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At Harbor Village, we believe everyone, from all walks of life, regardless of background, should receive the highest quality care possible. We want to help you ...overcome the physical suffering and stress caused by drug and alcohol addiction. Our facility is 24/7 medically supervised with a team of trained professionals that offers you guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

The Goals We Set For Each Client

First and foremost, we offer a safe, effective detox program so that you return to your family as the person you were before your addiction began.

Our medical staff works with each client individually, so you are completely detoxified and feeling healthy again.

Any cravings for drugs or alcohol you had are eliminated.

You will feel happy and thoughts of depression are now in your past.

Drug and alcohol abuse causes a feeling of low self esteem, guilt for past wrongdoings and a reduced sense of personal integrity. It is our staff's responsibility to help you gain back your self respect and confidence.

When you complete a Harbor Village detox program, you would consider yourself a member of society again.

Get Your Life Back In Less Than One Week!

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Harbor Village is South Florida’s most effective and luxurious drug and alcohol detox center. 24/7 Free Confidential Helpline Call 855-446-4822.
Private Drug and Alcohol Detox
Harbor Village is South Florida’s most effective and luxurious drug and alcohol detox center. We provide a comfortable detoxification process set in a luxurious facility, and administrated by highly trained medical professionals. The Harbor Village philosophy is that no one should suffer when they make the decision to get clean. Our medically assisted detoxification process ensures that your withd...rawal process be as comfortable as possible.

Our goal is to create a seamless blend of western medicine, and spiritually nourishing activities such as yoga, and relaxing massages. All set against the backdrop of South Florida’s exceptional and tranquil beauty. Our detox facility offers more than simply a plush amenities.

The incredible serenity and perpetual sense of calm afforded by an environment like ours is a significant part of our detox philosophy. Additionally, we draw upon a broad network of licensed, experienced, and reputable professionals in recovery and related to fields. Our highly experienced team ensures that our clients have access to the highest quality services for their particular needs.

Harbor Village offers a resort like atmosphere where each person’s individual needs are met.
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