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We're excited to launch a #ResponsiveWebSite for #IHHC: 

Welcome to IHHC The IHHC is a not-for-profit organisation whose membership is open to persons employed in both Public and Private Hospitals, related Healthcare organisations and Aged Care Facilities. The Institute is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in its member’s development, and the profess…
Gray Design recently had the opportunity to design the annual report for
the Cat Protection Society Victoria, a not-for-profit organisation located
in Melbourne’s north.
Gray Design Group’s Melbourne exemplary graphic design skills were utilised
when it was recently involved in the development of a logo design for the
Australian Racing Conference to be held in Brisbane in May this year.
A Google change means your website had better be mobile-friendly as
reported in the media today!
Gray Design Group based in Melbourne specialises in creative ideas and
design with the production of International and Australian conferences,
congress and event collateral.

Build #Responsive #Website with Viewport Sized Typography:

CSS3 has some new values for sizing things relative to the current viewport size: vw, vh, and vmin. It is relevant to bring up now, because it's shipping i

How to Make Your #Blog Posts #SEO-Friendly:

Learn about the different ways to make your blog content SEO-friendly.

We're excited to launch a #Responsive #WebSite for Centre for Biopharmaceutical Excellence - CBE:

Welcome CBE is a group of highly experienced professionals who provide consulting services to the Life Sciences industry, specialising in Biopharmaceutical products. Our team of professionals offers a broad, deep and diverse experience in the key areas of Quality, Engineering, Manufacturing Operatio…
Gray Design Group specialises in logo design. We are based in Abbotsford,
Melbourne. We also specialise in graphic design and web design. Drop in the
studio for a coffee and a chat or check out our logo design work.

What are On-Page #SEO Factors?

Moz's comprehensive, up-to-date resource on on-page SEO factors. Find out what's important and how to do it well.

We're excited to launch a #ResponsiveWebSite for #SurreySculpture:

home We are Designers & Creators of unique decorative art, building & garden pieces covering classic, traditional, contemporary and modern styles. We handmake unique sculptures, pots, bowls, fountains, heritage work and specialise in making to your own design. Functional art to enjoy! Any courtyard…

Do you have a mobile or #responsive site? If not, on April 21 you may find it harder to rank in Google’s #mobile search results.

#CSS Counters:

CSS counters allow for simple CSS-based incrementing and display of a number for generated content.

Improving #Responsive Images with the #PictureElement :

Annarita Tranfici discusses the new picture element, that aims to simplify and consolidate responsive images.

HTML5 Local Storage Revisited:

Luis Vieira discusses how to use local storage, part of the HTML5 Web Storage API, to improve the performance of a website.