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Myken R Spiesz
· December 25, 2017
I participated for many years, first with my daughter then with my best friend. It was something we looked forward to every year. But after it was cancelled in GA to make it a spa/resort event I was v...ery disappointed. Please reconsider doing the day events again! I know here in GA there was always a huge turnout. See More
Jacki Holt Navarro
· July 10, 2017
I have tried every which way to get a hold of you people since July 1. I am extremely disappointed that no one has chosen to respond to me except for one person who cut and pasted an answer to me. I read!
I have extenuating circumstances and I need to speak with someone immediately. I hope this is just the organization in Vermont because I ran this race in Chicago two years ago and it was not like this. I would now appreciate a callback. A live person with authority who has some answers. I've tried Instagram, I've tried email, and now I'm trying Facebook. I can't find a phone Number anywhere for you people!!
Your customer service and ability to answer questions is absolutely horrible.
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Jennifer Lynn Miller
· July 9, 2017
I did this race with my daughterand the girls from my gym Underwood Park Cross Fit, and it was the most fun I've had in a long long time. Everyone was so supportive and made sure we were safe. I canno...t wait to do it again next year. The only thing Id change is maybe having a covered area for bag checks...will have my stuff in car next year..awesome event.. See More
Colette LaCompte
· April 4, 2017
I signed up for this race, months in advance, and excitedly put together a team of women to run together. I unexpectedly received an email last night stating that the event was canceled and would be m...oved to an undisclosed "ski resort" and at an unknown date. What an utter disappointment. Any company that continues to advertise and offer discounts for a canceled event is unconscionable. I run 2 races a month and will never participate in another race run by this promoter. I had a reasonable expectation; to run the race that I paid and recruited for and was not even provided the courtesy of a refund only a halfhearted statement "refunds are being processed and should be available by May 1st." In summary, they decided to cancel the event but would need an additional month to return any participants money. The email [I received] wasn't even properly signed. The sender, "Cici", didn't disclose a title or position attached to Human Movement or Dirty Girl or provide any contact information for any further customer inquiries. See More
Amanda LaBaff
· May 3, 2017
to be clear: I have not participated in a dirty girl mud run, but I wanted the runners of the company to know how excited I was to try one for the first however, after learning that it's ch...anged to some spa thing I'll never join. I'm very disappointed. I don't see the point in changing it so dramatically when it was already getting great responses from people. A sudden drastic change is hardly ever a good idea...women signing up for a mud run do not want a spa day, if they wanted a spa day they would go to a spa...
Another reason that scared me off is the reports I've read of very poor customer service and the unprofessional way refunds were being handled.
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Holly Gillman
· April 6, 2017
To whom it may concern:

I am extremely disappointed and angry that the true Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run has been "indefinitely postponed...yeah, right, it was cancelled. (My daughter and I were signed up ...for the Pennsylvania event in June.) Saying that the event is now a spa day/weekend at a ski resort is a decision ill-made. This new corporation has incurred such angry and disappointed emotions from a huge amount of women in the United States; women the corporation "think" are their future participants. They have effectively turned away/rejected women that are NOT going to support their "spa ski resort". The Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run not only benefited breast/uterine cancer with money. The event was aimed at us "working class women" that actually benefited from the event. Either in a financial support and/or in a emotional/social support. The event is now aimed at the "wealthy" instead. This corporation is obviously more concerned with their financial bottom line rather than with human growth and support of a vital cause for ALL women. Not just the wealthy women. Do you really think this corporation will make more money this spa ski resort way, instead of the tried and true way of a full day of obstacle course of mud fun for normal women?

Personally, this would have been my fifth year of participation after my own diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The event got me through those years. Participating with my daughter (and my husband watching & chauffeuring) for all those years was a bonding and loving experience that can never be duplicated or replaced. We live in Jackson, Michigan. There was only one year of the event held in Michigan. We traveled to Pennsylvania, Illinois and Wisconsin because of our loyalty, support and enjoyment at the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Runs.

Fortunately, I was able to be a participant during the good years of the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run. All things must change, but it is sad to have this event change is such a manner.

My prediction is that the REAL Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run is now obsolete and defunct.
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Krista Phelps
· May 1, 2017
I was very much looking forward to this event. I purchased the insurance because in the last 3 years I have lost 5 members of our family and decided the insurance would be a good idea just for that fa...ct. I understand they are offering refunds of the registration but how many thousands of women are out that $8.99 due to this poor business decision? Allianz Global Assistance has sure made a pretty penny off of us women because of circumstances beyond our own life occurrences. if just 10,000 women purchased that insurance they have made $89,900 off of us and for absolute no benefit to us.
I am VERY dissappointed that they decided to eliminate the possibility of participation to most women. We are moms, wives, Business leaders and more. We don't have the luxury of taking a weekend off and our bank accounts won't allow us that even if time did.
If you were truly in it for women you would have honored your 2017 commitments and began 2018 with this new direction. Furthermore you would refund the $8.99 insurance as well. I will never participate in a Human Movement event again as you cannot be trusted. Trust is an important thing, and once it is lost...
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Alyssa Saldivar
· April 6, 2017
I have volunteered for this rave the last two years and was looking to go for a 3rd year. After contacting the company in February to inquire about volunteering since the page just said "coming soon",... I was told it would be up at the end of February. After looking all throughout March with no further update, I emailed again and also wrote to their fb but never received a response. I guess the fact that you've now cancelled the race for some bogus "spa weekend" is why. Terrible customer service and you've now lost lots of people who loved this race. Basically you guys suck. See More
Jennie 'Orr' Weichert
· May 4, 2017
I had some really fun times at this run in MN with my sister bit am really disappointed with how things were handled this year. So many people had signed up, took time off work, reserved hotel rooms,... etc only to have the whole thing cancelled! There was no good reason given, and they could have held it as scheduled and moved forward with their plans next year, They were going to cancel it about 3 years ago but ended up having the event. This was a super fun time and it is real sad about what happened this year😢😒 See More
Kerry Ann Welch Larsen
· April 5, 2017
Hey ladies If anyone was signed up for the one in MSP Minnesota/ ( Wyoming) there is a mudrun in August called Muskfest that is awesome. We quit signing up for Dirty Girls that last year because of al...l the changes in locations and dates. I was a huge supporter of Dirty Girls years ago, not sure what happened but its gone way down hill. I loved it! Anyway sign up for the one is August another great cause and is going to be great! See More
Karen Welniak Jamiola
· April 13, 2017
Dear Dirty Girl Nation,

