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Hello, our company offers various internships & cultural exchange with our American company. In the attached video, we have one of our French interns from 2008.

To apply, send resume to with a cover letter attached explaining what you desire to achieve in your internship.

We are partnered with multiple US Companies to offer internships in the following areas:
Digital Design
Architectural Design
Artificial Intelligence

Our internships are initially unpaid and qualify for college credit at some of the top Universities in France. After your first internship, we do offer paid cultural exchange programs if your performance is adequate.

You may get a Visa to travel to USA or work remotely from France.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Questions privately & not in comments, please.
Santa Barbara, California · Internship

Yoga Branding: Film, Photo, Web Design, and most importantly: Consulting on the Culture & Vibe. Check out our brief story here & be sure to check out the attached notebook!


ArchViz Designs in the newest branch of HardMagic. We welcome you to TaoStudio - our Architectural Design and Real Estate Division of our company. More to come soon.

For now, take a peek at our Cozy Country Cottage with 3D remodels done for your visual pleasure.

HardMagic posted an offer.

Discuss game design with us and become an apprentice in our Online Community.

Join Our Game Development
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We've made great progress on our new RPG game, The Sacreds.

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July 7, 2015
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July 3, 2015
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At HardMagic, we focus on the next generation and we learn from them. All of our software has always been open-source. We volunteer 80% of our time & only work 20% of the time. We encourage a healthy lifestyle that is philanthropic over a free-spirit or a fat paycheck.
We expect everyone to be extremely tech savvy & think in multiple dimensions.
It looks like the next generation as a whole is a step closer to our belief system.
We look forward to helping them shape their life journey and nurture the world.

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HardMagic Presents - TheMOV Academy

Our latest vision of TheMOV is complete. New Courses. New flow. New teachers. Many courses are free and our popular Airikai courses are taught exclusively on this platform. If you'd like to learn the sacred arts, sign up at TheMOV and enjoy our reflow system.

In this new reflow system, we have beautiful online courses which involve Tantric Tango, Curing Tooth Decay, Rebuilding Eyesight, Kama Sutra, and many other sacred arts which have been hidden since the dark ages. After learning a few courses, students start to visualize the tantric flow of life in all. This is mathematical, it is energetic, and holds the keys to happiness and success, taught by our Kundalini. Our team designed the entire process using our signature Fibonacci rhythm.

Once students have a full understanding of the Fibonacci rhthym to the arts, they may explore the possibilites of becoming a Kundalini and teaching courses. We are partnered with the world's top health coaches to share their visions and to awaken others.

All of this flows within the Airikai system, using the Trinity method taught by Airikai Master, Matt Hackney.

Head over to TheMOV to awaken your Self.


HardMagic - The Trinity Method by Matt Hackney

Our latest audio book is complete! A paradigm shift in learning, living, and lifestyle. Redesign your life with these words of wisdom from Airikai & HardMagic founder, Matt Hackney. Will be available January 2015 on iTunes & Amazon. For a pre-release copy, get in touch and tell how you can help join our team.

Carpe Diem

Team HardMagic

Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity. ~Sorin Cerin

New post added at HardMagic - Creativity Expands

Our creative vision is reaching new heights this fall as we explore new realms of visionary work. We have projects in tech, fashion, media production, and creativity. We'll be explaining more here on the pages in the months ahead. Stay tuned.
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