to Nolti from New Rose Punkrockradio!!!

Geprüfte Qualität. Alles für den Endverbraucher! ERSATZKOPF – Polizeigewalt HATEFUL – Caught in the Sound [Punk-Version] MOVEMENT – No Jobs [Demo] REACTION [RUS] – Down and out LURKERS – I don’t need to tell her LA FLINGUE – Un Flingue … Weiterlesen →

A big thanks to Kamikaze-Radio!!!

Gloomy Stars wurde 2014 in Berlin von der deutschen Sängerin Cilli und dem Schweizer Gary Sinnlos (ABGAS) an der Gitarre gegründet. Im 2016 veröffentlichte das Duo ihr Debütalbum "Sadcore Trash (The Basement Tapes)" auch als Full-Album auf YouTube. Ein 52-minütiger Lo-Fi-Film mit 16 Tracks. Die Erfindung von Sadcore Trash!

Im Jahr 2018 veröffentlichten Gloomy Stars ihr zweites Album "Sadcore Trash (The Ground Floor Tapes)". Wieder kannst du das komplette Album auf YouTube erleben, einen 20-minütigen Lo-Fi-Film mit 8 Tracks. Die Fortsetzung von Sadcore Trash! Live-Konzerte sind in Planung ...

Am 29. März spielt die band live in Cortina Bob Berlin - Kreuzberg… “An ocean is full of water” – Gloomy Stars… “When I get low, I get high” – Gloomy Stars (full Album - Gloomy Stars - Sadcore Trash / The Ground Floor Tapes)

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From the second album: Gloomy Stars "Sadcore Trash - The Ground Floor Tapes” For good trash audio quality get the album on MC or CD, limited edition! https:/...

First radio appearance of a new song from the “Ground Floor Tapes”
Thanks to “Punk Rock Demonstration” Radio Station, Los Angeles, CA, USA!!!

Here was the playlist for Monday, 2/19/18 at 7PM PST on The Punk Rock Demonstration

Show #622

1. Wasted Life - Mistakes...
2. RED ALERT official - Shattered Illusions
3. Civil Disobedience band (Civil D.) Official - Civil Disobedience
4. Rudimentary Peni - House Of The Void
5. Thulsa Doom NYC - Forever In Dissent (Vinyl)
6. In Defence - Black Metal Mania (Vinyl)
7. The Tony Jones Show & The Jerktones - Going Back To Creepsville
8. Dennis Most & The Instigators - The Geek
9. The Black Tartan Clan - The Factory
10. Battalion of Saints - I Don't Like You
11. The Pugilistics - Chemical Dependence
12. The Gears - The Last Chord
13. Barbatos - Wild Rock 'N' Roll Party
14. 10 TO GO - Back On Track
15. Flatfoot 56 - Courage
16. Dick Politic - Punch Your Landlord
17. Aw Shux Gchc - When You Learn To Live Again
18. FEET FIRST - Gun To Face
19. Baby punchers - We Aren't Dogs
20. Towerblocks - Proud To Be Punk (Vinyl)
21. Spider - Pleasure Fold
22. The Restarts - Got Away With It
23. LOWER CLASS BRATS - Chaos, Riot & Ruin (Live)
24. THE MAHONES - Punk Rock Saved My Life
25. Mr Wu's Pigs - Words Of Love
26. External Menace - No Uniform (Live)
27. Politikal Dekline - Found Our Way
28. Street Clones - Overtime (Vinyl)
29. Destructors 666 - Action Woman
30. Firecracker 500 - Bad Religion
31. *ask - She's Moving In
32. Krang - Fuck Fast Fashion
33. Crashed out - Still A Fighter
34. Low Standards, High Fives - Silent Decor
35. El Chupa Cobras - Tidal
36. Gloomy Stars - An Ocean Is Full Of Water
37. The Rocket - Chain Reaction
38. Wannacries - Deadline King
39. Data Control - Data Control
40. Transformation obsession - Flushed Out, Consumed

Krang Records - Difusión Bird Attack Records

Also looking for regular radio shows for the station as more spots have opened up!


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Mailing Address:
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Achtung! Die Show findet nicht wie geplant Mittwoch sondern Donnerstag, den 29.03. statt! (könnta länger feiern, Freitag is frei 😁)

Thu 9:00 PM UTC+02Cortina Bob BerlinBerlin, Germany
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Gloomy Stars now on Bandcamp!

Gloomy Stars was formed 2014 in Berlin by the German female-singer Cilli and the Swiss Gary Sinnlos (ABGAS) on guitar. In 2016 the duo released their 1st album "Sadcore Trash (The Basement Tapes)" also as full-album on YouTube. The invention of Sadcore Trash! In 2018 Gloomy Stars released their 2nd....

Get the experience! Full mini Album on youtube now!
Get this link, the old one is broken...

The full second album: Gloomy Stars "Sadcore Trash - The Ground Floor Tapes” For good trash audio quality get the album on MC or CD, limited edition! https:/...

Thanks to IDIOTEQ, Warsaw (Poland)…/
(scroll down)

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"Sadcore Trash (The Ground Floor Tapes)" OUT NOW!

For good trash audio quality get the album on MC or CD, limited edition!

Order at (Price: 10 € + 2 € shipping)

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1. Februar 2018!
Gloomy Stars bringen ihr zweites Album über raus:
"Sadcore Trash (The Ground Floor Tapes)"

Limitierte und nummerierte Erstauflage, 50 MCs und 50 CDs inkl. Lyrics & Gloomy Stars-Sticker


Stückpreis: 10 € plus Versand (2,00 € in DE).

Zu bestellen bei

Is after an end always a beginning?

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Gloomy Stars updated their cover photo.
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The wind is heavy, the rain is wet
and the Gloomy Stars are shining dark again ...

New Mini Album “Sadcore Trash 2” – The Groundfloor Tapes”


Out on January 2018 – Stay tuned!

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now on youtube too...

The Gloomy Stars with a new song on the radio

NEW SONG!!! Gloomy Stars - I want my sadcore trash (Demo Version) played on, Hidden Tracks, 24.5.17 (Lyrics belo...

Gloomy Stars - "I want my Sadcore Trash" (Demo Version)
played on the radio (, Hidden Tracks)

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Gloomy Stars plays the soundtrack for Ulpi the Bohemian - Today I'm Sunday

Impressionen der "Ulpi the Bohemian - Today I'm Sunday"-Ausstellung im Supalife als kleiner Film

Impressions of the exhibition: "Ulpi the Bohemian - Today I'm Sunday" by Gary Odd; Supalife Kiosk, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Photos/Movie: © 2017 ...