The mighty hammer of Thor has selected Yngwie Malmsteen, circa 1988 for our Wednesday spin. "Odyssey", featuring Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, was Yngwie's most commercially successful release and many long time fans shunned Yngwie for trying to go mainstream. Even though I agree that there was a conscious attempt for radio friendly singles, which Joe Lynn Turner brings to the table, I also feel that the album may not have had the intensity of previous Yngwie releases due to him not being fully recovered from a near fatal car accident the previous year. Nonetheless there are several outstanding tracks on "Odyssey" with "Riot In The Dungeons" being my favorite, which is why it is playing in the background. In 2005 I conducted a phone interview with Yngwie for The Hairball John Radio Show. The interview turned out to be extremely comical with Yngwie's arrogance and ignorance taking center stage. I will search the archives to see if I can locate the interview and share it here in the future.
HairBall of Wax - E1 - Ratt: Out Of The Cellar
The God of Thunder has decided to hold a special Monday mass with "Metal Church". Even though I was living in the SF Bay Area, where they were Metal Church was based, I did not attend their shows or give much attention to their 1984 debut release. I seem to remember them being really tight with Metallica, even auditioning Lars at one time as their possible drummer before the great "Met". But in the late 90's I was totally blown away when I saw them on a bill with Dio and Doro at Harpo's Concert Hall in Detroit (if my metal muddled memory is correct). The intensity of "Beyond The Black" and "Metal Church" grabbed my attention, but it was "Gods of Wrath" that cemented itself deep in my soul and has hauntingly become one of my very favorite metal songs.

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Hairball John Radio Show is with Widl Caro and 2 others.
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We are extremely excited to announce that comedian Rob Little will be co-hosting the relaunching of Hairball John Radio Show with Hairball John this Sunday from 6pm EST - 8pm EST. Rob was named Maxim Magazine's “Real Man of Comedy” and Last Comic Standing on NBC named him, “The Happiest Comic in America”. This is guaranteed to be a memorable show of humor and music. Listen to the live stream from the Classic Rock I92 FM website at

...The Hairball John Radio Show is a weekly two hour show that pays deserving tribute to the era of 80's Hair Metal from a fans perspective.

For more on Rob visit his website at and be sure to check his tour dates so that you can be sure to experience Rob's hilarity in person.

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All gussied up and ready for my interview with Bob Hughes from Classic Rock I92. I even showered and put on my "good" hat and shirt. I go on at 8:35am EST. Tune in and listen to me babble about the return of The Hairball John Radio Show and the music that is the soundtrack to my life. #faceforradio

Stream the live through the WIDL website.

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Hairball Live!
Tomorrow morning I will be interviewed on Classic Rock I92 regarding The Hairball John Radio Show returning to FM and worldwide streaming this coming Sunday from 6pm - 8pm. Those interested can listen in at 8:45am EST via the live stream feed at

WIDL – Classic Rock I-92 The Thumb’s Only Road To Classic Rock Listen live online Apple Devices, or get the WIDL app from the Google Play store!

The interview that I conducted with Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler ranks in my top 5. At times it was nearly impossible for me to continue with the interview due to intense laughter from the both of us. During the interview Stephen was wondering around a club eating olives from a jar at the bar and even set down the phone for a few minutes while he walked around the bar asking to bum a cigarette. This is an interview that I can not wait to share again, but in the meantime enjoy the outtake below.

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and worldwide streaming April 22nd.

Audio: title: Guns and Roses - Steven Adler - social audio

For those that have followed the career of Yngwie Malmsteen know that he is regarded as one of the best guitarist in rock history and definitely considered royalty in 80's for his technical and sometime flamboyant playing style. Our conversation was very similar to his playing style in that Yngwie was straight and to the point with his answers and there was not a lot of joking around like I do with most artists I interview. But Yngwie's humor definitely surfaced in the blooper below where even though he was frustrated he was also able to laugh at himself.
Official Yngwie Malmsteen

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and worldwide streaming April 22nd.

