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StarSSip Limited is an international voice service provider and advanced mobile communications applications developer with registered office in Hong Kong and Malaysia with its operational office in Malaysia and Hong Kong.
StarSSip was established in 2013 and got the OFCA license in 2014. We have inter-connected with more than 200 Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecom wholesale partners all over the world.
USA NPANXX Short Duration Dialer 6/6- 10,000 ports capacity
USA CLI dialer/cc with 6/6 as low as .011/minute
USA CLI conversational offnet 6/6 as low as .0095/minute
CHINA NON CLI dialer/cc with 1/1 as low as .035/minute
CHINA CLI dialer/cc with 1/1 as low as .045/minute
MALAYSIA CLI dialer/cc with 1/1 as low as .022/minute
CANADA NON CLI DIALER @ .0036/MINUTE,1/1 billing
UK proper DIALER/CC w/ CLI and 1/1 as low as .0058/minute
Singapore CC .008/minute

Our Principal activity :
1. StarSSip is a mobile VoIP service provider that provide wholesale and retail VoIP services.
2. White Label Mobile VoIP solution with softswitch, billing, and mobile apps.
3. Global DIDs phone number wholesale

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StarSSip Wholesale Voice AZ and Dialer Routes Hot Offer on August & September 2015 Posted on August ...

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WOW Mobile is an up and coming telecommunication brand that aspires to be among the fastest growing companies in the Network Marketing arena.
Government Grants In Malaysia updated their cover photo.
May 3, 2015
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我开了个网购世界 Online Shopping World
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New Malaysia grants and funding opportunity at

The government through Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) has established a "Jawatankuasa Pelaburan Dana Awam" (JKPDA); a joint secretariat between AIM and National Science and Research Council (NSRC) as the coordinating committee for all public funds related to Research, Development and Commercialisatio…

has created a mobile app using Magmito. If you are viewing this post on your mobile phone you can view it here: or, if not, you can enter it into your mobile browser or scan the QR code below.
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This is a QR code, and it's a direct link to the Mobile App created with Magmito. You can scan this with any cameraphone. If you need to install a QR code reader just type into the web browser, it's Free, or if viewing this message with your mobile now just click the link.
What is this cool graphic?

Dear all, many Malaysia government is finished and used up! We are still searching for new grant! Thank you for your patience! We look forward to assist you later!

new Malaysia grants are coming to offer to all Malaysia businesses now! Pls apply asap!