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With Halloween come and gone, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the next big holiday: Thanksgiving. If you’re preparing to host the fall dinner at your spacious apartment here at Haverly, you can start preparing yourself for the big meal today.


Through my searches online, I’ve found a bunch of tips on how to pamper your skin and how to treat and prepare yourself before your guests arrive.

  1. It's amazing how much work a tasty treat can do for you

    Winter Squash: No, not for decoration, but rather for the fiber, antioxidants, and more. Roasted, grilled, or pureed in a soup can help strengthen your immune system.

  2. Walnuts: Another healthy snack that has more bang than you realize. With Omega-3 and Vitamin C, this snack can help strengthen bones and better skin.

  3. White Sugar: While it may be a way to sweeten your morning coffee, it’s also a welcomed addition in the shower. Use a handful of this natural exfoliate to scrub away dead skin while showering.

  4. Crisco: We’re not cooking with it, but it does make an excellent make up remover and helps with treating eczema. Apply to the areas, wait 15- to 20-minutes before rinsing away. Dab a little olive oil to finish the job

Try these tips throughout the month to get smooth and shaped in time for Thanksgiving.

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Try as they might, our own Rangers just couldn’t get the runs in at AT&T Park last night during the first game of the World Series. I’m proud of our Rangers for even getting to the World Series, but now that they have, I hope to see some magic happen on the field.


Rangers battle their way on to the scoreboard with fan support

The Rangers proved their worth by striking the score board early on in the game, leading the Giants at the top of the 3rd before the Giants took the bat and tied the game. After three uneventful innings for the Rangers, they garnished the two more runs in the sixth before gaining traction on the Giants in the final inning.

Game two of the World Series takes place in the stands at San Fran’s AT&T Park. The Rangers will return home on Saturday for two games on their home turf for the third and fourth games of the series. I think the Rangers can come back from the first game blues to take on the Giants on either field. The determination is there, we just shouldn’t “Fear the Beard” of Brian Wilson and his team mates.

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I’m a sucker for a good sale! It can be a department store, a fancy-schmancy boutique or even the GROCERY! All it takes is one sparkling sign and I’m sucked into a Buy-One-Get-One Vortex!

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