Audio: title: Yngwie Malmsteen - Blooper - social audio

During my teen years Triumph's "Just A Game", "Allied Forces", "Never Surrender" and "Thunder Seven" were very influential albums in my developing passion for Hard Rock and they continue to be albums that I listen to a very regular basis. So you can imagine how quickly I jumped at the opportunity to interview guitarist Mike Levine. A conversation that was schedule for 15 minutes lasted over 45 minutes as we chatted about everything from development of albums, tour memories and song insights. The conversation also gave me another great blooper.

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and worldwide streaming April 22nd.

In 2005 I received an advance copy of Chris Caffery's ( Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra) first solo release "Faces". The track "Pisses Me Off" was my favorite track of the year and I could not wait to talk with him about the song and his numerous projects. Chris was a super nice guy and recorded another one of my favorite bloopers.
Posted in the comments is "Pisses Me Off" for those that are interested in a morally challenged and humorous look into the things in life that piss of Chris and others, including me.

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and worldwide streaming April 22nd.

Over the years I had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Russell of Great White multiple times and I have to say that the conversations with Jack were always filled with laughs. This outtake is one of my very favorites. We had to stop the interview for several minutes just so that we could stop laughing.
Jack Russell's Great White Great White [Band]

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and worldwide streaming April 22nd.

Audio: title: Jack Russell Outake - social audio

As a kid I use spend Sunday mornings on the floor of our living room devouring every line and comic panel of the Sunday funnies. With newspapers a thing of the past I decided to spend an adult version of the Sunday funnies continuing to go through artist bloopers of The Hairball John​ Radio Shows of the past. Sit back and enjoy proof that our rock and roll heroes are human and quite funny at times.

I am compiling a list of songs that are "Pole Position" worthy to be featured on The Hairball John Radio Show and am open to suggestions. Think sexy songs and/or ones that should be played at strip clubs everywhere. Comment with:
1. City or Country you are from
2. Name of song
3. Name of band
4. Story why you think your suggestion is a Pole Position must....
5. Link to song or video if avaialble

I will be sure to share your story when the song is played. Now get nasty!

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and worldwide streaming April 22nd.

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As the re-launch date for the Hairball John Radio Show nears I find myself with mixed emotions. Excitement to once again be connecting with fellow fans of 80's hard rock/metal and deep sadness to be going it alone without my good friend and co-host The Acid Chimp. "Chimpy" brought balance, direction and order to a show that would have been absolute chaos had I been left to my own accord. I believe that part of what endeared listeners to our show was the undeniable close fri...endship and good hearted banter between Chimpy and I. Passing unexpectedly 9 years ago at the age of 37 I count him as one of the Rock Gods that tragically left us way to soon. Even though he will not be behind a mic, the things I learned from him will serve as the foundation of which HBJ 2.0 is built.

Below is a glimpse at my make shift work station as I gather music and interviews for upcoming shows, still under the watchful eye of Chimpy. The photo of him and Kevin Dubrow is one that I treasure because I remember how much he was looking forward to meeting the man behind the band that ushered in his love for 80's metal. Even Kevin knew who the real star of the show was. \m/

Rock In Peace Chimpy, I hope I do you proud my friend.

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More times than not an artist would forget the name of the show when recording an ID. Most would just stop and ask for me to repeat the name, but not Rick Ruhl from EMN (Every Mothers Nightmare) he just kept with the flow. Click on the link below to hear the outtake.

During the interview Rick shared great road stories and EMN song insight. I will make it a point to dig the interview out so that I can share it on an upcoming show.

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM an...d worldwide streaming April 22nd.

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Another blooper funny to start your day off with a laugh.

I a huge fan of Joe Lynn Turner and his plethora of projects and am honored to have interviewed him on multiple occasions. Sometimes Joe would call in from the road and other times from his home. During one of the interviews from his home a dog began barking and Joe's response had me in tears.

The Hairball John Radio Show returns to FM and worldwide streaming April 22nd. ...

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