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Vee Sithole
· December 7, 2017
I really wanted to leave a good review.. i really did because so far i have managed to get my money out..But your communication is almost non-existent so to speak. if you tell a customer you will call... that. don't wait for the customer to call you back because by then they are antsy and irritable and really don't want to listen to reason. You have a technical fault you have been trying to fix for days now.. how far.. When you hold peoples money you really need to be more transparent lest we start thinking you scamming. us! whats going on Golix..... give us answers so we know you're not planning on running away with our precious bitcoins. See More
JD Crypto
· November 22, 2017
You guys are lucky.
My withdrawal of $10, that's right $10, is still been processed for the past 18 days!
I've sent 3-4 emails, about the same in support tickets, twitter and FB messages. I finally got a reply to one of my tickets today.

""I noticed that you managed to complete your withdrawal. We are sorry for the inconveniences caused during your transaction and we are working hard to make this seamless......"

I even went as far as mentioning the transaction number in all my correspondence and they still can't get it that they were looking at my bitcoin withdrawal and not my $ withdrawal I'm having an issue with.

I pulled my bitcoin out because I can't do business with a company that takes more than two weeks to process a measly $10 withdrawal, take this long to respond and then to get the wrong transaction looked at!!!?

GOLIX, maybe you should be looking into training your current support staff to do their jobs properly instead of hiring more (as per your vacancies listed on your website)

PS. I used to manage a support team in my IT days, maybe I'll apply to replace your support manager and get things done right and speedily!

You may be the only exchange in ZIM but don't count on that monopoly keeping you around. A company survives if it has a happy customer base and it's obvious from these posts that your customer base will soon be thinning out if you continue to offer such bad service and support

Let's see if there's any kind of progress after this post and a reply to the support person that finally replied to me.
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Ranga Ngwerume
· November 3, 2017
Not only has GOLIX failed at the cash withdrawal busines (understandable they are not the owners of the banks) They have held my BTC withdrawal for over 3 days now. A false transaction hash is provi...ded on the dashboard. Be very careful before doing business with these guys.

Over the weeks the support is starting to dwindle. Potentially the usual symptoms of business in Zimbabwe. You start with an amazing service and then you get over whelmed and do not address the demands by increasing staff. Lets hope it gets better but some of the things to look forward to
3+ days to withdraw cash to bank or ecocash.
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Ronald Lenois Jr
· January 5, 2018
Not only is Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) overpriced in $USD, Golix has the WORST support I've seen for an EXCHANGE company. I think there is ONLY 1 person; Nomsa Mukuze, that is running Golix....

Golix Support is VERY SLOW to answer tickets and address issues. I've had 2 tickets submitted for over a month with NO REPLY.

Plus, I have a confirmed transfer/deposit (# 54df191cd8c5992cb23c0f7d5a1adb627128fde708926c402363735691433cf9) going to my Golix wallet of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which has yet to be made available to me in the exchange... This has caused my Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to be unavailable for use or transfer back out somewhere else.

Golix needs to get things working and better support or get out of the exchange business all together.
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Phạm Tuấn Anh
· December 16, 2017
They do not allow anyone to withdraw their money, this is a scam website, we sold our bitcoin here and tried to withdraw the money but the order is always in processing status, they locked my money in... the USD wallet, u can not withdraw, even use my money to buy another coin. careful with this website. SCAM! See More
Ernest Chivheya
· December 14, 2017
you are still ok only that these days money takes long to enter into must not take more than 5hours come on guys or else go back to bitcoinfundi
Tafadzwa Valerie Kampira Mwanandimai
· December 8, 2017
Could not withdraw my money.In the end had to reverse the transaction & send the bitcoin to sm1 else to get my money out.The technical faults are endless
De An
· December 6, 2017
You can't get your money out. Still waiting for $12 withdrawal to Ecocash for over 3 weeks despite numerous calls and emails. Stay away! I suspect fraud at play here!
Sean Bronato
· November 15, 2017
They'll never let you withdraw. :/ I recommend the people of Africa to use another exchange such as LocalBitcoins or BitStamp.
Viola Vixy Ctholz
· January 10, 2018
You take time to reply messages,and sometimes you see our messages and you dont reply.
We couldn’t withdraw our btc since yesterday because of the OTP problem and has inconvenienced us,btc has dropped... in the past 24 hours resulting in a loss. :/ See More
William John
· November 21, 2017
This is the absolute best way to send $$$$ to Zimbabwe!! I use it every week or two.
Иван Владимирович Леончук
· October 27, 2017
I am from Ukraine, I could not register.
I never get a verification message on my phone.
The support service answers very long - it's bad....
I'm afraid when it will be necessary to withdraw money, there will be a similar situation.
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Dicks Madiela
· December 9, 2017
on cancelling a pending order your btc does not go back to your wallet. It otherwise appears locked in your wallet and you cant withdraw it.
Rejoice Ndlovu
· October 30, 2017
I think you have the best service ever. Support is efficient , keep up the good work!!
Tatz Kahlan
· 6 hours ago
They have improved ever since the upgrade they are not serious.. keep it up
Lazarus Chiwara
· December 16, 2017
The service is absolutely pathetic. I am regretting a big withdrawal I did for someone.
Rocky Shi
· December 19, 2017
who can help me transfer golix withdrawed usd or CNY to China ? i give you commission. It is legal? or via trade?
George Muchapirei
· December 14, 2017
It would help if you respond to support tickets. Trying to make a withdrawal without luck.
Mike Mwanaz
· December 8, 2017
Technical fault after technical fault.Starting to sound fishy
Admire Chatsakarira
· December 25, 2017
A marked improvement. Normal delays in deposits and withdrawals. Support team is now excellent
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We would like to sincerely apologize for the delays in resolving our customer queries. We are currently working around the clock to improve our services. Due to the backlog of tickets it will take 5-7 working days to respond to new tickets. We hope you notice a dedicated improvement in our service. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or suggestions.

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We would like to advise our valuable customers that the technical fault we are facing is with one of our servers and our hosting service provider. This is resulting in some customers not being able to view their transactions, placing or cancelling orders and the order book not updating. We understand that this is frustrating for customers and we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences that have been caused.

We are kindly asking for your patience while this issue is being resolved.

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June 9, 2017
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Stand a chance to WIN Free Bitcoins. Simply fill in our User Experience Survey form.
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Golix updated their cover photo.
May 22, 2017
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