Hats too, y'know. I've been making lots of hats. Fleece hats. And I feel quite pleased today, because I successfully created my pattern for an extra-large size. (I need that size, for me!) Perhaps that doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment, since it should be easy to just draw large the large circle I need, but, well... Let's just say that these simple things can get me...going in circles...ha ha!

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Years ago, I worked in a kitchen for a while, and it was often noted how difficult it was to keep any pair of gloves dry. This sent me on a mission to find the perfect kitchen gloves. Never did find any! It seems that no matter what you do, somehow water always seeps in, because you have to wash dishes or whatever. So, I finally decided to go with the flow and make gloves that I would intentionally get wet. I quit buying any big rubber dishwashing gloves. I wear my mesh glove that I sew, and whenever one gets soaked, I add soap and wash it and hang it up to dry. It dries fast.

There is a thing called 'hand eczema,' which, if severe, can be so painful that even a very wispy, thin glove to cover the damaged skin makes a world of difference. Sometimes, my hand is in so much pain that, while the glove feels nice, even the slight friction caused by removing it would hurt more than I want to deal with.... So I often apply hand cream right onto the glove while I'm wearing it. Nice!

I am still making gloves, but while I daily wear what I call my work glove and I find that quite comfortable, I'm working on coming up with one that's a little more elegant.

Yup, still here...more news soon.

Still a work-in-progress, folks, but gloves are on the way!

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May 31, 2017
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May 28, 2017
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