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Full moon sound healing meditation on the beach 🌕 oh god yes. I'm feeling all kinds of tossed and tumbled this full moon, this is exactly what I need! 🌙🌙🌙

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Exactly what my body needed today as I navigate yet another healing/detox reaction as life continues to change and I continue to go deeper into healing! Thank you for the beautiful sound healing @tree_of_stars and @shakti_medicine . And the best company for the afternoon @_holisticlife_ I've finally found another fiery Aries who gets me! ☺️

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Playing in the water after the farmers markets and before hitting the books and trying to understand chemistry and balancing chemical equations 😳 #mybrainhurts

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Found the most perfect spot on the beach to do some Friday arvo reading... don't get too excited, it's for uni 😂

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My life has changed dramatically in the last few weeks... I'm now a full-time student! I've started a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. I'm now fully in the "REBUILD your life after illness stripping all the old away" phase. And it feels GOOD 😊. I'll share more of the WHY behind the decision soon... but for now, I'm just adjusting to this new life and trying to survive cellular biology 😂
Love Shae xx

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After an insane day today, I'm so grateful that I had leftover veggies and this pesto in the fridge! So I just cooked up some salmon and it was DELISH! I'm basically just shovelling pesto in my mouth at this point ☺️ (if you want a the recipe check my previous post 😉).
Ps. I'll share more above t what's been happening soon. All really good. Hint: all those notebooks & textbooks!)

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Guesto pesto turned out GOOD! 😊 Whats with all the recipes calling for ONE clove of garlic in pesto? I mean, are you a vampire? Is this communist China where they give you ONE garlic clove a week? Did someone steal all of your garlic? Did you forget what garlic tastes like?
Ps. I may have actually used too much garlic in this one. 4 cloves is a lot 😂
PPS. And since I'm getting a million requests for the recipe, here it is:
a few garlic cloves
bunch of basil...
olive oil
almonds/almond butter/pine nuts - I used almond butter
1️⃣ smash the garlic first, then the basil leaves with some salt (salt draws out moisture), then add almond butter and a little olive oil as you keep smashing it. SMASH IT GOOD.
2️⃣Pop it in a jar and add a shiz-tonne of olive oil.
You can also do this in a food processor.
➡️Enjoy your guesto pesto. I'm now planning all my meals this week around pesto lol

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I bought 3 bunches of basil at the #farmersmarket this morning. So this is happening. Guesto pesto. Where I don't look up a recipe and wing it and end up making the best pesto ever. And old school style by hand too! It's fun to bash things. Ps I think I'm going to need a bigger pestle and mortar 😂

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A super simple, GUT HEALING meal that your tummy will LOVE. And it's AIP, GAPs and PALEO too 😁.

I stir fried some onion, zucchini, carrot, ginger, green beans and cauliflower in coconut oil, and used a little bone broth to help soften the veggies more.
Then I added some leftover chicken (from making bone broth), chopped basil and olive oil.
It was actually really yumbo! Super simple. But I prefer simple food now. It takes awhile to detox and retrain your taste buds, but once you do SIMPLE FOOD tastes SO GOOD!

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Each morning you take your head off the pillow, you already have EVERYTHING you need.

I say this to myself every morning as I'm waking up, before I open my eyes and pick my head off the pillow. It instantly calms means makes me feel GRATEFUL.

Do you wake up feeling already behind, thinking of all the things you've gotta do, all the things you don't have that you want, all those goals you want to get to?


You're starting from LACK and WORRY.

I used to wake up and instantly think about how bad my health was, how sick I was, how I didn't like my weight and worried about money.

We can get so USED to worrying and have it so deeply conditioned and memorised, that even when you don't really have anything to worry about, your brain finds something because it has been TRAINED to do that.

BREAK that habit, STOP the addiction to WORRY - NOW. Or even when there's NOTHING to worry about, your brain will still be LOOKING FOR and FINDING something.

The worry doesn't solve ANYTHING. It NEVER has.

Start with this little (stupidly simple) practice in the morning 😉

Love Shae xx

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Gluten-Free is the first step to healing, but it’s also a distraction.

Yes, gluten is bad. Yes, you should give gluten-free a go.

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Anyone seriously trying to get their health back inevitably asks this question - "should I go gluten-free?". Here's my answer (and it's the biggest MISTAKE I see people who DO go gluten-free make!)

Gluten-Free is the first step to healing, but it’s also a distraction. Yes, gluten is bad. Yes, you should give gluten-free a go. The health effects of gluten and wheat are well documented an…

And this is why we need to DETOX DAILY. Because we all breathe air.

We know air pollution is bad: bad for humans, wildlife, the environment. But the reality of air pollution’s harm is much worse than many may have assumed, growing steadily across the globe and hitting poorest cities the hardest. Data released in 2016 found that 4 of every 5 residents of cities with…

Watch the replay + let's create a new game plan for you!

In case you missed it live, I wanted to send you the replay so you can see all the magic that you missed on Friday! You can watch it

This is what came to me in my meditation this morning. TRUST.

Trust that where you are right now is perfect. Trust that it's leading you where you need to go. Trust that you are always guided and protected. Trust that it's safe. Trust that everything that has happened is perfect. Trust that's it's all working out.

I didn't realise, but I'd gotten so up in my head and terrified about the future and how all the things in my life right now will play out. If things will wor...k out. Where I will end up.

But consciously I had no idea this was there, it was lingering just under the surface.

I could have so easily ignored it, so easily have not tuned into it and DISTRACTED and NUMBED myself from it.

But when you're open, and you take time to check in, you can STOP this stuff in its tracks before you SPIRAL - and you have no idea what's just happened.

You can STOP it before it FESTERS away SUBCONSCIOUSLY and turns into SYMPTOMS.


Ps. I didn't always get these messages and downloads in my meditations. I've been consistent with it for a few years now, and the last few months it's just become easier and easier to get these INTUITIVE INSIGHTS. I should totally do a workshop on this!!!

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"Why is nothing working?"

That's the question I asked myself over and over again in the years after I was diagnosed with celiac, trying EVERYTHING and still getting worse.

It's what every girl I speak to, every client I coach is saying to me - I've tried everything and NOTHING IS WORKING!

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