Hi Fellows😉this is another #shot taken a few weeks back at our #show @soulhellcafe ..we missed being on #stage a lot❤️#punkrock #band #music #heartbreakengines #punk #punkabilly #rocknroll #live #lifestyle #livemusicphotography #blackandwhitephotography pic taken by mike🙏

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Hi Fellows😉this #shot was taken a few weeks back at our #show Soul Hellcafe ..felt good to be back on #stage ❤️ #punkrock #band #music #heartbreakengines #punk #punkabilly #rocknroll #live #lifestyle #livemusicphotography #blackandwhitephotography pic taken by mike🙏

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Hi Fellows😄
Endlich ist das verdammte Ding da!!!
Wir haben heute fleißig eingetütet und die ersten Päckchen gepackt.
Ihr könnt die 7“ über uns direkt ordern (Nachricht hier bei Facebook schreiben(PM))oder im
Soul Hellcafe kaufen....
Die 7“ kostet 10€ plus 2€ Porto/Verpackung innerhalb Deutschlands.
In den nächsten Tagen kommen noch ein paar andere Möglichkeiten wo ihr die 7“ kaufen könnt hinzu.
Übrigens ist sie auf 300 Stück limitiert.
Danke für eure Geduld❤️

Eure Engines

Hi Fellows😊
There it is..finally!!!
If you want to buy our new record, a 7” with 3 new songs, feel free to write us here on Facebook (PM).
The 7” will cost 10€ plus shipping..depends on where you live.
We will check the lowest price and send it to you😉
Limited to 300 copies

Yours Engines

Thanx for your patience and trust🙏❤️

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Heartbreak Engines added 5 new photos — with Sandra Kallmeyer and Torsten Schohl.

Guten Morgen ihr tollen Menschen😊
Das war ein wirklich wunderschöner Abend mit euch im Soul Hellcafe .
Ausverkauft, Warm, Schweiß..alte Bekannte, Wegbegleiter, Freunde..ein Träumchen❤️
Leider hat das Presswerk es nicht geschafft unsere neue Single/Ep rechtzeitig zu pressen, aber wir geben natürlich SOFORT Bescheid wenn das Ding bei uns ankommt😉
Wir danken euch 1000fach für den Support..für das Mitsingen..für euren Applaus..🙏...
Heartbreak Forever💔✌️

PS: Falls ihr Fotos/Videos gemacht habt BITTE SCHICKT SIE UNS..Danke🙏

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Good morning fellows 😊we hope you have had an awesome #weekend with #food #drinks #sleep #friends..or all together😄 Jan Meininghaus was busy and worked hard on the #prints for our upcoming #show next Friday at the Soul Hellcafe
Here you can see the final result which we will sell at the #concert 💪💪 see you on friday❤️✌️ #punkrock #band #music #heartbreakengines #limitededition #siebdruck #screenprint #punk #punkabilly

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Hi there and welcome to our Instagram Page ( heartbreak_engines_official )😄
The first post should be something special and here it is:
The drawings for our upcoming Show on November 24. @soulhellcafe which will end in a Limited Screen Print. How many of these Prints will be available depends on @jan_meininghaus_illustration mood😉
#siebdruck #janmeininghaus #band #music #punk #punkrock #punkabilly #rocknroll #rock #lifestyle #screenprint #heartbreakengines #limitededition #art #drawing

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Good evening Fellows
We hope you will have an awesome weekend!!!
Greetings from the Rehearsal Room
Play this one loud!!!!!!

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Gotta Get You Outta My Head
Heartbreak Engines · Seasons of Heartbreak, Vol. 1
Plays from Spotify

Tickets für das Konzert am 24.11. gibt es ab sofort im Soul Hellcafe 😉✌️

Tickets for the concert on 24.11. Are now available at @[184418348247929:274:Soul Hellcafe] 😉✌️
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Hello Fellows
If you are only streaming the new Songs but want to buy and own is the Button
Of course you will also find us on Amazon but there is only space for one Button...
Heartbreak Engines

Heartbreak Engines added 4 new photos to the album: RELEASES.

Good Morning Fellows

This is the first Song "Cannibals" from our EP "Seasons of Heartbreak - Vol 1"

We hope you like it and it was worth the waiting ...
This Friday we will post several links to Spotify / iTunes / YouTube
where you can buy or stream the new Songs.
Feel free to comment and share the Links.

Thanx for your patience and trust

Heartbreak Engines

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"HEARTBREAK ENGINES You can find the actual release SEASONS OF HEARTBREAK VOL.1 and the old releases from 2003\/2005\/2007 here for streaming : (2003)Good Drink..."

Good Morning Fellows

This Link underneath will guide you to our Artist Page on Spotify. Today we rereleased our first Album so the full Backcatalog is now available for you.

If you want to buy the old Albums or just a song that you cant live without, you can do that on iTunes, Amazon and any other digital Platform who sells records


Have a nice Weekend out there, stay wild and drunk!!

Regards and hugs
Heartbreak Engines

PS: You are allowed to Share the News

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Heartbreak Engines, Category: Artist, Albums: Good Drinks, Good Butts, Good Fellows, One Hour Hero, Love, Murder, Blues, Singles: Seasons of Heartbreak, Vol. 1, Top Tracks: Built My Hate Around You, Cannibals, Good Drinks, Good Butts, Good Fellows, Gotta Get You Outta My Head, Gunwitch, Biography: Heartbreak Engines were founded back in late 2002 by Lou,Grischa,Syd,Fuse and Oki., Monthly Listeners: 531, Where People Listen: Los Angeles, Helsinki, Stockholm, Hamburg, Essen

So...for those who didnt know or couldnt believe it
We will be there to play some Songs...yes...even the new ones that will be released on Friday the 3rd of November.

We will have some vinyl there for you..and some Shirts...


Regards and Love
Heartbreak Engines

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Fri 8:00 PM UTC+01Soul HellcafeEssen, Germany
273 people interested
Heartbreak Engines is feeling proud.

Good morning fellows😊
As we promised we rerelease our old stuff digitally. Today we start with „Love, Murder, Blues“ which was released back in 2005 and „One Hour Hero“ from 2007.
Next Friday we will put out our debut „Good Drinks, Good Butts, Good Fellows“ from 2003.

Friday the 3rd of November will be the official digital release of „Seasons of Heartbreak Vol.1“...
with 3 new Songs. We are a little bit nervous but also very excited about this release and the start of a series which will contain 4 singles with 3 brand new songs each.

Our Music will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google and every Digital Platform thats around.
Vinyl (7”) will be available at upcoming shows.

Have a nice Weekend out there and thanx for your patience and trust❤️

Heartbreak Forever 😉✌️…

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Heartbreak Engines, an artist on Spotify

Hi. After 10 years of nothing new we decided to write a few songs. We have recorded, mixed and mastered 3 new songs that will be released in the next few weeks via iTunes Spotify etc. (7“ will be available at the show 24.nov)
After solving some problems with our old label about our previous releases you will also find the 3 Albums we have done back in the days.