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Ross Altendorfer
· February 17, 2018
I ordere a Blazing Saddles grill cheese and got toast with cold cheese, they still served it to me even though the cheese wasn't melted. Horseshit food and horseshit service. If yiur food truck makes ..."grilled cheese" maybe you should learn how to make grilled cheese sandwiches and not cold cheese with toast sandwiches. See More
Micah Robles
· September 11, 2017
First, my son liked it, but he's a plain food eater and for him a cheddar cheese on white bread doesn't get any better, but for me I was left wanting. I ordered the mac and cheese and pulled pork with... cheddar on french bread and I have to say I was a little disappointed. Okay pretty disappointed to the point I'm writing you a review. To be honest I'm not an experienced Niche Food Truck eater - good ol' roach coaches yes - and so when approaching these vinyl wrapped "Food Network" heroes I admittedly had my expectations set high from the start. I expected greatness.

My son's grilled cheese was three or four dollars. Not badly priced at all, especially when compared to the final product of a piece of cheese between plain white sliced bread. Surely the premium priced ($9) mac and pulled pork would be light years better. Um, no. More like five feet better. Forget that it took twenty minutes to receive four slices of heated sliced bread, or that the weight alone wasn't enough to discern between the two sandwiches, and instead let me focus your attention to what it wasn't. It wasn't a $9 sandwich. I'll admit, the flavor was good despite the burnt bread, not great, but holy cow it wasn't remotely close to nine dollars good. To put this in perspective, we also purchased from Von's a 18" prepackaged, deli made sandwich on bakery fresh sourdough with all the goodies for $7.99. It was easily without even trying a $12-$17 sandwich for $7.99. This $9 grilled cheese is a really good $5 sandwich, and that's it. What's $4? 44%

@grilledcheesetruck if you are listening. I would be willing to buy your grilled cheese for $9 if it met one criteria, and $11 if it met all my criteria.
1. Ditch the wonder bread. It's awful. It's not filling, it has no flavor (except burnt) and it's super small. Instead please offer sourdough, or an artisan bread that by its self would command $9 price tag.
2. (This is for the $11) It can't fit in the same paper tin foil bags you use for the $3-4 menu items. Size matters. I want to be full for $11. I want to say "oh my god I can't eat another bite" but then I do.
3. This is for both. Figure out your speed issues. Someone else can and does do it faster. Your competitor was killing it with three times the line. You are losing money by not producing faster.
4. Last. WTF is up with the tots? There is nothing unique about them. Nothing special other than their high price. They look and taste just like the frozen tots from aisle 10. I was left saying to myself whatever I spent on them was a waste of money.
I really wanted your food to be great. I love the slogan on your truck. I think the food is unique, and the flavor is close but in my book you missed the mark and that saddens me.
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Christine Parthree
· July 4, 2017
They were at the PX on JBLM in Washington, the BEST grilled cheese I've EVER had! They need to become permanent to Washington State, Tacoma/Spanaway area. I got the pulled pork and Mac and cheese sand...wich with carmelized onions....omg never would have thought to combine them! See More
Jessica Ciulla
· April 9, 2016
I am pretty disappointed. I just bought their American grilled cheese to share with my daughter. It was really over cooked. It tasted almost like a partially burnt crouton with some cheese in between.... I'm hoping this was just an off day.. I would really love to try the goat cheese grilled cheese or any of the other ones and if I ever do and I have a different experience I will update this review. However, between the sandwich being smaller then expected and how bad it tasted I'm giving it one star. See More
Lisa Kitchen
· May 20, 2017
So good. I recommend the "fully loaded" grilled cheese with BBQ pork and mac 'n' cheese with tots and chipotle mayo dipping sauce.
Jackie Bartlett
· July 14, 2016
Base sandwich is reasonably priced. However, once you add a couple of overpriced extras the cost adds up quickly. I added carmelized onions for .75 and had to open my sandwich to confirm they rem...embered to add them. That, and .50 for 3 paper thin slices of Apple. If they would have loaded on the onions and a few thicker slices of apple I'd be a repeat customer. See More
Pete Peterson
· December 10, 2015
One of their trucks was in front of my place of work today.

You people who gave this outfit a positive review owe me $8 + tax! What is WRONG with you!...

My lunch hour can never be replaced.

I purchased the Mac and Cheese Rib sandwich. Tiny morsel of a sandwich. Badly burned in parts of one side - not sure how you do this. Off flavor - Too much vinegar in the hint of BBQ Pork on the sandwich.

