Stumptown - Crystal Ballroom

Thanks to everyone for indulging us last night at the Ash Street! We had a blast!

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It's official!

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Come be the first in 2013 to tell Matt Danger to suck it!

In case anyone lost their originals, you can download all our stuff for free here!

Also, we picked that Nickelback as the thumbnail as they're a huge influence of ours.

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Have we mentioned that we're going to be playing this awesome New Years Eve show, with our awesome New Years Eve friends?

Who wants to hear us only play Drawback covers at the New Years Eve show?

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Apparently Rendered Useless, and Ninjas With Syringes (acoustic) will also be playing this exciting evening!

Goodyear shared their event.


Your favorite bands ever, Raise the Bridges, Goodyear, Drawback, Rendered Useless, Ninjas With Syringes, and Big Bang will be rocking the fuck out of the Ash Street Saloon!

Heather's Final Show with the Ash St Saloon!**

Raise The Bridges - together again!

Goodyear - reunion!

Drawback - reunion!

Big Bang

Rendered Useless

Ninjas with Syringes - acoustic set!

**This will also be long time sound engineer/booking agent at the Ash St, Heather's, final show. Come help send her off right!

*Must be 21+ with I.D to enter!

*No advance ticket sales Doors open at 6:30pm

*Music will start at 9:00pm sharp!!!!

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Long time, no see, assholes! December 31, New Years Eve, at the Ash Street Saloon, we will be performing with our brothers in Drawback, and Raise The Bridges! Cancel any fancypants plans you've already made because if you aren't there you'll wish that Liam Neeson throat punched you.

With love,

Who is ready for a December to Transgender?

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10/31/2010 - Ash Street Saloon!

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Thanks everyone for coming last night!!! That was probably the best Goodyear show EVER!!! Pics and Video to come!

Another super rare Goodyear Song! Still a joke to the band!

Another super rare Goodyear Song!