Traffic lights outside Carphone Warehouse causing traffic to be backed up all along High Street

Thanks for this Yvonne


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Traffic lights outside Carphone Warehouse causing traffic to be backed up all along High Street

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Thanks Rachel. Just seen this...What on earth were they doing?

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Just been to the border minstrel for tea driving back out to find touch lights in middle of the road only to put high beam on to realise about 10 kids in the middle of the road! With touches!!

School Crossing Patrol Council Debate
And here we go.......................... and no Amanda Pritchard I am not teaching you how to do videos A brilliant campaign led by brilliant people John
Look North - John Dobson Street Camera You had one chance to get it right Newcastle City Council and we thought you had experts's not the first time you've have had your fingers burned here or on Brunton Bridge !!!!! Hmm John
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Thanks for sharing Dave...

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Posted by Dave Nicholson
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Look North tonight

Parklands First

Back in December 2017, I went out for dinner with Andrew Lambert, Susan Pike and Stephen Brownlow and we discussed the possibility of standing as an independent councillor. I did not make this decision without their permission. We discussed what would happen with GT, my role, any compromises and how that may affect them and their role in the community.

They all gave me 110%.


I am allowed, under a rule we discussed that evening, to make a post once a week about it as I am standing under the Gosforth Traffic banner (this is that post). Andrew is my campaign manager, knows what is going on and is there with advice straight away. He runs every aspect of it. I am not allowed to post about this campaign more than once a week until the last seven days of the election and......... this was at their request. They did not want me to use GT as a vehicle even though I am endorsing it on the ballot form.

That's fair.............. we allow everyone else on...... anyway, the news

All 10 volunteers who helped me, delivered 4,400 copies of Parklands First........ to almost every address in Parklands Ward and Garden Village over 9 days. Your next Parklands First hits in the next 10 days. I have three Question Time Q&A sessions booked in Brunton Park, Garden Village with the third to be confirmed mid way in April. All three will happen before postal votes.

Next week I start canvassing, so if you see me and my little dog Poppy, please say hello. She is pictured below at Links Green.

I never set out on this journey to get to this stage, I just wanted some justice for where we lived but...... well it ended up on this journey and it's a journey I can't stop sorry.


Find out more at Parklands First

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The Tree Near Newlands

I have written the following email to the council this morning - I wonder how long it will take them to reply.



I would like to enquire about the tree next to Newlands Avenue which was included in your summary to Gosforth Traffic and local residents who were in attendance at the golf club.

In the email sent to us, it stated "Following further investigations, another tree has been identified for removal, this tree is not being removed to facilitate the scheme, it is being removed due to structural defects making it potentially dangerous. This is a tree at the entrance to Melton Park / Newlands Ave and was identified when council arborists were on site in the two weeks following the meeting". It's now quite obvious to note which tree was in danger but I would like to enquire if the tree will now be left in it's current state and if not if we could have a timeline as to when the tree may be permanently removed alongside the other various tree stumps that have been left behind. I am sure you'll agree that the attached picture does nothing to enhance our community and doesn't seem to be the improvement you proudly mention on your current signage.

I also wish to enquire about the removal of the tarmac and the planned fencing of the trees near to Glamis Avenue and whether the tree stumps will be removed at this stage of the work and if we also have a timeline as to when this fencing and tarmac removal may occur.

Kind Regards

John Dockerty

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It's out of hand

Thanks for this Sarnia


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Just viewed ITV Tyne Tees news, regarding the anti-social behaviour at regent centre.

It's Gosforth where we need them


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North Tyneside Council

We've been out with Northumbria Police North Shields and our Community Protection team on #OperationHarmony. Tackling youth disorder and ASB across North Tyneside.

Tree Felling At It's Finest

Can anyone please tell me what this did to help the Broadway to Brunton Cycle scheme

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Great Park Spine Road Works Monday

It's unlikely to affect anyone as it's vegetation clearance which will continue until the end of the month


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Let's hope they use it wisely and not on over engineered cycle paths that lead to natural habitat destruction and stay sympathetic to their surroundings, i.e., not like Broadway to Brunton Lane


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From today's Chronicle.

Newcastle is one of eight cities encouraged to bid for a share of £6.5m to go towards cycling schemes and encouraging more people to get on their bike

Thanks to Mark Smith for sharing this. Looks like we need some. Action like this in Gosforth too.

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Northumbria Police

Tough action from neighbourhood police has led to a sharp fall in reports of anti-social behaviour in the west end of Newcastle.

