Noise Pollution vs Otto Schwanz & Beau Crockett

GOUGE presents Strange Brew
Nov 4, 2017 Charlotte, NC- Unknown Brewery
The Goat beat Dak King (to win the Vacant GOUGE Jr Heavyweight Title) with a leap off the top ropes
Snooty Fox beat Mark James with a spear and a pin
Michael Freeley (w/ Blue Inferno and Big K) beat King Cobra with a leap off the top of a high stacked beer pallet...
Mark James & Michael Freeley beat Blue Inferno & King Cobra (w/ Big K) 2 straight falls
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr Pinned Moose Czerwinski to retain the North Carolina Title

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For our fans in the Charlotte area and those who want to travel you can purchase a ticket to the Strange Brew beer festival and drink a bunch of strange brews and see GOUGE wrestling at the Unknown Brewery on Nov 4

Sat 6:30 PM EDTThe Unknown Brewing CompanyCharlotte, NC
Party · 629 people
Greg Mosorjak to GOUGE Wrestling

GOUGE presents Maul-O-Ween
Snooty Fox pinned Chris TNT Taylor
Seymour Snott beat Kool Jay. With the Snott drop
Popo the Klown beat Curtis Cash afterward he was... attacked by Young and Wild until Seymour made the save
Popo the Klown and Seymour Snort beat Young and Wild with double Snott drops
No Direction beat Waylon Maze and Juan Jeremi. To win GOUGE tag titles
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr beat Blade Brown
After the match Jimmy Jack was attacked by Young and Wild and No Direction and Curtis Cash until saved by Seymour Snott , Waylon Maze and Chris Taylor then it turned into. A brawl that went from the ring into the crowd

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GOUGE returns to Nickelpoint for Maul-O-Ween
No Direction vs Waylon Maze & Juan Jeremi
Snooty Fox vs Mickey Gambino
plus Jimmy Jack Funk Jr, SEymouir Snott, Popo the Klown and more

Sat 4:00 PM EDTNickelpoint Brewing Co.Raleigh, NC
Sports · 111 people

GOUGE presents Ruby Mania (Hopscotch Music Festival Day Party)
September 9, 2017 Raleigh, NC Ruby Deluxe Nightclub Parking Lot
Moose Czerwinski pinned Waylon Maze
Seymour Snott & Popo The Klown beat Curtis Cash & Devon Worthy
Roni Nicole beat Jinx Hunter ...
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr Defeated Mickey Gambino w/ Admir Al Akbar

Next show Sat Oct 7 Nicklepoint Brewery in Raleigh, NC

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Remember GOUGE This Saturday at 1 PM at Ruby Delux on Fayetteville Street (entrance on Salisbury St) for Ruby Mania part of the Hopscotch Weekend,
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr vs Mickey Gambino,
Seymour Snott VS Jakob Hammermier
Roni Nicole vs Jinx Hunter
Waylon Maze vs Moose Czerwinski

Sat 1:00 PM EDT
24 people interested
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr shares his thoughts on his upcoming GOUGE NC Title defense against Mickey Gambino.

GOUGE at NC State RecFest 2017
August 13, 2017 Raleigh, NC- NC State University Intramural Field
Waylon Maze & Malaki Matthews beat Leo Ryker & Court Montgomery w/ Admir Al Akbar
Nick the CPA beat Thomas Draven
Otto Schwanz beat Moose Czerwinski ...
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr (North Carolina Champ) beat Zane Riley w/ Grog
Jakob Hammermier w/ Grog beat Seymour Snott (Jakob retained Spaceman Frank Hickey Memorial Scientific Rasslin Trophy)
GOUGE Ladies champ Roni Nicole beat Natalina Corvino
GOUGE Champ Timmy Lou Retton pinned Snooty Fox

next show September 9, 2017 Raleigh, NC at Ruby Deluxe (part of Hopscotch Music festival)

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Any GOUGE fans out there that go to, or are employed by NC STATE?

Seymour Snott gets interviewed by fightbooth. What does the Worlds Strongest Mathlete have to say about the world of Pro Wrestling?

With an unparalleled positive attitude and an in ring career that is vastly approaching twenty years in length, Pro Wrestling’s favorite coffee fueled wrestling superstar Seymour Snott is still making waves on the independent circuit all these years later. Trained by Michael Modest, one of the focal...

Happy Birthday to GOUGE's favorite Comicbook collector. Seymour Snott.

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The guys sat down w/ @GougePro Star @SeymourSnott and talked his start & longevity in the sport, comics, & more

Gouge Pro Wrestling Superstar Seymour Snott sat and chatted with Nick and Myron about his trainging in pro wrestling, why he got into the business, his unique gimmick and how it came about, his longevity in the sport, Marvel & DC comics, how he got put over by Kevin Sullivan, and much more.

March 25, 2017 Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 Draft Line Brewery (outdoors) attn: estimated 500
Kool Jay beat Metallico
Snooty Fox pinned El Jabroni
Otto Schwanz pinned Chet Sterling...
GOUGE Tag Champs-Juan Jeremi & Waylon Maze beat No Direction w/ Admir Al Akbar(falls count anywhere no DQ match)
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr (NC Champ) beat Head Rush w/ Admir Al Akbar
GOUGE champ Timmy lou Retton beat Seymour Snott (when Retton pinned look alike fan JZ)

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The GOUGE NC champ talks about his upcoming title defense.

Unforgettable GOUGE!!!

In an industry that holds home to literally thousands of independent wrestling hopefuls, It is key that one find his or her own identity when searching for a suitable character; something that will stick out and be regarded later on, long after the bell has rung and the show has ended. The idea is t...

GOUGE pays tribute to the closing of Draft Line Brewing with RASSLEMANIA. Timmy Lou Retton meets his teacher Seymour Snott. Juan Jeremi & Waylon Maze put the tag titles on the line in a wild anything goes bunkhouse match with No Direction. Jimmy Jack Funk Jr defends the NC belt vs Head Rush, Otto Jakob Hammermier, and more

Sat 4:00 PM EDTDraft Line BrewingFuquay-Varina, NC
103 people interested