SharePoint and Office365 survey 🖥 💻

The SharePoint and Office 365 Industry Survey

Sharegate recently partnered with HyperFish and Nintex to survey 449 IT professionals and to look back at how they used SharePoint and Office 365.
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Calculate Ratio Between Two Numbers in Excel

Calculate Ratio Between Two Numbers17th September 2017 By Maciek Grischke Leave a Comment Calculate Ratio with GCDIn this example, there is a list of screen dimensions, with the first width — 400 — in cell B4 and the first height — 300 –in cell C4.To calculate the ratio for each screen, the formula…

How to create Charts in SharePoint

WebPart charts have been, for some reason, removed from SharePoint 2013 (including online) onwards. Probably because Microsoft thought that having Excel Web Parts Charts is a better idea. It may well be, but Excel Web Part Charts can't use Sharepoint lists directly. Fortunately, there is a number of...

How long will it take to crack your password? Depends how long and how complicated it is.

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Compliance Tracker enables businesses to monitor their Health & Safety strategic areas. User friendly interface based on Microsoft Excel is easy to use and can be managed by any admin staff. The tracker can generate automatic e-mail notifications so that your business can meet certain quality criteria and standards.

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World's first 8K monitor 🖥.
A great new toy for designers and programmers 🤓

Experience realistic images like never before on the award-wining, world’s first 31.5" 8K monitor featuring Dell PremierColor.
Despite a flurry of incessant news reports maintaining that Apple is poised to bore its customers to death with a completely snooze-worthy iPhone 7 this fall, there's actually excessive evidence providing reason to believe that the portended death of iPhone 7 has been greatly exaggerated--for reason...
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Mac computers do support your workload.

“Some say that Macs can barely support anything”

"Being a Pro
Means Noticing Everything"

Usually it would be too hot ☀️ for me, but...

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