Officers from the Newcastle Wes...t NPT were quick to take action after residents in the Arthur's Hill area of the city complained of persistent disorder.

Local communities were concerned that teenage children had been intimidating residents, congregating in large groups and causing criminal damage.

In a bid to reduce incidents, neighbourhood cops stepped up patrols and paid visits to local schools to talk about the consequences of this type of behaviour.

And they also worked with partners at Newcastle City Council and Places for People to engage with occupants of some addresses linked to disorder.

One family was evicted from an address on Avison Court following a multi-agency investigation led by Places for People.

And now Neighbourhood Inspector Alan Davison has revealed that the proactive work has led to “a significant reduction” in incidents of anti-social behaviour in Arthur's Hill.

He said: "We recognised that there was an issue with anti-social behaviour in Arthur's Hill and wanted to make sure we addressed that as quickly as possible.

"This type of offending may seem low-level to some but it can have a huge effect on local residents who sometimes are too scared to leave their homes.

"That is not something that is acceptable in our region and we are glad that our proactive approach has had a positive impact and led to a significant reduction in issues of anti-social behaviour.

"I want to thank the local authority and Places for People for the work they have done to reduce criminality in the area.

"We can still do more though and will be keeping up this proactive approach to further clampdown on anti-social behaviour in the west end."

Newcastle City Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Regulatory Services, Cllr Nick Kemp, said: "With our partners, we are committed to ensure residents feel safe and secure in their neighbourhood.

"This was a brilliant example of partnership working to respond to residents’ concerns and demonstrates that we are listening."

A Places for People spokesperson said: "As a company our mission is to provide homes and communities where residents feel happy and safe.

"We take anti-social behaviour very seriously, and where there may be instances of this we will work with the relevant agencies to ensure it does not continue."

Anyone who wants to report anti-social behaviour to police should call 101 or report it online at

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Thanks Jeff. Have they been seen tonight?

Gosforth Traffic updated their cover photo.
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Northumbria Police on antisocial behaviour.

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Northumbria Police

Teenagers in Newcastle are being warned that patrols are being stepped up to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.

Neighbourhood officers in the north of Ne...wcastle have received a steady increase in incidents of youth disorder in recent weeks.

It has seen cars being damaged, windows being smashed and teenagers being verbally abusive to residents in the Gosforth area in particular.

Enquiries into the behaviour have been ongoing for a number of weeks and officers believe a core group of children are responsible.

The teenagers travel from areas such as Kingston Park and Fawdon on the Metro before getting off at Regent Centre and causing trouble.

And police have already arrested one 14-year-old in connection with the disorder and identified another teen who has breached an order banning him from the Metro system.

It is hoped that the proactive enforcement will start to see a reduction in the number of incidents but this weekend neighbourhood officers will be stepping up patrols.

Officers from the Newcastle North Neighbourhood Policing Team will be on duty across Gosforth, Kingston Park and Fawdon together with officers from the Metro Unit.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Paul Duncan said the force will be working together with local councillors and residents to help reduce crime in the area.

He added that officers will also be armed with specialist camera equipment to capture evidence of ASB - despite the kit normally being reserved for football matches and protests.

Sgt Duncan said: "We recognise that residents in the north of Newcastle are becoming increasingly concerned about teenage children causing disorder in their local community.

"When youths gather in large groups and become verbally abusive it can be very intimidating for local residents and so we are determined to nip this issue in the bud.

"Extra officers will be patrolling the Gosforth area in particular and we are also receiving support from our colleagues on the Metro Unit who will be riding the Metro system.

"Anti-social behaviour can have a huge impact on local communities and one of Northumbria Police's top priorities is to reduce incidents of this nature.

"We will look to adopt a number of tactics to make our region a safer place to live including additional patrols, enforcement action, partnership action and civil injunctions."

If anyone has any concerns about anti-social behaviour in their local community then they can call 101 and ask for their local neighbourhood policing team or report it online at

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Thanks Sarah. If anyone saw anything best contact the police... Looks like they were on the rampage last night.... A.

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4 houses on the Grange Estate have had their windows smashed tonight. .and at least 1 car had its windows smashed too. if anyone in that area has any cctv that maybe useful please can you let the police know..potentially linked to the smashing of all the bus shelters ?

Thanks Jonny. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Out of control.

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So I am walking through regent centre... 10-15 young lads just smashed ANOTHER! 3 bus
Stops, just missing me & couple of young kids around 4-5 years old who are now petrified! Absolute WASTE of oxygen the lot of them!