“Best day ever” was one participant’s statement for Goochland County Kid’s Fishing Day. We want to thank all of those who attended or supported this event to make it such a enjoyable day.
Thank you to those who partnered with us:

Heart of Virginia Council Boy Scouts of America & Camp Rangers


Ridgeline Roofing and Contracting Inc.

Tom’s Service Center

American Legion Post 215

VA Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

Goochland County Fire/Rescue

Deputies and Dispatchers who participated

Anonymous donors

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Reminder Kid's Fishing Day Saturday May 12, 2018

No license required for this event

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Angela Small Allen
· January 20, 2018
Props to Goochland’s finest for their ongoing efforts to build relationships with the community. While out walking my dog, a deputy pulled up and gave us a bag of treats. He had seen me working with m...y dog as he patrolled our neighborhood and recognized the opportunity to help. It’s the little things that often have the biggest impact. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe & make our lives better! See More
Dori Lynn
· December 16, 2017
The sheriffs office does a great job. Every officer does an outstanding job, and are very considerate for leaving out disturbing pieces of evidence for the privacy and dignity of the family and victim...s. In a small town such as goochland, it is inevitable that rumors will spread and for false misleading details to be added to cases. It is sad the ignorance and low levels of integrity some of our neighbors seem to have. Thank you Sheriff Agnew for leading a fantastic team. I will be keeping your department in my prayers, that they are able to cope with the horribly gruesome cases they are faced with. See More
Kathy A Dottery
· December 31, 2017
Talking about lazy police work , let's just blame her 2 dogs that way we have to go no further in this investigation, this sheriff is as lazy as it goes, then to say they were eating her is a bit fa...r fetched , and you could best believe they all lie for each other, he killed these dogs because he was and is to lazy to do any real work. He needs to be fired ,a investigation into all his work needs to be done , I really hope he is charged for failure to do real police work and hope karma bites him See More
Al Brooks
· January 14, 2018
I have had the fortune of working on emergency lines in just about every county in Central Virginia. And we are blessed and fortunate to have the leadership in law-enforcement that we have in our cou...nty and some amazing young men and women who keep your roads and county safe! See More
Courtney Pollard Wells
· December 16, 2017
I cannot believe the intensity and fervor with which you are accusing these dogs without even the possibility of further investigation. It is beyond obvious you despise "pit bull dogs." For goodness s...ake, trying doing your jobs - investigating - rather than jumping to conclusions and accusations. There was a time my husband and I thought of looking for a home in Goochland; NOT NOW! I would never move to a county that can't see past their own prejudices and hatred to solve a crime! How about you look at every possible scenario in this case before murdering two dogs?! There are too many inconsistencies to this narrative you are putting out. Hand this over to the state police so it can be investigated properly! See More
Julie Wall
· December 24, 2017
You did an outstanding investigation on a very difficult case. Only pit bulls react to stress by killing a person. They are extremely unstable and have a great deal of latent aggression that is uncont...rollable once it is triggered. This is evident if you read objective news stories about attacks.Holy cow, the denial is insane in pit bull owners. Someone should study the psychology behind that. See More
Jen Tipton
· December 16, 2017
Highly irresponsible! Ya, let's see pictures of the dogs. I dont see any pictures on the victim's fb page showing she had two pit bulls. One looks mixed and the other is a Great Dane. Pit bulls??? And..., her best friend is reported to have told media that Ms. Stephens had received death threats prior to this incident. Her dogs fought to protect her! You sure about killing those dogs sheriff? Or, is it your hate? See More
Raygan Harding
· December 24, 2017
Well done for doing a fantastic job. Pits kill and maime more babies both fur and human than any other breed. Pit advocates will tell you it's how there raised or treated. Pits are not the only breed ...that is raised or treated wrong. These pits killed a person they are dangerous. See More
Tyler Ryan Wever
· December 16, 2017
Y’all are some real pieces of work. You kill dogs with contradicting evidence just because they’re pit bulls?! Bad police work and I hope each and every one of y’all pay for this. Y’all are sick murde...rers for this. See More
Kathryn J. Hatam
· December 16, 2017
Please investigate this young woman’s death more carefully. There may be another human or animal at fault, and our justice system system demands proof beyond reasonable doubt. If your response is, “ don’t have the same rights”, please see Oregon’s recent court decision - pets are not mere property. The facts and/or your reporting of them is not lining up. Please take another look before executing these dogs. See More
Von Dunn
· December 25, 2017
Thank you for outstanding concern for citizens. It is sad that the pit bull cult is attacking you with their hate but that is common in these cases. I hope more people will take note of what is with these dogs. It should be very clear how delusional these dog owners are. See More
Justin Hoisington
· December 16, 2017
Sounds like Goochland needs a new Sheriff. And someone who knows how to ACTUALLY knows how's to do a proper investigation. You can't jump to conclusions about "oh the dogs did it." Without actually proper test. Countless stories of irresponsible Sheriff departments doing carelessness when it comes to dogs! See More
Linda Jasper
· December 16, 2017
My heart & prayers go out to Bethany's family & friends. My prayers & thoughts are also with those members of the Goochland Sheriff's Department & all those involved with this tragedy. I can't imagine. �
Shania Vogler
· December 16, 2017
I'd raise it to a 5 if you guys could do some investigating. The dogs were protecting her body from something else. Y'all Definitely screwed up with making assumptions. At least do a thorough investig...ation or you might not like the haunting the owners soul does on you. � See More
Tracy Davis Wall
· December 16, 2017
The lady that was in the woods with her dogs could have been mauled by coyotes, wolves or a bear, but hey, because she has Pit Bulls why bother investigating right??? DO YOUR JOB!
Julia Lewis
· December 24, 2017
You did the right thing in getting those two dangerous pit bulls euthanised and in standing up to the bullying of the pit bull advocates.
Denise Fadely
· December 20, 2017
I would not of even given a 1 but had no choice.. Sloppy police work on ALL levels.. Go back and look at your statements, at your press conference, at your retractions.. You put down 2 dogs ONLY ...because of breed and lack of investigating. I honestly believe you really thought people would just turn their heads, not was you ever wrong!!! See More
Claudia Dobbs
· December 20, 2017
Sad to hear about how you blamed 2 dogs for a horrific crime in which they paid to with their lives. I hope the department can see the truth and own up to their mistakes after the toxicology and necr...opsy reports are complete. See More
Jenny Jinnett
· September 21, 2016
I was house sitting in Goochland and when I got to the house the alarm was going off. I called the Sheriff's Office explained what happened and the dispatcher who was incredibly nice told me an office...r would be there shortly! Not only one but two officers arrived quickly and were two of the nicest men I have ever talked to! They searched the whole house and the rest of the property in the pouring rain in the middle of a thunderstorm to make sure no one was there. They were sure to make sure I was comfortable being there before leaving! If there is any county I feel safe being in it's Goochland! I know these officers will be there when I need them! I also want you guys to know that there are still people out here that appreciate the work you guys do for us! Be safe out there! See More
Steven Arnassan
· December 16, 2017
Please investigate what actually happened with the girl rather then calling her “petite” and assuming it was her dogs that killed her.
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