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Spring is just a few weeks away!

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The new web site is launched.

Can't wait to get on the trail again!

#Utah, #GWT, #ThousandLakesRVPark Miss Debbie getting warmed up to go fetch supper. Yummmmmmy! Grandma Gerrie watching all the action.

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Arizona section of the Great Western Trail

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Thanks, I'm not much of a Moab fan because there is no place to go except back to Moab. You found a very good spot in Marysville and that could have been one of my listed starting
points. Other towns with easy GWT access, Mayfield, Sterling, Manti, Ephraim, Loa, Bicknell, and all points in between. Richfield and the Paiute ATV Trail. Also the Arapeen ATV trail.
I'm not sure one could live long enough to ride all these trails. Utah is a rather strange place because you ...

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Great Western Trail's photo.
Great Western Trail

That's sounds like a great trip... If you go south on the GWT look up Torrey "Thousand Lakes RV Park" If you go North find Koosharem (other side of the mountain from Richfield) Go northeast to Gooseberry Trail system. Check out Lost Creek. Continue north under I-70 (side trail west to Salina and back) then on to Twelve Mile Flat (campgound). Side trip west to Mayfield and Sterling (Palisade State Park and RV park).
Side trip east to Ferron (Mill Site State Park and R...v park) in town go to Gillys Trading Post and cabins. If you are really wishing to try a long trip go to Green River (be careful for that is a deadly venture of over 100 miles) (Green River State Park and Rv Park).
Please be careful!

On 1/10/2016 9:23 AM, Richard wrote:
> Dwayne,
> Thank you for the information. We are traveling by atv. We are adding to our trip this year to go from Marysvale down the Fremont to Bryce Canyon. Then taking the GWT to Otter Creek back to the Piaute. Again I really appreciate all your help
> Tkx
> Rick
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> On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 4:21 PM, Dwayne Rowland
> <> wrote:
> Rick,
> The Great Western Trail connects many other trail systems...
> What mode of travel are you looking for? Hike, ATV horse jeep car ???
> I'll be happy to help mush as I can.
> Dwayne
> On 1/8/2016 4:16 PM, Richard wrote:
>> Good afternoon,
>> Is there any way I could get a map of the GWT thru Utah? Or would you know where to buy one?
>> Tkx
>> Rick
>> Arkansas
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The Great Western Trail is a unique corridor of braided and paralleling trails for both motorized and non-motorized users running from Mexico to Canada.


The GWT is the best! However it's not documented as you would like it to be I'm sure.
The Arizona and Idaho parts I'm not familiar with at all. We've just setup a facebook page
to get information collected and distributed....

I know the Utah section and it's the best for ATV.
You may start at any of these places and get to know what's going on.

1. Ferron Utah.... stay at Gilly's Inn and you are 35 miles from the mountain top west of town. Then go north first.
You could drive your car up that canyon road IF the weather is very good.

2. Torrey Utah... stay at the Thousand Lakes RV park and you are 2 miles from the GWT. (go north first)

3. Salina Utah... off I-70 ... stay lots of places there... ask local tourist info and maps.. GWT about seven miles east up Salina Canyon Trail runs next to I-70. Go south up to Gooseberry .... Fish Lake Forest

4. Koosharem Utah.... Not sure about hotels or RV parks... go north or south or west.... trails to all the above.
This is a high desert area... very cold at nite...

Google all these and line them up. Use Google maps...

A few rules to keep you alive... You are riding in millions of square miles of the most rugged terrain in the lower 48 states.
You are responsible for your own safety. Do a 180 if you see any danger you don't feel comfortable with. People do die
out there. Stay on the trail. Take plenty of warm cloths even in summer. Take plenty of fuel and water. Lastly take a bit of food.
Do NOT ride after sundown... Take a tent, sleeping bag, build a fire just do NOT ride at nite! You may camp anyplace within 150
feet of the trail. No fees for access or camping, except some developed camping areas. I'm not sure how ruff you wish to tough
it, but you should have the time of your life! Be cool, take your time and enjoy. Let me know if this helped.

One other... It's impossible to fully plan a trip with mother nature serving you the good and the bad. Just be prepared for the weather and take your cell phone, GPS, or whatever. Some cell towers may be reached from the very top of the mountains.


I would like to receive information about ATV riding on The Great Western Trail. Thank you.

Sayre, PA 18840

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Great Western Trail's photo.
Great Western Trail
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Great Western Trail Maps & Info

We traveled from Scottsdale to Dugas, AZ. Yesterday on the trail. I will be posting directions and links to maps you can use on your phone or tablet to insure you're on the correct path...

Great Western Trail Maps & Info added 5 new photos.

**MAP included...After riding an Arizona section of the Great Western Trail on Saturday from Cave Creek to Dugas I created a Google map for you to download on y...our phone, tablet or gps device so you can view the marked trail and your location on the trail. You can also open the map (link below) on google earth on your PC as well.

I use GPS Waypoints Navigator app on my phone.…/0BydMcc2VPPPKVkxkS1dQdGFnL…/view…

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Please join the Great Western Trail official facebook page. The GWT is by far the greatest trail idea ever! There truly is "something for everyone" on the Great Western Trail. You may drive parts of the trail in your car at 11,000 feet altitude all the way to hiking the canyons of Arizona, Utah and Idaho. Everything in between is free to go. Ride your horse, atv, jeep or bike. It's all there on the Great Western Trail. No fees for trail use and camping within 150 feet of trai...l. Many small towns are actually on the trail and ready to welcome travelers. In fact the trail is so vast that it's almost impossible for one source to document the trail. The trail is defined by groups in each state and runs concurrent with other trails. It is netted with multiple routes giving one the option to see more each visit. Loops are everywhere for easy logistics and trip planning. It's adventure as you'll soon find on the Great Western Trail.
Now the serious stuff. You are responsible for your own safety on the Great Western Trail. Three things to remember to travel the trail. 1. Plan for everything. 2. Plan for everything. 3. Plan for everything. Even if you take care of fuel, food, weather, communications, etc...... The trail is very dangerous in part because of it's remoteness, rugged terrain, unpredictable weather, lack of resources and the list goes on .... "Know Before You GO!" is the best help of all. That's why this page is here. Please post any and all information you may collect on the Great Western Trail. From Arizona, Utah and Idaho that's a lot to know. Thanks for visiting and enjoy "your trail".

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The Great Western Trail is a unique corridor of braided and paralleling trails for both motorized and non-motorized users running from Mexico to Canada.
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