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Gordon Rebello
· February 16, 2018
Even if you have insurance, go to this site and look up what your medication costs with this discount card. They have contracts with most pharmacies that have to honor the prices. We spend almost $140...0 a month for that garbage insurance that congress refused to fix. We use this site, walk into a pharmacy with either a printed coupon or even better your phone and you will be amazed as how the insurance companies are over inflating the retail costs to make it look like your getting a discount and your not. My BP pills with my garbage insurance would have cost me over $200 for 90 days, yet with this site it was $50. Not only are we paying to much for insurance, but someone is getting kick backs on meds and your congress is letting it happen. Just check out this site, it's free and it will save you money. See More
Lois Lawrence Gattis
· March 14, 2018
I called customer service and asking how the coupons and discount works. I talked to Michelle, she was very helpful to explain the coupon and discount was the same. Explain the price on the coupon is... what I pay. I was unsure if the store would minus off the full price of meds .Being on retirement and social security this program helps saving money esp.on eye drops. The drops after ins were $110.00 and with your coupon was $ Walgreens. I can afford with your coupon price instead paying the ins. Thank you for running this program and help people saving money. See More
Melissa Paige Mooney
· March 8, 2018
Saves me a lot of money even though I have insurance! I get one prescription that my insurance will no longer pay for. At one place it’s $60 a month, my husband and I both get this prescription so tha...t’s $120 a month on good ex it’s $25 a month that’s $50 a month plus the $10/month fee, still saves us 1/2 a month!!! Love it. See More
Chinese Garcia
· February 21, 2018
Just recently I changed jobs which meant I had my insurance cancel unfortunately. I needed to refill my medication which without insurance is well over $200 and I'm in between checks. My partner menti...oned to me that I should try using Good Rx I had never heard of this until today and I can't thank you enough. Instead of going without necessary medication another week I was able to pay just $27.55 not over $200. Thank you again Good Rx! See More
Sammi Van Vleet
· February 27, 2018
The advertised prices on the site are NOT the actual prices you will be charged. The pharmacist even tried calling and it was some garbage about how the advertised price is the "lowest" that you *migh...t* be charged. This is ridiculous. Don't get people's hopes up with fake discounts. See More
Kimberly Iley
· February 13, 2018
Your coupon doesn’t work 75% of the time; and when it does- most pharmacies have their own discount cards that work better. You put pharmacies names on your card that aren’t even contracted with you. ...And worst of all, people get mad the pharmacy when its YOUR card that isn’t giving the price as advertised. Thank you for ticking off SO many customers & pharmacy workers. See More
Carol Walker
· February 24, 2018
They post a coupon for $50 tamiflu, when I pick up, it is actually double that price! I called customer service talk with him they said they research it. I call me back a couple days later said we'r...e not so sure what happened other than the coupons just wrong. How can I keep on just be wrong? I asked them to search into this further three weeks later I get an email that says oops sorry it was just a mistake the coupon should not have been for that much how about I just send you a $10 Amazon gift card? No this is not acceptable you need to honor the price that you had on your website. I responded and told the person this a few days ago and asked them to reach this out to management I'm not heard anything since. See More
Mike Raines
· March 5, 2018
I, and my spouse,have used them several times in the past. Sometimes they saved us $50 -- $100. We check prices both with and without insurance. There seem to be no logical explanations for the dru...g prices. We will continue to monitor and use when we can. I wonder, though, if we're actually giving the insurance companies a free gift See More
Kimberly White Cromheecke
· March 9, 2018
Hi Goodrx i am having an issue with Walmart saying that my prescription is not any cheaper with good rx then it is at normal price. Basicly no discount but i look it up and it does give a discount. Ca...n u tell me what i can do about this? Thanks! See More
Eddy Huerta
· February 21, 2018
We just picked up my prescriptions for the flu and the scary part is my insurance United health Care which I pay 500 a month was going to charge me 100+ and GoodRx which is free saved me $40 and it’s free �
April Wade
· February 20, 2018
I went to CVS to get my Tamiflu preventive pack. My corporate insurance price $96
I had a friend tell me about the GoodRx app so I asked about it while I was there.
They removed my insurance and sold to me for the GoodRx price of $63.
I will use this for everything going forward.
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Olliever Buchanan
· February 15, 2018
This actually works. Transgender, nonbinary, and/or intersex people who need to be on hormones. And people without insurance in general.

My insurance refused to pay for my testosterone for a year. I'...m going to talk to them about getting reimbursement. But instead of paying $60 to $100 for syringes and testosterone I only paid $23. For a big 1000 mg bottle and syringes I pay $36 which would be over $100 without these coupons. THIS IS A LIFE SAVER. Even quiet a bit of doctors around Oklahoma recommend GoodRx and even have their business cards readily avalible to hand out like candy. See More
Pauline Lane
· February 16, 2018
This is the greatest thing since "sliced bread". Since I am on Medicare with some high priced insulin, I can now use Medicare solely for Insulin and my other Meds I can pay cash through GoodRX, many ...of which are no more than $10.00. On Medicare the co-pay is Zero, but Medicare still charges the full cash price to my account, many of which are close to $100. Therefore, I run out of my Medicare allotment much faster. Not now, thanks to GoodRX. See More
Nancy Greve
· February 14, 2018
It's nice to have GoodRX for the increasing number of prescriptions that our drug plan no longer covers or has a ridiculous co-pay. Love that you can go to their web site and compare prices for pharmacies - can't believe the difference between them. Makes it very easy to save the most. See More
David Mannella
· February 20, 2018
What a nightmare!

ON 2/17/2018 went on your web site, printed a coupon for intal (cromolyn sodium). Coupon was for $77.19 at Walmart. Went to Walmart on 2/19/2018 walmart told me the cromolyn sodium... with the coupon was over $300.00.
Called Goodrx while I was at Walmart. The person at goodrx I talked to e-mailed me a coupon for Walgreen for $99.98. Had the prescription transferred to Walgreen, ON 2/20/2018 I went to Walgreen, Walgreen told me with the coupon I would have to pay over $400.00.
What good are your coupons if the prices are so different.
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Wendy Allen
· March 12, 2018
My husband recently used this for his prescriptions and it was $200 we saved $150 by using this site to get the meds he needed! So great for people like us who can't afford expensive medication!
Karen Dav
· February 23, 2018
Price for 2 prescriptions out of 4 was about double that was quoted. Even going to the listed pharmacy, and presenting coupon on the same day as printed. Waiting for reply from good rx
Keith Lázaro Weeldreyer
· February 14, 2018
I have insurance with $0 co-payments usually; but when a doctor hands me a prescription that supplies 30-60 tablets or capsules over my insurance's quantity limit- the meds are full price.. The FIRST ...time I tried you guys I saved over $80 in one med purchase and have relied on it ever since when I get stuck. I LOVE this site and their text service.
I ♥ #GoodRX.
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Courtney Klesath
· February 22, 2018
Y’all are awesome! Just found out about this app from a coworker. Saved me $73 last night for just one prescription! Thanks!!
Caitlyn Mocha
· February 24, 2018
Good Rx makes the costs of medicines less than with insurance.
Tamiflu was $30 less with the Good Rx coupon than the price with our insurance.
Same for inhalers.

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