‼️NEW EPISODE‼️Follow us to a buzzing community event at Dream Impact Dream Impact 夢創成真, a new social innovation hub in Hong Kong where Regina bumped into Jamie Chiu, Founder of The Brightly Project, one of our featured guests of Season 1 of #impact Podcast.

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Redress never fails to inspire us. An amazing panel today at Eaton House to celebrate the launch of this years Redress Design Award. So excited to see what‘s coming and we especially loved Christina Dean‘s video message. Good luck to the whole team for the coming months. 加油!#redressdesignaward #trulyglobal PS: In case you missed it, Redress and their mission to fight waste in the fashion industry stars in quite a few #impactPodcast episodes 😉…/fashion-podcast/

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Today we celebrated the opening of the Redress Design Award 2018 at Eaton House, Hong Kong. The room was full of media and supporters as we welcomed a seasoned ...panel to discuss the state of sustainable fashion today; and shared an exclusive preview of both the new The R Collective collection designed by last years winner Kate Morris and the new #frontlinefashion II. An excititng few months ahead! #redressdesignaward

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Tanja Wessels
· October 22, 2017
The energy and enthusiasm behind these podcasts are infectious and the guests are stellar in their fields. Hong Kong's podcast presence has taken a giant leap forward.
Kimberley Cole
· December 19, 2017
One of my fave podcasts! So many ideas to help everyone make an #impact ! And from #hongkong too ! Go Regina!
Lulla Hokholt
· October 9, 2017
How easy it is to get involved and help do some good! Absolutely inspired with every episode!
Elisabeth Steiger
· October 9, 2017
Great podcast! Regina introduces you to really inspiring stories. I wait every week for the new episode to come out!!!
Célia Berkouk-Schlesier
· October 23, 2017
I love Regina’s energy and positivism ! The change-maker she is interviewing are extremely inspiring #actnow.
Jeff Rotmeyer
· October 8, 2017
Simply the best podcast in Hong Kong! ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼
Sue Fertal Toomey
· October 8, 2017
Inspiring others by telling the stories of those working to make a difference.
Sarah Fung
· October 9, 2017
Anyone who cares should be all over this! Keep up the good work Regina!!�
Fanny Moritz
· October 9, 2017
Amazing podcasts, I just love it!
Hear from Animals Asia Founder Jill Robinson
🌞Good morning from #hongkong 🇭🇰Hear our #3reasons why you should listen to our episode on GREEN & HEALTHY LIVING featuring Green Queen over the weekend.💚🌴🎧Listen at No time to listen? Don‘t worry, you‘ll find a written summary of the best quotes and learnings in the link as well.😉Happy weekend! #tgif #happyfriday #goodmorninghk #homekong
Interview with Enrich and why you should listen.

That moment when iTunes 🇭🇰decides that your Podcast is #newandnoteworthy 🎉This is soooo exciting! 🎉 Watch out BBC, #impactPodcast is coming! 😉#yay #impactsmile #impactpodcast #fridaymood #itunes🎧

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Hashtagimpact is feeling thankful.

HOORAY!!! We are SOOO thrilled to be featured as one of the Best Podcasts for Eco, Health & Wellness Inspiration. Thank you so much, Green Queen for including us on your list! We love everything you do as well, giving us loads of health and wellness inspiration and we'll make sure to check out your other Podcast recommendations! #impactsmile #impactpodcast #greenqueen #happyday #podcastsrock…/

We are big fans of podcasts here at Green Queen. Transforming our dreaded commutes to classrooms, exercising not only our bodies but minds as well, listening to podcasts is the ultimate brain food when our Spotify playlist just isn’t cutting it. While there is a vast array of podcasts to choose fr...

Meet Jamie. “Believe in yourself” she shares in our latest #impactpodcast episode. Advice she would give her younger self.

Hear the full story about her impactful work supporting teenagers struggling with depression and find out why we are excited about more social innovation ahead when we visit Hong Kong’s new social innovation hub Dream Impact 夢創成真

🎧Listen here:…/


Photo Credit: Jamie Chiu

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Hashtagimpact shared an event — with Jennifer G. Doman Flowers and 3 others.

Our listeners loved to hear from the makers of TEDxtinhauwomen in Episode 27. This Thursday you can meet the incredible speakers as well as the makers of the inaugural #tedxtinhauwomen event in an exclusive look behind the scenes. You will find out all about this thriving community of wonderwomen, what it takes to be a #tedx speaker and much more. Plus: There's breakfast! #homehong #tedwomen #tedxwomen #women

Thu 8:00 AM UTC+08PWC Experience CentreHong Kong
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In an upcoming episode of #impactpodcast you will hear from Retired Not Out 退而不休 Founder Priyanka Gothi. Meet Priyanka in person at one of their upcoming events, not only to find out why it is so important to ask your parents what THEY want to become when they grow up. #retirednotout #seniors #hr #hrtrends #hongkong

We spoke to ImpactHK founder Jeff Rotmeyer in Episode 24 of #impactpodcast and he just keeps inspiring us. You go, Jeff!

ImpactHK looks out for the city’s homeless, giving them a roof over their heads, jobs, and most of all, dignity

A very important topic that we will be discussing in an upcoming episode of #impactPodcast featuring Karen See Embrace Worldwide and Karina Calver. We will not miss this event coming Monday at Mettā. Hope to see many of you there to discuss #metoo #nowwhat?

Mon 7:00 PM UTC+08MettāHong Kong
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First recording of the New Year. CHECK. Thank you Press Start Hong Kong! Lots of food for thought and inspiration for our listeners to put that mobile device down more often and instead experience and learn about our world with the help of #games.

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Press Start Hong Kong is feeling inspired at Press Start Hong Kong.

Thursday morning activity: Hashtagimpact!

A pleasure talking to Regina Larko about Press Start Hong Kong's vision to explore the world through games and our soc...ial impact mission of educating and inspiring through games.

Thanks for having us on your show and please continue inspiring the world with your passion and energy!

#pressstarthongkong #pressstarttobegin #impact #learningthroughplay

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We can't wait to share our new episodes with you! Don't miss it and subscribe and you are first to hear when the new episodes are out #excited #happy2018 Natalie Hiu Wai Chan OWN Academy 自由學園Joanna Bowers The Helper Documentary Cristina Tahoces Gonzalez Thrive Nutrition Practice

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Community Organization

New Years is all about new beginnings and although being comfortable is wonderful, it’s when you step out of that cosy comfort zone and get uncomfortable, that’s when you’ll find real growth. Read about Samantha Aloysius experience who set out to challenge herself by stepping out of her comfort zone. Find out what she has learned along the way.…/ #makeachange #challengeyourself

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Community Organization

We have the BEST listeners in the world! They could not all fit in this one picture, so you will get to see and hear more from them soon. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you from whereever you are listening! Let us know from where in the world you are listening from in the comments Marlene Frohe Paul Niel Esther Roling Stefanie de Rosche Jennifer G. Doman Flowers Liesel Edelweiss Alice Armitage #podcastsrock #happyholidays

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Community Organization

Getting ready for the New Year. Looking back and looking ahead. Enjoy this short New Years Special episode. #happy2018…

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Community Organization

‼️NEW EPISODE‼️ Get ready for the New Year with 5 things social entrepreneurs taught Regina about making a difference #boldgoals
🎧Listen at…/

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