Energy is all around us – we just need to work out how to tap into it. Now a team from MIT has developed a device called a thermal resonator, which could essentially pull electricity out of thin air by taking advantage of gradual ambient temperature changes over the course of the day.
Graphenea’s Alba Centeno participated in the Day of Women and Girls in Science at CIC biomaGUNE. CIC biomaGUNE is one of four centers in Donostia that commemorated this day with a series of events that aimed to make visible the activity of women in science, encouraging the choice of scientific car...
This device uses the common non-stick material Teflon to create electricity from vibrations around it in a new way to create and store green energy.
High-frequency performance of graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs) has been improved with a reduced resistance between the graphene and engineered metal co
Researchers have reported the development of a smart coating that is as hard as tooth enamel on the outside but can heal itself like skin can.
Study demonstrates immune system handles graphene oxide in a similar way to pathogens - could be used in safer biomedical applications.
Jonathan Claussen and his research group are printing and processing graphene ink to make functional materials. Larger photo. Photo by Christopher Gannon.
Researchers have discovered another new and unexpected physical effect in graphene - membranes that could be used in devices to artificially mimic photosynthesis.
Graphenea has launched a new 6" graphene wafer on all the company’s standard substrates. This size is compatible with industrial fabrication lines.
Two recent experiments to assess, for the first time, the viability of graphene for space applications. The experiments tested the material under zero-gravity conditions specifically for light propulsion and also for thermal management applications, with very encouraging results.
ISU engineers make wearable sensors for plants, enabling measurements of water use in crops.
Researchers at The University of Manchester have integrated graphene sensors into RFIDs, which have the ability to transform the Internet of Things (IoT).

Graphenea reaches new production volume, quality, compliance, and turnover milestones.…/graphenea-reaches-milestones-in…

Graphenea has had a very successful 2017, reaping the benefits of the cumulative hard work since the founding in 2010. Although last year’s success is best exem
Tight mesh removes chemicals, solutes, salts and compounds such as pesticides
Often, even incremental advances can lead to big changes over the course of time. Here are five trends for advances that have the potential to change how we live our lives.