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Mona Youssef
September 15, 2012
Extraordinary Circumstances require extraordinary actions. As Physicians, we are required to educate the general public and to play our role in society which is beyond that of ordinary people. The rec...ent events of an attempt to start wars b
ased on religious discriminations prompts us to play our part in leading those less unfortunate with limited access to information, those who are open pray to the deliberate misleading general media. Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him was sent as a mercy to Mankind to spread peace on Earth; which is why true muslims refrain from any acts of violence against other religions, including the latest actions. There are no true muslims burning bibles in return or attacking Jesus peace be upon him. To find the truth, one must first seek it out earnestly. This page will be taking the time out to help unveil the damage done by the media inshaAllah.

Please take the time out to read through our Discovery pages and help us clear the air of misconceptions.
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Jenifer Hilton
· December 3, 2014
Best Cardiologists around, I highly recommend any of these wonderful doctors if you or a family member find yourself in need of a caring doctor!!
Jess Sh
March 19, 2013
Everything practicing physicians and pharmacists need to know about drug therapy for cardiovascular disease .Find out more
Carient Heart & Vascular updated their cover photo.
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Today, Carient Heart & Vascular has rejoined the Northern Virginia community as private practice, to focus on patient care and expanding on what we can offer in cardiovascular disease.

Carient Heart & Vascular updated their cover photo.
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This time of year calls for a lot of tasty holiday treats. Here are some recipes that are not only delicious, but also heart healthy:,,20463963,00.html

Sweets and treats arent off-limits if youre aiming for a heart-healthy diet. You just have to choose carefully.

Know the facts, avoid the myths! Find out the truth about heart healthy foods below!…/foods-heart-health-facts-and-my…

Learn the truth about the foods that can help or hurt your heart’s health, and foods that can raise or lower your cholesterol levels.

The Carient Family has been hard at work, raising and donating money to help the fight against Heart Disease. We are so excited about the opportunity to participate in the American Heart Association’s Greater Washington Heart Walk taking place tomorrow Saturday, November 8 in Washington, DC. We encourage others to come on out and have a wonderful day with us!

Carient has committed to participating in the American
Heart Association’s Greater Washington Heart Walk on
Saturday, November 8 in Washington, DC.Please join Carient in the fight against Heart Disease by helping us to raise money. If you head over to our Heart Walk allocated website, you can sign up for the walk and submit donations:…

The American Heart Association has some fun kid friendly tips to help your family get moving together and stay heart healthy. Today's tip: "Go outside and play catch with any ball, a beanbag or a flying disc. Count how many times you can throw back and forth without dropping it." Enjoy the summer months and get moving!

Heart disease kills 400,000 women in America every year!

Cardiovascular disease kills 400,000 American women each year, according to the American Heart Association.

Our food drive for the Prince William County Free Clinic is underway. Don't forget to bring in non-perishable food items to donate during your next visit until July 3rd. The clinic served 15,041 patients in the past year and continues to support the community and families. We appreciate your support!

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Has your physician recommended a Holter Monitor? Learn how it's applied, how to live with it and what it does by clicking on the link below!

We are looking forward to see all providers (physicians, physician’s assists, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses) at tomorrow evening's After-Hours Lecture Series Dinner at Nostos in Tyson's Corrner! Email us at for more information or to RSVP.

Flu vaccine manufacturing to increase this year.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new, U.S.-manufactured flu vaccine, which is expected to increase the domestic capacity for making shots by 50 million doses.

Congratulations to the US team for a great win last night during the World Cup against Ghana! The Spur's also won the NBA finals on Sunday evening 104 to 87 against the Heat. With so many great games to watch, its important to remember to stay active ourselves! What are your favorite sports to play?

Another #tbt to our Carient photo shoot - a candid of the doctors as they lined up for the group photo!

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Interesting article, does it align with your perceptions?

Women age 55 and younger may fare worse than men after having a heart attack, according to new research presented at the American Heart Association’s Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2014.