The mighty hammer of Thor has selected Yngwie Malmsteen, circa 1988 for our Wednesday spin. "Odyssey", featuring Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, was Yngwie's most commercially successful release and many long time fans shunned Yngwie for trying to go mainstream. Even though I agree that there was a conscious attempt for radio friendly singles, which Joe Lynn Turner brings to the table, I also feel that the album may not have had the intensity of previous Yngwie releases due to him not being fully recovered from a near fatal car accident the previous year. Nonetheless there are several outstanding tracks on "Odyssey" with "Riot In The Dungeons" being my favorite, which is why it is playing in the background. In 2005 I conducted a phone interview with Yngwie for The Hairball John Radio Show. The interview turned out to be extremely comical with Yngwie's arrogance and ignorance taking center stage. I will search the archives to see if I can locate the interview and share it here in the future.
HairBall of Wax - E1 - Ratt: Out Of The Cellar
The God of Thunder has decided to hold a special Monday mass with "Metal Church". Even though I was living in the SF Bay Area, where they were Metal Church was based, I did not attend their shows or give much attention to their 1984 debut release. I seem to remember them being really tight with Metallica, even auditioning Lars at one time as their possible drummer before the great "Met". But in the late 90's I was totally blown away when I saw them on a bill with Dio and Doro at Harpo's Concert Hall in Detroit (if my metal muddled memory is correct). The intensity of "Beyond The Black" and "Metal Church" grabbed my attention, but it was "Gods of Wrath" that cemented itself deep in my soul and has hauntingly become one of my very favorite metal songs.
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Starting Sunday, April 22nd "The Past Is Back To Kick Your A**"!

WIDL I92 FM will be the first station to carry the Hairball John Radio Show LIVE with world wide streaming. Unlike the canned and coporatized "outHOUSE of Hot AIR", the Hairball John Radio Show will be LIVE with the perspective of a fans love of 80's metal. The show will continue its tradition of no playlist restraints, a Hairball request line, artist interviews, in studio guests and the return of classic s...egments "The Bladder Ballad", "Purgatory Priest", "The Pole Position", "Hairball Live" and "Flannel Fallout".
Tune in each Sunday night from 6pm EST to 8pm EST starting April 22nd. Visit and "like" the Classic Rock I92page for announcements to come. Let's do this!

Your support by sharing this post is greatly appreciated and will be compensated with mounds upon mounds of the music YOU want to hear.

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Doing a little show prep while knocking out a few miles on the treadmill. Tonight’s theme is possible “Pole Position” songs. Who can name this gem that failed to get the respect it deserved due to the on set of Grunge?

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and worldwide streaming April 22nd.

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A friendly reminder from a colleague that FM does not tolerate the same freedoms that I enjoyed with internet syndication. At least I can still say “ass”. #ThePastIsBackToKickYourAss ......The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and world wise streaming April 22nd. George Carlin

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There is no question that I am a very lucky man. Lucky to have experienced the 80’s in all it’s glory first hand. Lucky to have had the honor of interviewing hundreds of my favorite musicians. Lucky to have made so many great friends over the years that share in my passion for music. Very lucky to have been given the opportunity to revive The Hairball John Radio Show. But most of all I am extremely lucky to have had this wonderful woman by side through all my crazy endeavors for the past 27 years. So join me in raising a glass of green beer in honor of the person that is your foundation on which all great things in life are built.

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Isn’t this how everyone spends their Friday night? Treadmill binge watching 80’s metal videos. Training for the rigors of FM. 😁. HairballJohnRadioShow returning to FM radio Sunday, April 22nd live on WIDL and streaming worldwide.

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Only hours away from the return of my hometown heroes at The Machine Shop. #RockNRollsGonnaSaveTheWorld

Fri 7:00 PM ESTThe Machine ShopFlint, MI
Music · 304 people
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I am extremely excited to announce that details are being finalized for the return of The Hairball John Radio Show to FM radio in April 2018. Unlike the sterile and overly corporatized "outHOUSE of Hot AIR", the Hairball John Radio Show will be LIVE from the studio with world wide streaming, and will continue our tradition of artist interviews, new music, a request line, in studio guests and the freedom to play any damn song I want! I am truly humbled and appreciative of the friends, fans and bands that have stayed in contact over the years and I promise to give you a show that truly represents all facets of the "Decade of Decadence" and beyond. More information in the weeks to come.
The Past Is Back To Kick Your Ass...AGAIN!

Help spread the word by sharing this post. Rock on!

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Pure joy is when “Sleeping My Day Away” comes on the radio and your 14 year old daughter proclaims “oh, I love this song” while reaching for volume knob.

Music video by D-A-D performing Sleeping My Day Away.

100% Metal!!
Tomorrow this sign will serve as a beacon for metal heads attending the Bay City Record Show. Beneath the sign will be my ugly mug manning a table with nothing but metal. Metal vinyl, metal cd’s and metal VHS. If you are at the show be sure to stop by and help me pass the time by talking....METAL!!!

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Impatience gives way to temptation.
For years I have searched for an original copy of what is arguably one of the very best Priest albums. Waiting and crate digging hoping to find a copy well under the ever increasing cost of $60, which far, far exceeds the amount I have ever paid for an album. This past week I abandoned my search when desire to hear the album succumbed a nice price on the reissue at the Electric Kitsch. Now on its 2nd spin since 5am, it is a great way to start an early morning catching on paperwork at the studio. #MetalMeltdown

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Treadmill Concert:
Steelheart - Live In Osaka (1990)

The first time I saw SteelHeart was with King Of The Hill at a small club in San Jose, CA. It wasn't even 2 minutes into the set before I turn to my friend and mouthed "ho-ly shit"!
Miljenko Matijevic, you my friend are a beast!


It's a damn shame that "Girl Gone Crazy" never made it on an album. Great song. Give it a listen at 17:02 into the video.

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Setlist: 01. Love Ain't Easy 02. Like Never Before 03. Gimme Gimme 04. Girl Gone Crazy 05. I'll Never Let You Go 06. Can't Stop Me Lovin' You 07. Drum / Guit...