Researchers in Sweden have uncovered evidence of a behavior never seen before in ancient hunter-gatherers: the mounting of decapitated heads onto stakes. The grim discovery challenges our understanding of European Mesolithic culture and how these early humans handled their dead.
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** Zucht ** Erfgoed als inspiratiebron voor olympische atleten. Het is ook nooit goed. Weg met onszelf!

Norway’s alpine skiing team has come under fire after revealing their official Winter Olympics knitted sweater.
It is estimated that the possible Norse colonization of North America began as early as the 10th century. Growing evidence provided by numerous archeologis
2018 marks an important anniversary for Stonehenge. It’s 100 years since local barrister Cecil Chubb and his wife Mary gifted the monument to the nation. This was a major turning point in the way Stonehenge was cared for. It set … Continue reading →
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TYR STONE: What an amazing rune stone this is.

The "Malt Runestone" was only discovered in 1987 by a stroke of luck. The stone in Malte, Denmark was going to be... destroyed because it was annoying a farmer. As he tried to move it, it rolled over to reveal pictures and runes. Realising this was special, he contacted Sønderskov museum.

The inscription, dated about 800AD, is exciting and mysterious - in fact so mysterious that we do not yet fully understand the message. However, the researcher Karen Thuesen from Uppsala University gave the following interpretation in Swedish.

*translated very badly to English by Google Translate

Who's in a vat that sparkles?
Vifrød, heir of his great grandfather, painted it.
Kolfinn here hid runes of joy and runes of eternity, the sun in the vat of fire, TYR TYR TYR.
Out, out out Billingr. May Tyr impose secrecy here.

Vem är i ett kar som gnistrar?
Vifröd gjorde, afr efter sin farfars far, målningen häri
Kolfinn dolde häri glädjerunor och evighetsrunor, solen i eldkaret, TYR TYR TYR
Ut ut ut Billing. Tyr drive fördoldhet häri

The inscription is shown alongside a face which probably represents the god Tyr!

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