I loved having The Female Farmer Project out to visit me this last fall. People who are passionate about their work, make me even more passionate about mine.

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The Female Farmer Project

Female Farmer Crush Friday - Kylie of Gray Girl Farms.

I visited Kylie on several of her farm lots in Othello, WA last year just as her pinto bean crop was and getting ready for harvest. And then the rains came - two months of rain in a normally very dry area. In the end, she fortunately didn't suffer a complete loss but it definitely illustrates the need for support for crop insurance in our farm bill.

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We started corn harvest today, something we've been waiting over a month for. For so many years I've wanted to do this and this year every time I turned around I felt like I wanted to quit. 2016 has been hard for me. Both professionally, and as a mom & wife. So many times I've felt like I wasn't cut out for what I'm doing or was falling really short. But here we are.. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. #farmlife #harvest2016 #highmoisturecorn #cattlefeed #longestyearever
A whole years work! It's the little things! Cole has done an awesome job growing these beans this year. Pinto Beans being dumped to take to a dryer after all the rain we've had in October.
I had high intentions all day to take the kids out to the field for a picture of our #familyfarm to share for National Ag Day. But Blaine's new trick is the best I have got today. Whether you are part of the Ag Industry or you are generations removed from a farm... Happy National Ag Day to all my friends and family! #agday2016 Kylie, Gray Girl Farms

Check out this sweet backyard chickens that are working on hatching!

Nicole Mickle shared Mickle Farms's live video to the group: BYC (BackYardChickens).

We are live and hatching in case anyone wants to watch!

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Posted by Mickle Farms
Mickle Farms was live.

We will try to leave it live so you all can check in periodically to see how the others are doing. 2 chicks now!

Do you need a reminder to "Just Pray"? I know I do. Whether it's at hard moments or easy moments, I want to pray through all of them.

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Yesterday was #NationalAgDay, today is #NationalWaterDay. Those two go hand in hand. So I thought I'd post a pic to celebrate. Shout out to my better half who is the owner of DC Drilling Inc a water well service company out of Moses Lake, WA serving all of Eastern Washington.

You can usually find my hubby wearing a Hawaiian shirt (because I've lost all control), working his tail off between our businesses. But the truth is, he would give that ugly shirt off his back to help anyone. I'm proud he's mine. He's the best business partner, hubby and dad. New drill rig, new year, new opportunities. Need Water? Call us! Let's punch some holes!

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Donald J. Trump

Today on National Agriculture Day, we honor our GREAT American farmers and ranchers. Their hard work and dedication are ingrained in our nation's fabric. #NationalAgDay…/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-march-2…

After such a hard and long harvest, our pinto beans are finally moving this year. We won't be getting close to the price they were worth before the rain hit for two long months, but we are happy to not be taking a total loss. #AgDay #familyfarming #NationalAgDay

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All of my boys names. If it's not old man (ish) enough, it doesn't make the cut here!

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So odd. "Frank just spit up." "Deborah has a bum rash." What baby names seem weirdly adult to you?


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Nurse Loves Farmer

I saw a comment in a private blogging group I'm in this morning that said "GMOs are the devil on legs." I asked what the person meant by that and we had a civil... conversation about it, but it still makes me want to bash my head on my desk, I'm not going to lie.

GMO seeds are not just thrown at farmers carelessly. It takes years and years and years of research, studying and testing and millions upon millions of dollars to bring a new GMO seed to market.

Farmers don't have to plant GMO seeds, they choose to plant GMO seeds.

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An oldie, but a goodie. This quote still inspires me daily, and the time line of when this picture was taken was such a important part of molding me into the person I am today.

Don't quit chasing your dreams, you are the only person who can make them happen.

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Some days you've gotta put your boots and big girl panties on, and go handle some stuff. Today's that day for me. Oh, and make a target run because I don't have my kids today 😂. Gray Girl Farms has a lot of exciting things happening this year, and I can't wait to see them happen. 👏🏻💕💁🏼. #dreamchasing #farmher #wahm #ikeephappy

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Farm Babe

Its a great day for Agriculture and STEM! The #1 site for fake news has officially been pulled from Google! 😃👏👏🌽💉🔬🎉🎉 #NaturalNonsense

The Female Farmer Project

The 2017 USDA Census is starting to arrive in mailboxes and I am seeing in various ag chat groups that many farmers are averse to filling it out. I understand i...ts cumbersome and can feel invasive. But here's our plea - in hopes that more will complete and return the census form.

Female farmers have more trouble gaining access to land, loans, and technical assistance, but statistically they are a better credit risk. In general, they make less money than male farmers and more than half of America’s female farmers supplement their income with off-farm jobs.

It is impossible to design policies that reflect the true demographic of farmers, or to create appropriate paths for accessing financing, land and training resources. And it is impossible to track progress if the data is incomplete, problematic or gender-biased.

So please fill it out and be counted and help push policy change that works for all!

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