Case 2016-06, a #VehicleStrike #EasternScreechOwl with #HeadTrauma was able to go home on January 30 after a week in care. He sat on the kennel in his home territory for a good 10 minutes. Of course, the second our photographer looked away, screechie took off in to the dark of night. #PayDay #release #HawkCenter2016
Case numbers #2017-77 & 2017-78 are a fun pair of #BarnOwls (#BNOW). Nobody told their parents that late November is not a suitable time for nesting. Hailing from Dover, the male and female owlets were abandoned when the deer stand where they were nesting was "invaded" by humans. Despite all efforts at #reunion, the parents did not return and the babies were quickly becoming quite thin. After getting them back to healthy weights for their age, we will attempt #fostering them in to another nest. #BabiesInNovemberIsCrazy! #FingersCrossed #HawkCenter2017
2016-11 West Fork GHOW release 02.01.2016

HAWK Center is collaborating with other rehabbers around the state to utilize this free service to alert you when we need help.

If you are interested in emergency transport, rescue, or volunteer projects, please sign up for this free text messaging service.


Ultraviolet light treatment holds potential for battling the fungus that has killed millions of bats in North America.

This is the best 7:18 we have seen in a LONG time. Please watch and consider deeply.

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American Bird Conservancy

VIDEO: These cat-lovers are also wildlife rehabbers who see the impact of free-roaming cats on birds every day. Will you take a few minutes to hear their storie...s – and to share this video with your cat-loving friends?

(These stories may be too graphic for some; be forewarned.)

Thanks to Second Chance Wildlife Center in Gaithersburg, MD Wildlife Center of Virginia and City Wildlife for sharing their stories.

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Our annual reports are completed! We had a busy year in 2017 totaling 110 intakes and a 51% success rate, which far exceeds the national average. We posted some charts in the 2017 patient album to break everything down. All mammals or herps were transferred to other rehabilitators who maintain permits from Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. #HawkCenter2017

In the 2018 year ahead, we are not only tracking intakes, but also the volume of contact with the public. Therefore, case numbers will be much higher because each contact will be assigned a case number.

Nonprofit OrganizationRussellville, AR
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Watch this time lapse of how a woodpecker excavates a nest hole.

Please note: Linking to this video is encouraged; I want as many people as possible to enjoy it, however downloading it is a violation of my copyright and is not…

These posters are available for download! Do you speak a language they don't have? Offer to translate it for them!

Image may contain: bird and text
Raptors Are The Solution (RATS)

We now have this great poster designed by Jackie Nott translated into many different languages; they are up on our website at http://www.raptorsarethesolution.o...rg/free-educational-mat…/…
We'll be adding some more languages soon-- thank you to several volunteers who provided the French translation.

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In case you missed today's Courier, the Russellville local newspaper, our immature #BaldEagle #release made front page! Good work by our team and a great article by Josh Mashon. #Payday #HawkCenter2017…/275…/article-Back-into-the-wild

An immature female bald eagle was released back into the wild last month at Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge following a one-month rehabilitation after she was found in a driveway in Mount Vernon, just north of Atkins. The person who found the malnourished eagle called Lynne Slater with the HAWK....

We 😍 owls!!!

Disclaimer: 99% of the birds in this video montage are captive educational ambassadors.

This cute owl and funny owl compilation will make your entire day! Did you know they could be so adorable? A funny video compilation of magical and cute owls...

When putting out any "cide," one must remember that these killers are indiscriminate. A slower solution may be effective and far less detrimental to non-target species.

"One option... is rat birth control (yes, you read that correctly). Cities put out birth control the same way they put out poison. Males that ingest it become infertile and females who take it reach menopause quicker. This causes rats to die of natural causes without giving birth to thousands of offspring."

Rats and humans have lived together forever. So why do we keep trying to kill them? We take a look at a few places that are rethinking pest extermination.

Now, a child has died. Do not, under ANY circumstances, touch wild animals without instruction AND protection. If you are bitten, it can have VERY serious ramifications.

"It started when Ryker's father, Henry Roque, found a sick bat.

"(I) found a bat, put it in a little bucket, put it on the porch and I had asked my son, 'don't touch it under any circumstances'," Roque told NBC News.


"So, apparently he put his hand in there and touched it and he said it only scratched him, so I frantically googled it real quick and it says to wash his hands with soap, hot water for five minutes."

They knew they should have taken Ryker for immediate medical attention but relented when Ryker cried at the thought of getting shots."

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A 6-year-old boy, Ryker Roque, is fighting rabies in an Orlando hospital. Doctors are trying the Milwaukee Protocol, which has saved only 2 U.S. kids before.

In Arkansas, discarded fishing line is a huge problem. Please help by not only cleaning up after yourselves, but also properly disposing of line or other trash you might find. We recommend you carry a bag with you for trash any time you will be participating in outdoor activities. This bird was in New England and was not captured. Sadly, he will probably die from his entanglement. 😥

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Charlee Breen

A big thank you to the talented photographer, Chris Agurkis for allowing the use of his photograph of a Snowy Owl.


"The imputed intent of raptors is to spread fire to unburned locations – for example, the far side of a watercourse, road, or artificial break created by firefighters – to flush out prey via flames or smoke,"

It's pretty hot in Australia right now. A brutal heatwave that's incinerated temperature records threatens devastating bushfires – and to make matters worse, authorities have to contend with an ancient breed of flying arsonists that may as well

If you didn't already know, our director is a basic skills instructor for the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. Here she is using carcasses to teach some lab skills to participants in a recent class hosted by Grey Snow Eagle House in Oklahoma. They have an amazing facility with a fantastic enrichment program!

To learn more about or sign up for these invaluable skills classes, visit the IWRC at

Happy New Year!
Incoming, case #2018-01, a #GreatHornedOwl (#GHOW) from the Fort Smith Police Department

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Fort Smith Police Department added 2 new photos.

Officer Gray was able to assist in a rescue of an Owl that had been struck by a vehicle today. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has been notified and will responding. Good job today Officer Gray in ensuring that the proper notifications were made to get the appropriate care. It appears that the owl will be ok!! A big thank you goes out to Bryan Blythe for his good deed!!

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❤️❤️❤️ "All I want for Christmas is for people to be kind to the birds."

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Kimberly Kaufman

Please be kind to the birds today, and every day! ♡

Despite the rain, #2017-85 (Young male #CoopersHawk #COHA from Bentonville) was happy to leave our company today. #release #payday

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Today, the #BarnOwls (#2017-77 & 2017-78 #BNOW) were placed with permission at Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge. Here they are in their #HackBox, as hateful as they should be.

Remember, the best rodent control is a raptor. Two Barn owls alone, can eat close to $20 per day of mice...that is 5 mice EACH, per day. We always welcome and need financial contributions to cover the food bill for our patients. #Thankful for #donors

We always NEED your assistance! Please help us hel...p them by donating to our efforts.

* Send a check to: PO Box 1922, Russellville, AR 72811

* Call us and we can take a credit card (please leave a message and we'll call you back): 479-222-0528

* Or follow this link to our Paypal:…

THANK YOU for your support! We can NOT do this without you! #ItTakesAVillage.


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