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We couldn't be happier to announce that our team has once again Won the Top Choice Award in Landscaping for the Edmonton Area! Four years in a row and counting!

Top Choice Awards to Greentree eco-friendly landscaping
January 19

Top Choice Awards News: Congratulations on being a 2017 Top Choice Award Winner, have you received your Golden check-mark in the mail yet?…/edmo…/greentree-outdoor-living/

More curb appeal with less maintenance! Check out this project we completed for our clients that wanted to renovate their outdated front yard to make it more beautiful, lower maintenance, and less irritating for his grass allergies!

The three distinct layers at this homeowner's front yard creates great flow and curb appeal for everyone passing by! It begins with wood mulch and modern, mountainous planting on the outside, then a
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Don Pare
· August 18, 2016
Green Tree Landscaping has graciously provided sponsorship to Clean Scene a charity dedicated to saving the lives of our youth, I am so grateful for their support as are the entire clean scene group
Don Pare
Rhonda Loewen
· July 4, 2015
We had Gord's team do our entire yard. The last project we did involved pouring a garage foundation and completing a brick driveway. The driveway ended up lower than the alley and didn't drain properly. This caused problems for our neighbour to the east. Gord sent his team to dig a trench to alleviate the drainage issue, and now we drive through a large trench to access our driveway. The trench moves the water to our other neighbour's back yard (to the west), who hasn't complained...yet. It's been a dry year, so we've been lucky. We hate the trench, we hate the driveway, and despite copious amount of emails and phone calls, we have not received any response from Gord regarding a permanent fix for the problem. We've had several other contractors come take a look and offer advice, and they've all recommended removing the driveway and re-sloping it. Unfortunately, this is a costly and time-consuming endeavour, so assume that's why we haven't received any communication from Greentree/Gord. Would not recommend them for any large project. When they removed our trees, one tree fell on our neighbour's garage and ripped out his power and cable lines. I can't go on, it gets too ridiculous. Use Greentree for small, basic projects and help with planning - stick to fences and landscaping. See More
Ashwajit Kamble
· June 18, 2015
We had very bad experience with this company.. We gave them contract for landscaping ,artificial grass and deck . Our deck is nicely done and the guy who fini...shed deck was really skillful . About artificial grass .... they send one crew and those guys were too bad. no skill , no experience , and moreover they just ruined the grass; that was just nightmare . When we complaint about it to the company they came and took that grass away. After one month or so they came up with brand new grass but again the crew they send that was also pretty bad . They don't know what they were doing . They never fix artificial grass before. Now again same thing grass ruined again . So my question to company is, if you are taking contract for artificial grass then why you are not hiring people who really have experience in it. Don't send people who don't know anything about artificial grass... they just came throw grass and went and we got text that your work is done....Hire someone who knows the work in a excellent way. but now we not gonna pay to company until they fix it. ...................very very bad.... bad..... bad.... bad.... Strong recommendation to all is don't go with this company plz See More
Anthony Sorg
· January 21, 2015
This review is long overdue, as I hired Greentree to redo my fence several months ago. All in all, I have to say I was impressed by the company’s professionalis...m and good workmanship. I was a chiropractor for 28 years, so I know the ins and outs of running your own business (it isn’t easy), and Gordon, the manager of Greentree, seems to be doing a fine job of that as my experience of working alongside him and his coworker John showed me.

Firstly, Gordon was honest and upfront with me when I came into Greentree’s showroom looking for advice on rebuilding my fence. He told me I had 3 options: Greentree could supply my material and rebuild my fence for me, I could order my own material and Greentree could rebuild my fence for me, or I could order my own material and rebuild my fence myself. As much as I would have liked to do the latter, I injured my shoulder several years ago so that wasn’t an option. Therefore, I decided to look into purchasing my own material and having Greentree install it for me.

After doing some research, I estimated I’d save several hundred dollars purchasing my own material, so I did this, and Gordon remembered me when I called the showroom asking for someone to come out and install the material for me. It took approximately 3 weeks for them to show up and redo my fence but it was a busy time of year and they did a fantastic job on it.

I really appreciate Gordon’s honesty and integrity, and I’d highly recommend Greentree to anyone.
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Sheila Thompson
· December 18, 2014
Our family is having an enduring relationship with Green Tree organization. Beginning with the designers helping us design a patio along with a surrounding land...scape, they laid the foundation of a beautiful exterior surrounding our home.