I will NEVER do business with this company or any Fulfilling Catering booked truck ever ever ever again.

Nowhere will you pay such a high price for such bad food - Not even on a domestic United Airlines flight.
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Danie Betts
· March 10, 2015
This past weekend my boyfriend and I stumbled upon the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk... Where we also came across The Grilled Cheese Truck ❤️ it was past closing time when I ran up to the truck and aske...d if we could " please, please can we put in one last order " the owner looked down at me with a smile and said sure ( a very nice smile may I add ) to our surprise, not only did he make us one grilled cheese but TWO of the best ooie gooey, melt in your mouth deliciousness! The second grilled cheese he made for himself but gave it to us☺️ the entire experience was something strait out of a romantic movie. Just that perfect and it wouldn't have been so without The Grilled Cheese Truck and the love I felt in that spicy, party in my mouth grilled cheese . Thank you from the bottom of my very satisfied tummy ☺️ See More
Angie Marie Rose
· March 26, 2017
Went here when we were in LA, amazingness!!! Got a sandwich with the Parmesan and jalapeño crust, it was to die for!! We need one of these in MN!!!
Jennifer Rodriguez
· April 12, 2016
First time we tried this was at Coachella! We bragged to our kids about it!!
Following year we couldn't WAIT to eat here again! Pretty sure we must have eaten here at least 3 times that weekend!! I honestly say it was awesome, sober or drunk
We will be totally bummed if we don't see the truck there again this year!!!
Must find when we are in LA
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Paul Smith
· March 26, 2015
What a waste of money. I got the Loaded sandwich. More like empty. $8 for $3(max) worth of food. Very small on white bread(not french as advertised). Tasted fine just not even close to worth the mo...ney. Very small amounts of food all at center of sandwich. Very disappointed. See More
Jeannine Bourbon
· May 15, 2016
I had the pleasure of trying this today. I had the brie cheese with sliced pears & honey on cranberry walnut bread. To die for! Love love loved it! Can't wait to try more! Come out to San Dimas,we hav...e farmers market on Wednesdays! ❤ See More
Janelle Nichole Gomez
· April 20, 2016
I went to a movie night with my friend and waited for over an hour just to find out they ran out of the grilled cheese she wanted?!?! The event was at Hance Park in Phoenix and it is pretty when the movie does not even start till 8 pm and we were in line well before then just to hear they ran out of a sandwich they promote like crazy. Especially when we had to purchase tickets so pretty sure they had an idea of the amount of people attending.... That is a shame and the grill cheese she did have to get was burnt and we could of made a better one ourselves... See More
Sandra Isabelle Ceja
· October 1, 2014
I went with a basic grilled cheese, tater tots and tomato soup. Grilled cheese and tater tots were good, not impressive. Did not care for the tomato soup nor did I care for the lame customer service t...hat was provided.

My friend got the rib mac & cheese sandwich which was pretty good!
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Adam Heykoop
· March 30, 2016
I haven't even eaten here yet cuz I live in the Midwest, and anybody not willing to eat that delicious looking cheesy Mac n rib is un-American and needs to go away
Tessi Winsor
· July 12, 2017
���� I love the Grilled Cheese Truck!! The tater tots are ����
Jessica Marquez
· July 26, 2015
Amazing! I ate there when they came to the Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo. I had the mac and cheese with rib meat and got it fully loaded (bacon and avocado). It was so delicious!
Linda Miller
· August 7, 2015
I got the Mac & Cheese melt and my husband got the 'fully loaded'. Both were dry, flavorless and SMALL. What a waste. They did have mustard and salsa packets but it is almost impossible to open up a ...grilled cheese sandwich. Won't buy again. See More
Amanda Tate
· March 23, 2016
I don't understand these people giving 1 star... If I could give 200 stars, I would! First tried the Mac and rib at Coachella in 2014 and FELL IN LOVE! If grilled cheese truck is nearby, we drop all d...inner plans! This is one of my favorite food trucks! And this is coming from someone who has tried many grilled cheeses and many food trucks! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cannot get enough of these grilled cheese sandwiches! See More
Myra Gomez
· November 8, 2015
Worst service ever! Especially sfv , been to one in LA it was ok but in Sherman oaks. Worst service ever, workers commenting on how hot me and my friends are, completly unprofessional, never had s...uch horrible service. Food was bad chees wasent melted, taters were cold. I'll never go back! See More