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Sharon Hoshida
· February 7, 2018
In all my years in Santa Barbara, since 1970, Goleta Valley and now Goleta Valley Cottage has been the very best in community healthcare. Both of our children were born there, when I had surgery to cancer, it was performed there, and every emergency room visit has been as pleasant as possible. There are not enough words of praise for every single professional staff member for their gentle and tender caring to their quick and responsive medical care and assessments. I was there with my nonagenarian mother in law for emergency treatment last week and they were superb in dealing with someone who was slightly disoriented and frail. As long as I live, I hope to always be able to access care in this fine hospital. See More
Jim Mosley
· February 17, 2018
This place is the worst! Go to an "Urgent Care" facility if it's at all possible. 5 hours to get 5 staples/stitches at a cost of $3000 after the insurance payment. We asked and received no help from ...them in reducing our unreasonable bill. Our Blue Cross insurance may not be the best but we pay for it ourselves and it's the best we can do for $1,100 per month. See More
D MacKenzie Bachman
· January 23, 2018
As a transgender man hospitals are more scary than they should be to begin with for me. But the men and woman who work at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital were warm, welcoming and friendly. Using proper... pronouns and making sure that I was more than comfortable. Thank you. See More
Riley Barrad
· February 13, 2018
The staff there is professional and friendly. They will do anything to make you feel better �
Johnson Janine
· November 6, 2017
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1.0 star rating 11/6/2017...
I am exposing Cottage Health. They have committed crimes against me for 9 years and I had the documentation. I lost 60 lbs, my hair, my health, my strength and confidence and was placed on medical stress leave by my primary physician after working in the Finance Department for 8.5 years. I was subject to disability discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual harassment and various types of anonymous harassment from the moment that I started at Cottage Health. I was subject to retaliation and mistreatment every time I went forward with information. I printed out over 1000 pages of documentation documenting the abuse before I left Cottage Health. on Feb 1st, this company broke into my home and stole my documentation and left behind false less damaging documentation. They also left behind a blackberry that once belonged to me that was stolen years ago (Well now I know it was stolen by them) containing a very scary story of me being watched for years in my work cubicle, on the beach and around town. They noted within this blackberry that my cars were sabotaged (my sl500 and my spyder gts) both had the transmission sabotaged and I was given at least 30 flat tires over the course of 3 years.
In a panic, seeing that they had broken into my home and stolen my documentation and left behind a blackberry detailing scary happenings, I decided to move home to my parents house that day. I vacated my apartment that they had broken into on West Alamar. I was so emotionally distraught that I went to my place of employment for help, the hospital. I stated that they were responsible for 8.5 years or abuse and that I was feeling really down because of it. I couldn't sleep or keep food down. I was not a threat to myself or anyone else. This place of employment, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital had me shipped away to Aurora Las Encinas in Pasadena, CA against my wishes and held me against my will for 10 days while I was drugged for the 1st time ever with very harsh psychotropic drugs and I was not given a PSYCHE evaluation at any point in time in this locked facility that they sent me to. Since I was not given a psyche eval, I should not have been medicated at any point. I have no history of usage with any kind of medication that would affect my mind and the medication administered to me was extremely damaging and sickening as it was very harsh on my heart. This medication made me feel several times that I would die as it created extreme chest pain. I was not given an explanation as to why I was being held involuntarily either. My family had to hire a lawyer to get me out Facility as I was being held against my will. I left that facility with a FALSE MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS, paranoid schizophrenic, to COVER up their 9 years of disability discrimination, sexual and racial harassment and harassment because I acquired a life long condition from my hazardous job. Cottage Health literally paid off a doctor to falsely diagnose me, when I was checked into their facility because I was broken from the misconduct committed against me for 8.5 years.

11-6-2017: They continue to break into my home though I have moved out of my hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. They leave behind Employee Health and Safety cards and have left behind my office keys to my cubicle. They have left behind blank documentation in place of my real documentation. They absolutely go after whistle-blowers!!! I reported serious hateful racial remarks made towards me by my co-worker and instead of a healthy environment, the office retaliated!! One does not just magically drop 60 lbs and lose their hair unless MAJOR harassment is happening!!! I hope that they answer one day as to why they felt the need to harass the sole black worker in the office for 8.5 years until she couldn't go on any longer. They continue to hack my Dropbox account, my Chromebook and my android.

On 10/31/16, GVCH administered less than stellar service and did not run any tests when I entered their facility sick. I was vomiting and pouring sweat (my clothing was drenched) and no tests were run. They have consistently delivered poor service to me.
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Kawi Shan
· August 15, 2015
I'm a "frequent flyer" at GVCH, always under urgent circumstances that require immediate response followed by a few days care. I could not hope for a better team to get me through these critical event...s. The staff are a blessing for me, and for my family, who are always relieved when I am in their care. See More
Jennifer Harcarik
· January 22, 2018
PARENTS BEWARE! My daughter has the student health insurance through Aetna. We were advised by UCSB and Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital they are contracted with the Aetna Insurance plan offered to stud...ents. My daughter was sick with a bacterial infection and was struggling to breath in November. She actually passed out and was taken to the ER at Goleta Valley Cottage Hosptial. The student health plan shows a $200 co pay on the insurance card. HOWEVER, Goleta Hospital, who accepts Aetna, uses South Coast Emergency Med Group Inc ER doctors that are NOT contracted with the Aetna or the student plan. So, today we received an additional bill from the ER doctor for almost $1,000. Both Aetna and South Coast Emergency Med Grp Inc both basically said, "too bad" and it "doesn't seem right" but your daughter now needs to pay that bill. ...SHAME ON GOLETA HOSPITAL FOR ALLOWING ER PHYSICIANS TO NOT CONTRACT WITH THE SAME INSURANCE THE HOSPITAL DOES AND GOUGING THESE KIDS. See More
Jenee Scott
· September 29, 2015
Awesome staff great food. Very welcoming and they had only been open a couple days in their new building
Maureen Dougherty
October 4, 2013
All of my experiences at GVCH since August, 1968 have been very positive. Best was having my son there. They had a great Birthing Center. The Emergency Department where Dr. John Dorman trained the County paramedics has always treated my family members and myself expeditiously and competently. We love GVCH!! See More
Jose Aguilar
· October 1, 2015
Took FOEVER to open , was supposed to open in 2012. What year is it? Wait, is it even open yet? Smh ( HBE Builders)
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