Pure White Stuff
This is the one song on the album that is based on my own experience. I had a girlfriend in highschool that I really fell for. She moved away and I was crushed. I dropped out of school and drove a few states to get her back. The relationship lasted for about 18 months but has had an outsized influence on the rest of my life. When you’re young you’re so vulnerable.

The Dead of Prague
Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated in Prague in 1942 by Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík.
I became familiar with the story from books — initially Prague Fatale by Phillip Kerr and then HHhH by Laurent Binet which really crystalized the idea of the song for me. It is just an amazing story of bravery. There are a few movies about it that I haven’t seen.


The Turn of the Screw
The Turn of the Screw has been on my nightstand for a year and I still haven’t finished it because Henry James’ writing is impenetrable. But I loved the book Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death and it inspired this song. The spiritualism fad in the 19th century is fascinating to me.

The story of Rosemary’s Baby told from the perspective of the husband, Guy, who is a total douche.
Karen Jackson’s vocals represent Rosemary’s voice, mine are Guy’s. I was thinking about the idea of the confinement of marriage that both of them experience differently. This was written before I was married so I guess I worked out my concerns.

My immediate family is not well-off but my mother’s family was wealthy at one point and they have a summer house in Maine. Starting with my great grandparent’s generation they have been going up there for vacations. When I was a kid we made the 10 or so hour drive up from Virginia. A lot of drinking happened there and it came to symbolize both the highs and lows of the family. I hadn’t been there in 20 years when we wrote this song but I made it back this summer and dropped off a copy of the record.

The Swedish film Let the Right One In made a big impression on me. I also read the book and saw the American remake, but the original film remains the canonical work in my esteem. The title of the book was taken from a Morrissey song, and Chrissy Hynde also wrote a song inspired by the movie, so song references abound, but the movie stands on its own as a beautiful statement about childhood and vampires.

Russian Novel
The cosmonaut Vlad Komarov was a close friend of Yuri Gagarin and died when his Soyuz craft burned up on re-entry in 1967. His last mission was plagued by schedule pressure because of the space race and technical failures that should have kept it from launching. He knew there was a good chance he would not survive. There is audio of a his supposed last radio transmission.

Floyd and Ingo
The boxers Floyd Patterson and Ingemar Johansson fought for the world heavyweight championship 3 times between 1959 and 1961. Johansson won the first in an upset, Patterson won the next two. They stayed friends, visiting each other often, and in 1982 ran the Stockholm marathon together. Late in life they both suffered from the dementia that afflicts boxers. Floyd died in 2006, Ingo in 2009.

Gosta Berling updated their cover photo.
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Our record got a really nice mention from Jack Rabid at The Big Takeover. He put it on his top 150 records of 2016. Just a great surprise for us. Check out the whole list, lots of good stuff.…/jack-rabid-s-best-of-2016-list-top…

The best bets on another great year for music, old and new. (Never mind the cranks, here’s the good stuff as ever.)

We put together a Twitter thread to rec more great things you can get on Bandcamp today to support ACLU Nationwide. Follow along here:…/status/827576365784248320

“We're joining @Bandcamp in support of @ACLU by also donating our share of sales today, 2/3/17, to ACLU.

Bandcamp is donating their share of sales today. February 3, to ACLU Nationwide. In support, if you purchase anything from us today, we'll also donate our portion of sales to ACLU. Offer in effect until midnight Pacific time tonight.

Go to and select from the LP version of Winterland or digital versions of Winterland or the Travel and Everybody's Sweetheart EPs.

9 track album

At the cabin in Long Barn writing new songs

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Thanks to Greg Britton at Johns Hopkins University Press for the shout-out. He's responsible for shepherding some outstanding books on higher ed policy and issues. Check them out.

“This might get you through tonight. Gosta Berling @gkkd

Thanks to Greg Britton at Johns Hopkins University Press for the shout-out. He's responsible for shepherding some outstanding books on higher ed policy and issues. Check them out.

“This might get you through tonight. Gosta Berling @gkkd

Cheers to Jack Rabid for playing "Russian Novel" as the first song on his Big Takeover Magazine radio show this week, in a great set that also included a new song from Lush. If you're not listening to the Big Takeover show or reading the magazine, you should be.

This week's show after a 1971 Badfinger remembrance: Gosta Berling, Eureka, California, Lush (new!), Ex Norwegian, Donays (1962), Bob Mould (new), Nada Surf (ne...w), Savages, Joy Formidable (new), Billy Lee Riley (1957), Chills (new), Robert Pollard (new), Chatham Rise (with Jeff Levitz), Stella Diana, Fats Waller (1935), 999 (1981), Generation X (1978), Damned (1977), U.K. Subs (1982), Crickets (1960), and Susanna. Why not check it out?

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This week: new Lush, Savages, Chills, Susanna, and Joy Formidable, plus The Donays, Fats Waller, The Crickets, and Billy Lee Riley!

Thank to everyone who came out to the show and supported the bands. We had a great time and hope you did as well.

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