Brrr! It's COLD!

...knit a hat

Knitting makes the world go 'round.

Okay it doesn't, but it sure would make everyone a lot warmer


Friends! If you have been knitting, please send a picture of your hat and we'll be sure to put your picture up on the page. Second, if everyone could share this page with at least 5 friends, think of how much good we could spread! Thanks and happy hat-making

Iowa is as cold as Antarctica today...WHAT?! Sounds like a great day to cozy up and knit hats for our friends who are braving the cold without a home. Happy knitting!

Christmas may be over but the season of giving isn't! It's still cold outside and many folks still need hats to get them through the winter. If you have some downtime in the next week, consider picking up a loom and some yarn and start knitting!

BIG NEWS: We have our first hat for the cause! Special thanks to Nick S. for this fine hat and equally fine photo.

Please send a photo of a hat you've made to see your hat displayed on this page as well

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"Gratitude is an action word." -Tess Parks

Show your gratitude in a simple yet meaningful way this winter with Have My Hat. Spread the word, spread the warmth!

Hello everyone! Please continue to promote and share our page in hopes of spreading the movement! Also, please feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns you might have. Keep on knitting

Have My Hat updated their cover photo.
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Thank you to everyone who has liked this page! Please continue to share the link so that we can get the message out to everyone EVERYWHERE... woohoo for doing good!