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The Greens are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters and regular citizens who have had enough of corporate-dominated politics.
Over a year after the historic effort to recount the 2016 vote, our legal team is still at work in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania fighting for an election system that is accurate, secure and just – and free from interference by any intruders, whether foreign or domestic! Towards that end, we now have ...
Green Party of Pennsylvania Convention livestream.... Opening Speakers. Tune in !
Cheri Honkala​ launches her 2017 campaign for State Representa...
Redistricting: Do voters choose politicians or do politicians choose voters? Joe Ferraro and Fair Districts PA
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We have arrived at the Democratic Socialists of America Winter Conference!

Together we can end the two-party system and bring back real voter accountability. #WeAreGreen

The Philadelphia District Attorney said criminal charges for marijuana possession against 51 people were dropped last week ahead of a meeting with assistant district attorneys Thursday where the DA would outline...

Our exceptional candidate for School Board in Broward County, FL, Elijah Manley:…/elijah-manley-issues-a-statement-regar…

Statement regarding the tragic events yesterday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Broward County, Florida.
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Green Party

Power only responds to the threat of losing power. That's why #WeAreGreen. ✊️

Rose Ann Martorana shared Jill Stein's live video to the group: Chester County Green Party.
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Posted by Jill Stein
Jill Stein was live.

Welcome to tonight’s Fireside Chat, where we celebrate grassroots resistance and transformation in the face of unraveling empire and the collapsing neoliberal o...rder. We’ll start with the military budget that’s gone off the charts in the bipartisan Congressional budget - the largest yet. It’s all the more intolerable considering the continuing failure of the endless Mideast wars, with the bloodiest year yet in the 17 year Afghanistan war, and Syria becoming more explosive by the day even with ISIS on the run. With the US now claiming permanent residence in the most oil-rich section of Syria, and growing hostilities among multiple combatants, the need for a peace offensive has never been greater.

In contrast to the chaos of American militarism, a ray of hope is shining bright in Korea where the Olympic stadium cheered the unified Korean women’s hockey team. This is a tribute to the vibrant Korean peace movement, which also pushed for the Olympic Truce, a cessation of hostilities that should be extended indefinitely. Vice President Pence’s hostility proved no match for the global team spirit of peace on display at the Olympics.

Meanwhile, unbridled US militarism means continuing austerity at home. We'll discuss the budget fight ahead, yesterday’s testimony by the intelligence agencies and the need for election integrity as the best defense against election interference from all sources, foreign and domestic. And we’ll give a shout out to the grassroots heroes who keep building momentum for the world we deserve - the Dreamers, Ravi Ragbir, Rob Porter's former wives who blew the whistle on a virtual cover-up at the White House; the diverse US Olympic team and Adam Rippon who refused to overlook the Vice President's flagrant homophobia. And thanks to YOU for keeping the dream alive for an America and a world that works for all of us. Please join the conversation, share your thoughts and questions, and defy internet censorship by sharing this posting!

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Third-party and independent candidates will have an easier time running for office in Pennsylvania following settlement of a longstanding federal lawsuit.

PA Cannabis Festival President, Jeff Zick (a Green from Susquehanna County) featured in this article. Thanks for your courage, Jeff, to tell the truth. Freedom Through Growth!…/medical-marijuana-industry-growi…

Jeff Zick relied on the black market to get the only medicine that makes his post-traumatic stress disorder manageable — marijuana. “For me, medical marijuana helps me sleep and function (in) a normal daily life without taking harmful pharmaceuticals with

Green Party of Pennsylvania
For Immediate Release: February 12, 2018

Greens Hail February 1, 2018 Court Decision as a Win for Democracy, Commend Counsel and Third Party Plaintiffs

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The Green Party of Pennsylvania is praising a Federal Court Order, issued Thursday February 1, 2018 by Chief Judge, Lawrence Stengel. The Order brings an end to six years of litigation, regarding Pennsylvania’s restrictive ballot access requirements for third party and independent candidates, resu...
Donate to help rebuild and replace bird and bat houses behind Oswegatchie Elementary School! -
There is no law that defines the qualifications for governor of Kansas. A half-dozen high school boys have declared they're running, even though many can't yet vote.

Cape Town's water crisis is a direct result of two challenges that affect everyone: climate change and partisan politics getting in the way of progress. Meanwhile, here in PA our water is under constant threat of being poisoned by pipelines. To support the relief efforts in South Africa, donate to To help protect your own water, join the activism efforts in your local community, and remember that the Green Party always believes in planet over profit!

The South African megacity has been struck by a historic drought, and now it’s running out of water.

Report from Shane Novak on his first meeting as a Green Party Planning Commissioner:

Yesterday was my first Luzerne County Planning Commissioning meeting. I was warmly received at the meeting as a new member and Green Party Member. The paper n...ever mentioned me as a new member (not easy being Green). The commission going to pass a medical marijuana zoning recommendation. The head of the Planning Commission, James Perry, wants us to lower the 1000 foot restriction from schools and day care centers. Which is a very good thing. I raised two questions about the wording on medical dispensaries. The wording is vague about selling only medical marijuana. I wanted to know if dispensaries could sell accessories and other health products in addition to medical cannabis. I was told that yes, dispensaries will be able to sell other products. I also brought the fact the proposed zoning laws would ban vending machines outside of dispensaries. I said a vending machine that sells drinks and food should be allowed, not one that has medical cannabis. Just wanted to let you know what the newspaper doesn't report. See you at the State Meeting in March.

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WILKES-BARRE — A proposed medical marijuana ordinance and an updated flood plain management ordinance were on the agenda Thursday, as the Luzerne County Planning Commission continued its work toward revising the county’s zoning ordinance. The planning com

A complete victory in Federal Court for third party and independent candidates. We stuck together, and we won!! What was once among the most restrictive ballot access states, PA has seen its field leveled. Still lots to do, but it is nice to win one once in a while.…/pa-third-party-ballot-access-signat…

After a years-long lawsuit, the requirements to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania have been greatly lowered. What happens now?