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  • Euni Rodriguez
    February 22 at 9:09am
    Ate from German food truck. Good food
  • James City Co Master Gardeners are presenting a free gardening sympo...sium "Grow It - Eat It" on Saturday, March 25, 8:40 - 12:30 at James City Recreation Center on Longhill Rd, Willliamsburg. This is an opportunity for new and experienced gardeners to learn how to successfully produce home-grown vegetables and herbs. Pre-register at It & Eat It after February 25th. See More
  • Regarding today's show, I was a little dismayed by your reprimands r...egarding the more spirited responses to some of Congressman Taylor's own 'bad behavior.' He may not have yelled, but he was equally disrespectful. I'm not sure how we're supposed to react when he claims impotence in DC as it relates to 45's endless issues or when he lies outright or evades answering the actual question being asked. If we were to sit down one-on-one with him, I can guarantee the discourse would be civil. Trying to get our opinions across in an auditorium when one person (Congressman Taylor) has a microphone and an agenda is going to result in yelling, unless it's a room full of people who agree with him. I'm glad the Virginian-Pilot reporter expressed to you the frustration that many Americans in CD2 are feeling and expressed last night. See More
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We've had several request for a shareable version of Cathy's commentary from today:
We hope to see some of you at noon at the Norfolk Botanical Garden! Send us your questions and comments for today's show via FB or Twitter (@cathylewistalks) and feel free to use the hashtag #AskJimOrband
Well, Chris White at Wags Doggie Daycare joined me this morning in demonstrated a well-oiled process we have use to get Rocco Lewis from the car into Wags. And, of course, this morning for the first time, Rocco did not do his part.

Fans of German food: here's the new food truck we were just talking about. Yum! - Cathy

a real German institution – every town and village has one or several of them, a small hut serving a quick snack. Tschüß und bis bald! – See you soon!

Our favorite gardening guru Jim Orband is back in studio today at noon! Prep your toughest gardening questions and join us at 440-2665, comment below or connect with us on Twitter (@cathylewistalks).


What a terrific story about a Virginia Beach student! -Cathy

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

PERSON OF THE WEEK: A Virginia Beach teen was one of five kids selected to be a contestant on the game show, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" -- scoring $100,000 and now planning to use his winnings to help his community and those in need. David Muir with the #PersonoftheWeek

You can sign up for Congressman Wittman's tele-town hall here:

Telephone town hall meetings allow me to listen to your ideas on the critical challenges facing our nation. During these calls, First Congressional District residents have the opportunity to participate and ask questions about my work in Congress.

For more information about Congressman Bobby Scott's upcoming town hall:

PBS NewsHour spoke with supporters of President Trump following the Thursday press conference, including one from Hampton Roads. What did you make of the President's press conference?

Critics of President Donald Trump said they saw a combative news conference on Thursday. His supporters saw something else: A champion of Middle America who is taking on the establishment and making good on his campaign promises.

Because Cathy can't seem to get enough of This Old House...

Watch the full episode: Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor visits Nick Offerman in Los A...

You can explore Volume 1 of the Art of Dying here:

Joomag digital interactive publication

To learn more about Israel Story visit

Mishy Harman is speaking at the Simon Family Jewish Community Center tonight. Check out the event here:

Here's the Catgenie and a number of other high-end pet gifts! - Cathy

So consider this fine selection of luxury gifts.

Our favorite veterinarian, Dr. Phyllis Neumann, swings by today to answer your pet health questions! Five us a ring at 440-2665 or share them here.

For more information about the future of Norfolk's Waterside:

Arriving in 2017, Norfolk’s premier dining and entertainment district will be a central place where you can hang out, dine and shop with your whole family. Waterside District will feature the best of national, regional and local restaurants and will offer live music, festivals and more. Located in t...

Have you heard about the neighborhood debate over the Hague Bridge Love Locks? We want to know where you stand on the issue! Let us know by calling in, commenting below or connecting with us on Twitter (@cathylewistalks).

Have you ever hung a lock on the Hague bridge in Norfolk as a Valentine's Day ritual? Has it since been cut off? Join us at 12:30 @ 440-2665

Despite resident complaints, Norfolk officials have allowed “love locks” to stay on a footbridge in Ghent. So a local artist decided to test the policy. His tools: giant foam coolers,|By Eric Hartley

In honor of Valentine's Day, we'll discuss the brand new dating app Hater and learn how mutual dislikes can bring people together today! Join us at noon @ 440-2665, comment below or connect with us on Twitter (@cathylewistalks)!

White House National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has resigned.

Intelligence officials feared the national security adviser had misled the vice president after saying he did not discuss sanctions with the Russian ambassador.|By Philip Rucker