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MaryLou Holvenstot

RIP Stephen Hawking. What an incredible mind.

She-Ra the #Bostonterrier loves her @kongcompany Squeaker tennis balls #playtime #doggo
#btyoga365 My next #YTT practicum is in 3 weeks so I’m playing with #asana transitions. I thought that I’d play with #mountain to #tree to #dancer to #warrior3 to #halfmoon to #forwardfold and back to mountain. Of course then I need to do the next side! It’s an intermediate class so hopefully it’s not too advanced 😬 Of course I didn’t warm up first, and I rushed, and didn’t ground my feet properly, so I’m pretty wobbly, but it was fun! And challenging, lol 🤣 Thank goodness for my couch when I hit warrior 3, lol! What do you think? To hard? Ok? #tadasana #vriksasana #virabhadrasana3 #ardhachandrasana #uttanasana #healthgirlcanada #yoga
Here's the full video on why I haven't been filming videos. Thanks for your patience!


Younger Canadians are far more likely to be vegetarians or vegans than older generations, according to a survey that a researcher says is among the first of its kind.

Happy birthday She-Ra!! Special thanks to @petvalu in @Kemptville for helping pick out the presents ❤️❤️
#shera #bostonterrier #birthday #dog #puppy #treats #presents #tuffy @mydogtoys

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Look who’s 2!!
A very happy birthday to the smushiest puppers I’ve ever known.
-She was also the reason I’ve been radio silent for the last week when she caught some sort of bacteria and got super sick.
She’s on the mend now, though, and totally ready to party 🎉 🎈
#dog #birthday #puppy #shera #bostonterrier

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Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (OBOD)

'Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.'
~ Christian D. Larson

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First #wheelpose I’ve done in a while. I’m also learning how to use my remote for my phone to take photos, so it’s a bit awkward, lmao!
My front body is very tight (especially my hip flexors), while my back body is very flexible, so I have some fun work to do to improve!
Good thing I like to play 😍
And that is what yoga is all about - play and self-examination to improve within and without ❤️
I’m wearing Inner Fire from top to bottom.
I treated myself last week and I highly recommend them (no I’m not sponsored... but hey, Inner Fire, call me! 😘)
They’re a Canadian company and their pants are made in Canada from recycled plastic bottles!
And OMG they are so comfy! ❤️ #yoga #btyoga365

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You guys.
You guys!
I’ve walked #SheRa outside for the last two days and we are both just so much happier for it.
The #birds are chirping (the Canada geese are back too!)....
The #snow is melting.
The sun feels warm again.
It makes my #heart sing.
So when the sun started to set and it was casting such beautiful light, I had to open my heart to it.
So much #joy and #happiness right now!
#camelpose #ustrasana #btyoga365

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So this happened today at #bowling 😳
Do me a favour -never ask me to repeat this again! 😂
Love my recreational league. It gets me out of the house and adulting like a normal person once per week 😉
Plus it’s a bit of movement...
Every little bit counts!...

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Yup. It’s the small things ❤️

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Barefoot Five


Moment captured by: The Nabalo Lifestyle

#btyoga365 #yogaclubchallenge Day 3 is #heropose and OMG I did it!
I didn’t think my lower back issues and tight quads would let me do this but I took it slow and steady and got it!
YAY! 😀
#yoga is often about patience.
Yoga is always about listening to your body. ...
Yoga is #amazing

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#nofilter I feel like this might be the start of an #exorcist movie. 🌫
Or it’s the early spring thaw.
Now I know why they call it a #peasouper this fog is so thick you feel like you’re breathing a wall of water and could start to walk on it at any second! 💧
In any event, my sump pump is going off about every 30 seconds so I think I’ll be sticking close to home today 😳

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#btyoga365 #yogaclubchallenge
My back is sore. My workout today aggravated it so I’m #stretching to help it out.
Good thing #yogaclubbox is having a challenge and day 2 is #janusirsasana #headtokneepose
This not only stretches my hamstrings, it also stretches along my spine and feels so good 😊
Try it yourself!...

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#btyoga365 #yogaclubchallenge Today I FINALLY started back at a classic workout routine.
And of course it was back, legs and abs.
Good thing #yogaclubbox is having a #yoga challenge right now and it’s for #suptabadakonasana or #reclinedboundanglepose so I could stretch it out 😎
It’s #bliss...

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Put the sound on and giggle 😆
This is what #Saturday is made for
She loves to #nap on her #heatingpad
#shera #bostonterrier #puppy #dog #snoring #tired #cute

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Posted by Healthgirl

#btyoga365 This was my practice today.
Just this.
The conversation went something like this:
Me: “Omg I feel like crap”
Uterus: “Whoop whoop! It’s Moon Cycle time! Let’s par-tay!!”...
Me: “Hell no! Eff off, you were just here like 3 weeks ago!”
Uterus: “I could leave but come back in 9 months with an extra surprise?”
Me: 😳😮😤🙄😫 “Fine. Do what you do but I’m hating every second of it”
Uterus: *does the conga in my abdomen* 💥💥💥🌚
And this is why I love #balasana #childspose
#yoga doesn’t have to be a long, complicated series of poses, or #asana
It can be one pose that lets you sink within and just be.
Listen to your body and follow it, particularly when you aren’t feeling your best.
Your body will love you for it.

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