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Allison Seymore-Benton
· August 25, 2017
I'm a small business owner and an Uber /Lyft Driver. I frequently transport Hampton University students to and from their destinations on and off campus. No matter what people may have heard, Hampton ...University's students are some of the most Amazing, Polite, Respectful, Well Behaved, Sweetest students I've personally EVER encountered. Their parents should be proud. I'm so excited to have each and every single one of them in my car. If any of them were to ever need me for any reason I'd quickly assist. I'm proud to have them as representatives for my city. Very proud. Welcome to the Class of 2021 and the returning students. Congratulation's on the 2017 Freshman Inductions #AllieUber #HamptonUniversity See More
Lindie Moore Evans
· August 23, 2017
Hampton University has a great academic program. However, as far as their financial and business office practices are concerned, they do not have the college student's best interest. The Financial Aid... and Business offices are not concerned with the well-being of students regardless of the situation or circumstances. See More
Lakeisha Green
· January 10, 2018
I'm the mother of a student of hampton. I can't believe they are ripping this student off with all these extra fees. I asked to speak to the president and was denied by the secretary. Great Job HBCU!!!
Leola Joseph Griffith
· August 31, 2017
This is my daughter's second year. We have been very impressed with the level of professionalism of the staff and administrators. Everyone continues to be helpful and she has enjoyed her experience thus far!
Herman Willis
· November 10, 2017
One of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Talented staff of educators their to support our kids. I'm happy that my kids chose Hampton University.
Loree Oliver
· May 10, 2017
My daughter completed her freshman year on yesterday. After traveling miles to pick her up and move her out of the dorm, I parked my car in a Parallel parking space beside Ogden. A white SUV pulls o...n the side of me asking me to move my car so she can park. A staff member that is...the parking space was not designated or reserved either and the parking space was open behind me. The nerve of this lady...the staff need to be more considerate on move out days. See More
Kelvin Davis
· October 14, 2017
Hampton university has some of the world most intelligent and brilliant students . l pray that God bless and guide their future too greatness in business and life. Sincerely Kelvin Gerad Davis indepe...ndent candidate for President of United States 2020 Election.l will keep The pirates nation in my prayers. See More
Michelle Jefferson-Lambert
· August 15, 2017
I had an opportunity to visit HamptonU last weekend and was very pleased with the campus readiness in preparation for registration and orientation this week! All the best to the students and faculty f...or a safe, and successful academic year! See More
Canyel Jnehgjlh Johnson
· April 15, 2017
So I go to Hampton University- Official Easter event and was told I couldn't go through with my disabled son who can't be transported on a shuttle bcz it wasn't handicap accessible. The rude officer r...efused to let us go through so I could drop my son off with his babysitter and told me that there was no one else I could talk to and the other officer would turn me around as well! This is a free event open to the public but isn't accessible for children with special needs. To say I'm upset is an understatement! How do u be so rude and heartless?! See More
Janet Bess
· May 15, 2017
Awesome weekend of events, and it shows that the staff cares about their graduating seniors. So much was planned for the students and their family.

But the parking situation requires some major atte...ntion. It took us 1 hour+ to get out of the parking lot after the graduation ceremony. Most of that time was spent just siting in our vehicle, not able to move. See More
Rozlyn Channer Parchment
· October 31, 2017
Graduated from the BSN program fall '82.
Wonderful ppl, a college experience I would not change ever. Multiple doors opened for me because of God and HU.
Brandi Reynolds
· October 16, 2017
There’s no better college experience than the illustrious Hampton University!
Quincy Alexander Neal
· February 24, 2018
i love this school my home by the sea ...............................................................
Ollie McArthur
· September 29, 2017
Hampton is a wonderful school with great talent. Career Seekers and Career Contractor connect to Great Career Opportunities, Join us at tts careers
June Winstead
· October 26, 2016
I was 5 yrs old when I attended one of my Aunt's organ recitals at Ogden Hall and fell in love with HIU. The intervening years until my freshman year were filled with visits during the summers when m...y Mom attended summer school. All of my professors challenged me to go above and beyond the satisfactory bar academically and taught me how to handle pressure with grace and self assurance. The mentoring received has served me well over the years whenever I had a "What would Dr Boone or Dr Screen do moment?" My biggest reward has been the lifetime friendships that have been with me through the good and the bad life events and are priceless. Graduates of Hampton are in demand for we are doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, Ambassadors, teachers, accountants, clergy, and the list continues. Hampton graduates are changing the world. Go Pirates! See More
Robert J. Anderson
· January 2, 2017
Hampton's been like part of my family all my life. It's in my blood. My mother's stepfather, Thomas W. Turner (Ph.D., Cornell U., 1922, botany) was chairman of the science dept. for many years, & the building is named in his honor. Holly Tree Inn prepared daily meals for him & my grandmother, Louise, & delivered them across the street on Tyler.

