Food Intolerance Testing 🍅🧀🍒

Did you know foods can cause symptoms up to 48 hours after we consume them? Making it difficult to pin point exactly which foods may be causing undesirable symptoms.

Some of the symptoms associated with food intolerance/allergy include:...
- Bloating
- Constipation/Diarrhea
- Migraine/Headaches
- Hayfever/Sinus
- Low energy
- Aches & pains
- Low immunity
- Irritable bowel
- Eczema
- Asthma
- Autoimmunity

We offer food intolerance testing in clinic with our Nutritionist. This blood test covers 96 different foods and results take 3-4 weeks.

(06) 8337427

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Saturday Road Closures for Art Deco
Patients should be aware of the road closures this morning for Art Deco. We have also made our staff car parks down lane off Dalton Street (between us and the Regional Council) available for patients to use today. Tootle-pip and have a great weekend.

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Napier City Council

🚧 Temporary Road Closures - Napier CBD

The 2018 Tremains Art Deco Festival ramps up on Friday and, well, kinda takes the city over. Several CBD streets are clos...ed from midday on Fri 16 Feb until Sat 17 Feb at 5.30pm. Specifically:

Marine Parade (from Vautier St to Browning St)
Tennyson St (from Cathedral Lane to Marine Parade)
Hastings St (from Dickens St to Browning St)
Herschell St (from Emerson St to Browning St)
Emerson St (from Dalton St to Herschell St) #ADF2018

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Do you show any of the following symptoms? Bloating, constipation, heart burn, reflux, acne, undigested food in stools or fatigue? These symptoms can reflect low levels of stomach acid (HCl). Try this simple at home test to check your levels. Baking Soda Test On an empty stomach first thing in the morning: - dissolve 1/4 teaspoon baking soda into one cup of cold water - drink the solution and start timing - record the time it takes for you to burp - if you have not burped within five minutes, stop timing and carry on with your daily routine Results Less than 30 seconds - high acidity Less than two minutes - normal 2 to 5 minutes- low More than 5 minutes - very low Let us know your results and if you would like some tips on how to increase your stomach acid production!
Some of you may have seen Molly (Gina's furbaby 🐶) in the clinic for an adjustment on Friday. She's managed to injure the ligaments around her knee and has been referred to Hydrotherapy with Pet 2 Us. She had her first session this week and loved it - so very cool to have this here in the Bay! 💦
Are you lacking in ZINC? 🤔 Symptoms of a deficiency include digestive issues, fatigue, low immunity, poor concentration/memory and hair loss. Pop in clinic for a FREE ASSESSMENT with our Nutritionist and have your zinc levels checked! 👌 #hbchiro #zinc #nutrition #health #hawkesbay

Guess who is back and bearing gifts?
After a brief shortage, due to Brett using all our stock to mend his broken leg, we now have our Gevir deer velvet capsules back IN STOCK. Both the capsules and Brett are ready to go in the Napier clinic today!

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Grace is off to Wellington, please join us in wishing her all the best below and pass on tips to the best cafes in Wellington to explore.
Thanks sooo much Grace for the last 2 years plus, you'll be missed by the team here and patients alike.

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Thanks to the team at Paddle Boarding Hawke's Bay for a great outing on the water yesterday. Paddle boarding round the inner harbor and Maragitas at Mexi Mama was a great way to say good bye to Grace.

Paddle Boarding Hawke's Bay added 19 new photos.

Was great taking Hawke's Bay Chiropractic team out tonight. Nice way to say goodbye to one of their staff members. Hope you all enjoy your complimentary pics,... feel free to join our SUP Club now. BOOK your next work function/team builder with us, flexible on times, open all year round. Message to enquire.

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2018 Pricing Alignment for our Chiropractic Services.
We value you as a client and want to continue serving you. These pricing alignments are to ensure Hawkes Bay Chiropractic can continue to provide quality SOT Chiropractic services to our many valued clients.
If you have questions, concerns or feedback please don’t hesitate to email

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2018 and the clinic needs a bit of a freshen up, thanks for the help Michelle.

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Our bodies have an amazing in-built detox capability, but these processes struggle to keep up with our modern lifestyles. A detox is something we should all think about doing annually, and now is the perfect time of year - after over indulging during the silly season!

Do you think you may need to detox? We have 3 practitioner only programmes available - Express Health Reset, Specialised Gut, and Specialised Liver. Book a complimentary assessment with our Nutr...itionist to see which is best suited to you.
(06) 8337427

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Amazing results from one of our Nutrition patients! 🍉🍋🥑

She undertook a 4 Week Health Reset focusing on her liver & gut health as she was feeling stressed, bloa...ted, and testing revealed numerous hormonal imbalances. As well as her impressive Bio-Impedance Analysis results she's noted her mood and energy has improved, she is no longer constantly bloated (a huge feat for her!) and is loving her new lifestyle! 💪🏼

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"Genetics load the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger" 🙌

Genetic Testing is available in clinic - if you would like more information on our 6 Month Fitgenes Programme, or for a free assessment, contact us at

Finding the right plan is tough, but your genes could help.

Christmas and New Year hours 2018 💫

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Treats 😍 Second to last day for us before we are on Christmas break, but don't worry we will re-open again on the 27th! 🎅🎉

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How does your spine feel?! 🤔

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Brandi MacDonald

This stressed my art skills to the max🙄... thank god we have good concepts in Chiropractic bc if my art work had to hold us up,we would be in big trouble 😬#whiteboardwisdom

The perfect pressie! We have gift vouchers available for both Chiropractic and Nutrition consultations. 🎁🎄

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Great idea to make Christmas shopping a little easier this year! 🎅🎁

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Make sure to book an appointment with your chiropractor before all the Christmas festivities begin. Appointment spots are filling up fast so be in quick to have a fine spine this Christmas season 😀🎄

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