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Health Department Announces Major Contribution of Naloxone Opioid Antidotes from kaléo

Anyone can get #TB. TB is a bacterial disease that usually affects the lungs, and sometimes other parts of the body, such as the brain, kidneys, or spine. It can even cause death if untreated. Get screened today. Call (847) 377-8700 for more information. #WorldTBDay

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Keep your pets healthy and up to date on their vaccinations! We are offering four vaccination clinics this spring, with more to come in the summer. Our clinics are low-cost and convenient. For more information, visit

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Lake County, IL Government with Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center.

Make sure your pets are up to date on shots and rabies tags! The Lake County Health Department is offering spring pet vaccination clinics starting March 31 at locations across the county. View the spring clinic schedule:

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Scott Miller
· September 13, 2017
worse care ever. they call @ 6:30 am with test results that I already knew. they don't refill prescriptions when the pharmacy calls (3 times). as for them listening to you good luck. went in for a m...osquito bite that left a rash and the only thing they were concerned with was the diabetes. HINT: diabetes doesn't leave rash. as for the bill the copay is what the visits are worth. feel free to contact me. See More
Shelly Jones
· June 23, 2017
I have only been there for dental. I have never had any issue. They have taken care of me without issue. Some services have been cut which stinks but I have another dentist that does all those things.... The office staff has always been awesome! They are an asset to the dental clinic (especially Tony-he's the "know it all" of the office staff). They greet me by name & have all my stuff ready to go for me. If you treat all of them with respect you will most definitely be treated the same way. See More
Mandy Smith
· February 23, 2017
Made a doctor's appointment because my son had his first allergic reaction while eating his lunch at school yesterday. Keep in mind he's only eight. It was to the point where he has to use an EpiPen. ...Not only did they not send the prescription through at all but the prescription and voucher I got for the EpiPen wasn't valid because the person that signed was not a doctor. Thank God I went to the ER last night or I wouldn't have any medicine at all to give to my son who is covered in hives from head to toe and so itchy. I wasted my day and now I have to continue to worry because they did nothing. Hands down the worst customer service I've ever had with a SERIOUS medical problem. See More
Hannah Goering
· April 5, 2017
I saw a health department notice this year about Radon testing and it reminded me that we needed to test our basement again (it had been 4 years). Through the health dept I was able to order a test fo...r just $10 and check our levels. Grateful for the reminder and the service! See More
Danielle Wixson
· December 21, 2015
To anyone who wastes their money on rally's in eastlake on vine street I suggest you don't. They rarely use gloves and when handling dryer products they NEVER use gloves. In the short time I worked th...ere ATLEAST 10 times customers had been served milkshakes with bugs in them because they put the bug zapper directly above the milkshake machines. The drink dispensers all have black mold inside them. The ice bins get full of mosquitos and they do absolutely nothing about it. They have left ice cream mix in the machine over night, let ur soil and use it again the next day. They have never ever followed timers so chances are your meats way past due not to mention they take it off the grill while its pink and say the meat warmers will "cook it more" accidently spill a container of degreaser on meat? Who cares the owner says wash it off and use it anyway! Drop bacon on the floor? Guess what.. You get yelled at if ya don't use it!! So many customers call and say rallys gave them food poisoning and the managers laugh because they get away with it due to no proof.. Please SHARE THIS!! I am not lying!! That place is going to kill someone See More
Cheri Martin
· February 4, 2016
Very much needs improvement over all.