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Grand Canyon Semester - just groove it!

And there is this shout out from the National Collegiate Honors Council Semesters Committee:
Sign up for GCS-you will have lots of fun in the fall, all while earning honors credit!🏕️🏜️🏔️🌎🌌

Honors Semesters - National Collegiate Honors Council

Amazing applications are coming in for GCS 2018. We have sent off a number of acceptance letters and even better, acceptance emails are coming back!! Don't wait much longer to get a spot in GCS 2018. Applications are open till next week!

The 2018 Grand Canyon Semester investigates the landscape, cultures, and politics of the greater Grand Canyon region, offering a life-changing learning experience in the high mountains of northern Arizona and the deep canyon country of the Colorado Plateau. Students with a wide variety of interests....