We loved the design and could not be happier with the workmanship Green Tree offered to us. People at Green Tree were an absolute pleasure to work with. We have recently asked them to help with the construction of some new amenities in our exteriors including water fountains and natural stonework.

In addition to great individual talents, Green Tree workers surely know how to work with clients to get remarkable results.

Being an exceptional landscape construction service, Green Tree guys always respond to us when we need them and their guys conclude the work in a right manner. Green Tree is highly recommended.
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Patricia Heffner
· December 12, 2014
On time! In budget! And in balance with exactly what I was looking for. The guys from Green Tree were very professional in building a beautiful landscape with a... design that contained almost everything desired by me and my family.

The designing team listened to our views and planned a layout of our exteriors on paper. They pointed us in the right direction so that we can achieve a landscape we always dreamt of. The entire crew worked meticulously to establish beautiful stone paths, patios, decks, flowerbeds and water fountains in our exteriors, not to mention the exquisite irrigation facilities they integrated amidst the grass areas.

By exceeding my expectations, Green Tree worked with me every step of the way. I would have no hesitation in referring Green Tree to anyone looking for an ideal landscape designing and construction service providers.
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Benjamin Corbin
· December 15, 2014
Green Tree has been an exceptional landscape agency to work with. Their unique eco-friendly approach, an exemplary quality of work and unmatched professionalism... sets them apart from their competitors.
We heartily appreciate their efforts to fulfill our requirements throughout the entire landscape construction process of our outdoors. Workers at Green Tree are some of the most diligent individuals we have ever dealt with. The designers were very patient with all the changes that were demanded by circumstances beyond our control.
Offering features like deck building, fencing, irrigation, stone work, concrete construction and many more, Green Tree has been a one-stop-shop that took care of all our outdoor needs.
Overall, Green Tree is a reliable landscape designing and constructing service and we have no shilly-shallying in recommending it to friends and business partners.
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Dyvine Silvestre
· March 21, 2016
Greentree eco-friendly landscaping has the best staff, and fastest service in all of Edmonton! They work hard to be the best and succeeded. They are the Top Landscaping service in Edmonton. Congratulations and keep it up:)
Ruben H. Caison
· January 20, 2015
I own an older home in Callingwood, and ever since I moved into it about five years ago, I had drainage problems in the backyard. Whenever it rained, the rain w...ould pool in the yard and seep up onto my patio. I’d have to sweep the water back so it didn’t come all the way up to the patio door. A friend of the family installed a drain about a meter away from my patio to fix the problem for me but it didn’t seem to do a whole lot. Finally I decided to call green tree because I’d heard them giving an interview on the radio. The guy who came out and looked at my yard (I can’t remember his name), initially determined my eaves trough was plugged and I needed more drains. Upon further investigation, he discovered I had two drains but one of them had just been overgrown by grass. He dug up and cleaned out the second drain and installed a third drain just to be safe. Since then, I haven’t had any more drainage problems and I don’t have to worry when it rains which has been a huge relief. The guy who installed my third drain even followed up with me a couple weeks later, after a huge rainstorm, to see how things were working. Green tree’s a great, professional company, and I’d definitely hire them again. See More
Cheryl Chauncey
· May 12, 2014
make sure you get in writing what and how Gord says he is going to do.
make sure you have right depth of mulch
Richard BaLamb-LambDa Lamb
· April 3, 2016
I think it is superb,outstanding and majestic results everytime: )
Nothing is as peaceful and calming as the sound of a water feature in your backyard! Whether you're looking to drown out the sound of a busy roadway or you just want some ambient sound while you relax, a water feature can be an amazing addition to your yard!
We are open today from 10-5, feel free to stop by anytime! The water features are always cold and the outdoor kitchens are always hot! We are located on the left hand side 2 blocks south of Argyl road on Calgary Trail at 5925-104 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6H 2K5
Greentree Commercial 2016

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We have marked down our Lynx Sedona Island kit from our Showroom! This includes the 30" Lynx grill, refrigerator, single side burner, and storage cabinet, plus the enclosure and countertop! Ready for you to start entertaining around!

MSRP $10,399.00...
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Comment or message us for more details!

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Are you getting tired of paying for so much water? Here are 7 great tips to help reduce the amount of water you're using in your yard! If you like an idea but you're not sure how to implement it, contact us for a free consultation!

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Greentree eco-friendly landscaping added 3 new photos to the album: Greentree Garden Party Trailer.
July 23, 2016
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