It is with a heavy heart that we are sending this email to your town. Your event, the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run: Milwaukee - 8/12/2017, is indefinitely postponed. Your full refund is being processed immediately and you should expect to see your refund on your card or in your bank account by or around May 1st.

The Dirty Girl Mud Run was founded in 2011 to promote women’s health, adventurous spirit, and ultimately to raise funds for breast + ovarian cancer research. Since our inception, we have raised over $800,000 for our charity partners and over 100,000 pairs of shoes for homeless around the United States. We want to thank you for your support of the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run: Milwaukee - 8/12/2017. The Dirty Girl Mud Run series is moving locations to ski resorts to focus on a weekend long women’s getaway and we hope you can join us there.

We realize this is not an option for everyone, hence we are processing refunds for you immediately and are very sorry if we caused any inconvenience. Thanks again for your support.

With tons of love,​

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Anne Mihaila
· August 27, 2017
This was a wonderful show where so many beautiful ladies met and had a great workout and fun time together. It's great that you can contribute while focusing on cancer at the same time.
Miranda Joy Blank
· May 4, 2017
Very disappointed that you are now apparently only going to be holding the event at ski resorts with a focus on a weekend getaway. Most of the people who have participated in this event can't do a wee...kend getaway and were just looking to get down and dirty for a day. Very sad that you decided to shift the focus of the event from doing something fun for charity to a luxury vacation weekend. Sell outs. See More
Deanna Ankeny
· April 3, 2017
I have done this run 2 years in a row and loved it! I signed up for this year and just got an email that it's been cancelled! I have family flying in from all over the country to do this run. I'm so u...pset that they can just cancel it. See More
Nicole Marie Fenton
· April 4, 2017
I have been busting my butt loosing weight for the last 4 years. when I saw a video for this race, I was so excited I tagged a few friends and my sister because I thought who best to do my very 1st ra...ce with. And now you guys cancel it . I am heart broken. all I have been saying for months now is how I can't wait for this and now it will never come. feeling let down, and disappointed. See More
Nicole Lynn
· May 2, 2017
Apparently my event that I registered my daughter and myself for over 6 months ago has been cancelled and this organization can not even give the courtesy to explain the situation (i have to find out reading others reviews). I was just sent an email explaining the refund that was processed. No reasoning. We did it last year and was looking forward to doing it together annually. Dissapointed that I have to explain this to her but I will do a better job than Dirty Girl did explaining it to me!! See More
Elizabeth Hayes
· April 4, 2017
So disappointed with the decision to cancel this event less than two months before it was to take place. Moving to a ski resort? Why couldn't this have been done next year? And it will take a month to... receive a refund - seems suspect. I had friends coming from out of state to do this with me and we were all so excited. This would have been my 3rd run. See More
Reca Porter
· May 9, 2017
I was signed up for year three when the event was cancelled about a month out so the company could go in a new direction. It's disappointing that the new direction occurred after loyal people signed ...up. All I know is I would have spent my money on something else in the meantime. See More
Lindsey Arlene Ramsden
· April 4, 2017
So disappointed... I did this run in Buffalo last year. I was so excited to see it was coming back and bought myself, my twin, and her best friend tickets for Christmas.... so imagine my surprise when... all of a sudden a sketchy email saying it's been postponed comes out of no where.... we had costumes and everything planned out... See More
Lexy Gee
· April 8, 2017
I've done this race for FOUR years in Scranton, Pa. You didn't have it on the schedule this year, so we thought maybe Baltimore, then you canceled that one. You have maybe 5 races scheduled in the... US for the whole year now? NOT COOL. This was a tradition for me and my friends. You got us motivated to go out & bust our butts to get ready for this. Now, nothing. No explanations either. You are so disappointing, Dirty Girl. You let us all down. See More
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Hi Dirty Girl Nation! We know many of you were hoping for 2018 dates but we will not be hosting events this year. Please check back later for 2019 dates.

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July 8 at Killington Resort - The 3rd annual Dirty Girl Mud Run Killington will be back this summer, bigger and better! More mud, more obstacles, more fun!

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July 8 at Killington Resort - The 3rd annual Dirty Girl Mud Run Killington will be back this summer, bigger and better! More mud, more obstacles, more fun!

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