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Hi! Important news. We prolong Pre Sale for 3 months. Bounty program PART l will end on March 31. We intend to fill out team with necessary specialists and advisors, to strengthen a legal part and to work on improvement of a product and marketing. About all news we will continue to share in our information channels. Thank you for being with us.

Your Gold miners team

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CENTRSIBNEDRA noted high 🚀 prospects of gold detection on the near-surface part of Kuturchinsky area.

Having studied the information report with the results of geological exploration works for 2017, Centrsibnedra noted high prospects of detection and carrying out of experimental mining operations ⚒️ in the near-surface part of gold-bearing quartz-vein weathering crust systems from the beginning of 2019.

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Eka Dwi Rahayu
· March 28, 2018
What is #GoldenResources ?
Decentralized platform of gold mining.
Very awesome if there is #cryptocurrency backed up by real #Gold asset 👍👍👍

Let's join this awesome project, Guys
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Sergey Zamshin
· March 14, 2018
Отличная команда профессионалов, долгий и успешный опыт работы в отрасли, надёжные партнёры, лицензированная деятельность, 25 млн. долларов уже собранных средств, три богатейших месторождений золота, ...независимая экспертиза – всё это говорит о надёжном выпуске токенов на ICO. Токены обеспеченные столь ликвидным товаром, как золото, несомненно станут лучшим предложением для инвесторов на рынке. Это вложение которые принесут значительную прибыль тем, кто сейчас готов уже войти в этот проект. See More

CENTRSIBNEDRA 👍approved👍⚒️ geological exploration work⚒️ carried out by Geo-System.

At Centrsibnedra, the results of the exploration work of Golden Resources for 2017, as well as planned for 2018, were reviewed.

In the protocol of Centrsibnedra it is established that geological exploration works are carried out in accordance with license agreements and approved project documentation.

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Lysogorsky deposit🗻 is planned to be mined by underground and open-pit method↕️

👨‍🌾The results of the research conducted in 2017 by the Lysogorskoye license area, using the VMP technology (Verification of the Multispectral Forecast, including:

a) mathematical and multispectral analysis of surface images made from space by high-resolution equipment;


b) multispectral and special mathematical studies of the intensity of electromagnetic fields) indicate the presence of contrasting anomalies of gold ore on the northern flank of the Lysogorsky deposit, where exploration has not yet been carried out.

The exploration program for 2018 aimed at verifying the anomalies of the WWTP should lead to the discovery of new ore bodies that are subject to future mining not only underground but also in the mining mode.

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⚒️Geologists thank you! Our congratulations!⚒️

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This week (24/03-31/03) is last of Bounty Social Campaign (Part I)!

#GoldenResources #Bounty #PreICO

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We’ll be there at Global Blockchain Summit Sochi tomorrow. See you 😏

#gbs2018 #blockchain #gold #mining

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Golden Resources plans to expand its operations in the Territory of Advance Development.

Admitted to the concept of creating four gold-mining clusters, the deposits in the mineral reserve fund of the South Kamchatka and North-Eastern clusters are located within the Far Eastern economic region. These territories will be referred to the Territories of Advance Development, which will allow Golden Resources to have advantages for business development, such as:
- Exemption from pr...operty and land tax;
- Profit tax is not more than 5% for the first five years, 10% for the next 5 years;
- 0% Mineral extraction tax for the first four years, etc.

Golden Resources планирует расширить свою деятельность на Территории Опережающего Развития.

Принятые в концепцию создания четырех золотодобывающих кластеров месторождения находящиеся в фонде недр Южно-Камчатского и Северо-Восточного кластеров находятся в пределах Дальневосточного экономического района. Эти территории будут отнесены к Территориям Опережающего Развития, что позволит Golden Resources иметь преимущества для развития бизнеса, такие как:
- Освобождение от налога на имущество и землю;
- Налог на прибыль не более 5% - в течении первых пяти лет, 10% - в течении следующих 5 лет;
0% Налог на добычу полезных ископаемых в течении первых четырех лет и др.

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Golden Resources Pre ICO is six days away! Buy gold with a discount 65% in time.

Online platform of a gold mining

Last news about Seybinsky gold deposit.

80 thousand ounces of gold from the Seibinsky deposit will be transferred from C2 to C1.

By mid-2018, on the state balance sheet of the Seibinsky deposit, gold reserves of 80,000 ounces will be transferred from the category of pre-explored C2 to the proven reserves C1. This will reduce the cost of operational exploration by $180,000/year.

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Hello everyone! We added photogallery on our website. Go to for show photo and video!! our objects.

Licenses, presentations, expert opinions, reports, and other documents of our project are available on russian version website

Golden Resources is feeling shocked.
March 15

AirDrop in Russian!
115,000 ounces of an ingot gold for 150 million dollars dropped out from the plane in Yakutia this morning..!

Golden Resources continue PreICO of tokenizated gold. Remains less and a less time for purchase with the maximum benefit! On ICO GDR will cost $1.
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NPV of Lysogorsky project will reach $ 70 million, indicated gold reserves will be 330,000 ounces, the mine life will increase by 3 years!

The geological survey of JSC Geo-System is working on the calculation of the reserves of the Lysogorsky deposit. In the course of the feasibility study of the conditions it was determined that according to the results of the reserves calculation, 100,000 ounces of gold would be additionally supplied to the state balance of the Lysogorsky d...eposit, which could be translated from the reliably estimated forecast resources on the flanks of the field by combining computer simulations with traditional structural geological interpolations of mineralization. To date, there are 230,000 ounces of gold on the state balance, after the gain, the balance reserves of gold in the Lysogorskoye deposit will amount to 330,000 ounces, with an average productivity of the mining complex 30,000 ounces per year, the service life of the enterprise will increase by 3 years, the profit (NPV) will reach $ 70 million. The report will be submitted for examination to the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ) at the end of 2018.

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Golden Resources Pre ICO is two weeks away! Buy gold with a discount 65% in time.

Cryptocurrency of mining gold
Golden Resources shared their post.
March 12

Good afternoon. We wish everyone a productive week. We want to return to the table of the top ten mining companies and to pay attention to the fact that the cost of production ($ 669 / oz) of Golden Resources is considerably ahead of all companies. It is only inferior to Polyus. They are the leaders of the list (621 $ / oz).

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Golden Resources

We'll appear in this list if we're able will unite together. Success is a result of common efforts. PreICO is live! Cryptocurrency backed by gold! Each GDR has an equivalent in gold.

Golden Resources congratulates all ladies on this remarkable holiday! We wish you wonderful day! ❣️

Gentlemen, GDR tokens is original gift. Each token has the physical asset - gold. Buying the GDR, you buy gold at a discount of 65%! Well where still there is such offer? 😉

Cryptocurrency of mining gold

We on Medium. Follow and reading us there too. Report “Russian Gold. Results 2017 and the forecast for 2018” is available now.…/short-report-russian-gold-results-2017…

Yesterday Golden Resources attended a conference “Russian Gold. Results 2017 and the forecast for 2018”. It is short report made by CTO…