Both my sister (Nora) & I began our formal education at HU's "lab school" (kindergarten) in the early 1950s, &we attended summer workshops on the campus in drama & French before matriculating. My father (Robert L.) graduated from the trade school (carpentry) in 1940, I graduated in 1971, and my sister finished in 1973. My mother (Jeanette) taught English for several summer sessions, & I made several life-long friends there, including Marie V. Wood, Ph.D., assistant to President Jerome H. Holland.

Both of my parents, as well as my grandfather, are buried in the campus cemetery. Aside from these familial connections, Hampton has a special place in my heart for preparing me for the world & the wherewithal to earn a master's degree in education from Harvard U., & my sister to earn a law degree from Brooklyn Law School & to go on to be the first African-American elected to serve as one of two surrogate judges (wills, trusts, estates, adoptions) in Manhattan. Several of my neighbors were also on the faculty, including J. Sanders Redding (English professor & author), Nancy B. McGhee (1st black female Ph.D. from the U. of Chicago, Hugh B. Gloster (dean of faculty), & Charles H. Williams (athletic director). Hear, hear for my school.
See More
Apl Brilliance
· July 7, 2017
I have been trying to get back my $600.00 paid to this university. My daughter had got accepted and as a struggling single parent at the time I couldn't afford to send her. I informed the school via v...oicemail on several occasions of this and that she wouldn't be able to attend. No one never got back to me and I finally sent a letter that they conveniently couldn't locate. The school never offered her a financial package, the only mail I received besides the initial congratulations welcome enrollment package was a tuition bill, which I had no idea how I was going to pay it. With no current employment and on the verge of having to give up our place to live, I sent the $600 of my rent money to hold a dorm room spot for my daughter, that they insisted be sent by a certain time. Although I sent it late, they accepted it, but now that I was unable to afford the tuition, I repeatedly requested the return of my $600.00 dorm deposit, to which they never responded to nor had the decency to inform me I needed to make the request in writing. I had immediately contacted the school within days of having sent my $600 Rent money, I was under a great deal of stress at the time and had left several voicemails with the school's business office, financial office, presidents office, student affairs office...AND NOT ONE person from this school had the decency to return my many distressed calls, NOT ONE. They can't have it both ways, if they bend one rule in order to accept someone's money, then the same exception can be made to return that person's money. I have been going back and fourth with this school for some time and I will not give up because they are wrong. I have sent them everything they have requested in order for them to return my $600 that they said they would return, but they have not done so, they've lied and now had stolen from me at a time, while I had been unemployed, struggling single parent who unfortunately couldn't afford to sent her daughter to the HBCU of her choice. But if this is how hard up for money these HBCU's are, and how disrespectful and inconsiderate they are, I'm truly grateful my daughter did not attend this school. I'm would like to know if this is a common practice of this school and all other HBCU'S, to not show any courtesy and return a parents phone call? Did they not return my calls on purpose in hopes it'll go pass the time to request my money back? What a sneaky devilish little thing to do? If there's a l lawyer that is dealing with this type of complaint, please reach out to me, Thank you. I'll be contacting an investigative news team after this, cause I'm sure this is a widespread problem yet to be exposed. It'll be interesting to see just how much money this school and other HBCU'S has unfairly, illegally and in poor faith has kept people's money. See More
Cynthia McGee
· December 3, 2017
It was the second college I attended after Columbia University. Studied Secretarial courses there. At Hampton University, formally H.I.U. as an adult English Major, 4.0. Also Creative Writing, and American Literature. See More
Monica Hairston Cost
· October 26, 2016
Hampton University has so much to do with my confidence levels, drive, ability to network and high expectations of self. I am forever grateful and hoping that at least one of my children will attend.
Marcellus Anthony Williams II
· February 24, 2018
Best school ever. ................................
Greetings from the 35th Annual Hampton Ladies Luncheon held today in the Student Center. More than 230 Hampton Ladies gathered for the annual event started in 1979 with 12 ladies from the Class of 1954 and 1 lady from the Class of 1956.
Miss HU 2012-2013, Moriah Lark, is on board to make sure the current Miss HU, Shayma Sulaiman, makes it into EBONY magazine as an HBCU Queen. Join us and vote NOW & OFTEN!
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HAMPTON, Va. -- The 51st annual Hampton Jazz Festival has announced the lineup today of the artists performing at this year’s event. The Festival will take place at Hampton Coliseum June 22, 23 and 24. Here is the confirmed lineup.