I haven't updated for a while because I am in Nicaragua. I have fallen in love with this nation and these people. They are understated, humble and seeing God do crazy things. Here is just one of the people I love and just one of the great testimonies of what God is doing in Nica. Hopefully it'll load cause I'm trying to do this from my phone. Blessings.
This lady's ears open up, she can hear in Matagalpa, Nicaragua - amazing.
Hokie Pokie Healings - Morning Star
Chuck Parry

Testimony Alert! We are believing for tumors to be healed and disappear!

A woman from South Korea rented an Air B & B space and said her boyfriend was here, too.... He is in his 40s and had a terminal brain tumor. He could only be in Redding a few days and only went to a Friday night service. He went back to South Korea, and they did the scans and could not find the brain tumor! He is coming back for a month to enjoy the Lord’s presence.

I have been going after tumor disappearance. Recently, I have been getting testimonies nearly daily of people who were healed when I prayed for them. A few people testified to tumor disappearance. One lady said, “Do you remember when you were walking down the hall of the Healing Rooms, and I grabbed your shirt?” She had warts on her hand, and when she grabbed my shirt, they disappeared. She had had them for 20 years.

Another woman said to me, “A month ago, you were praying for people and I asked you to pray for my friend who has cancer?” She had tumors on her lungs. The woman came up to me yesterday and said when I prayed, the friend saw an image of an ultrasound with her lungs completely clear. She went to the doctor and had the scan.

The doctor showed her the image. It was the exact image that she had seen. I have been asking God for more tumors to disappear.

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Posted by Kris Kildosher
Kris Kildosher was live.

Incredible Testimony and Healing for Cancer