💕 Do you ever feel that there is an unsung song inside of you…a calling, a yearning, a dream, a soul potential that is uniquely yours? You are not alone.

During the past twenty years I have been mentoring women, probably similar to your yearnings to develop all of their intelligences, all of their self and soul potential. They sense the world is at a turning point, and there is a meaningful role for the feminine energy to play in shaping the collective future.

The call to be ...more can be overwhelming.
Within there was an uncertainty and then I felt the direction of the feminine sage energy and began to trust the process.

I chose the wisest mentors who encourage me to walk the path, from these experiences I now guide others to realise potential so you can prepare your self to fulfil that vital role of Heart Leader.

Heart Leader is not a badge you wear but rather a way of being.

You know you are ready to be more when you...

- feel alone and under-supported to bring forth fullness.
- want to contribute and be more but don’t know how.
- feel called to begin a new career or project but don’t know
what it might look like.
- have little or no idea where to begin or how to support yourself.
- feel excited when you breakthrough old patterns, yet disheartened
when you don’t feel supported, get knock-backs and feel yourself
slipping into old patterns...

You are ready for more.

I’ve worked mostly with women. who for whatever reason they’ve been unable to bring forth the fullness of their potentials for creative self-expression, love and great contribution. They feel they don’t have enough time, money, support, education, or knowledge.

Yet the truth is this: They have not yet awakened to the kind of power required to create what is most deeply yearned for.

I invite you to email me at we can arrange a time to speak.
For an appointment/an answer to your problem email:

In Love, Sylvia Marina 💕

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💕 Carrying a burden of shame hinders the inner healing process because it mentally separates people from the delicate softness of the heart. To truly heal damaged emotions; reconcile and mend both childhood and ancestral history that is manifesting in present day expression, learn how to access the deep delta energy when and where the hurt/confusion was infused and change that energy. Begin today, breathe and connect, really connect to the sacred space within you.~ Sylvia Marina, Founder, Heart Leaders Academy.
To understand your life and make change more quickly, book the next date closest to you for Transforming DNA Memories ... For a personal session with Sylvia email, 💕


💕 There are two types of pain, one that hurts you and the other that changes you. Both must be understood or the lessons return...till you truly understand genetic behaviour. Know that its possible to change gene expression. Book the next date closest to you for Transforming DNA Memories ... or email for a personal session 💕

💕 Sylvia Marina is based in Perth but travels extensively all over the world to present her courses, Transforming DNA Memories, Return To Love and more.

She has an amazing ability to create change in peoples lives so they take action to radically shift people to see a future with clarity and confidence, allowing them to let go of aspects about themselves that no longer serve a purpose.

Sylvia has spent many years training people from all facets of life including health advis...ors, coaches, entrepreneurs, kinesiologists, chaplains, social workers, authors, speakers, management professionals, parents and people just like you.

Her EPIgenetics program Transforming DNA Memories creates a shift between memories and misunderstandings of the past that often show up in the present as patterns of frustration, and feelings of inadequacy. Our ability to heal and move forward into the future can be sped up as we trace the foundations back through the generations and clear the negative memory associated, leaving us clearer in mind, resolving anxiety and shifting the energy of past and the fear of future trauma.

This course is for people who are ready to commit to the Self and transform every part of their life. For Health Practitioners the skills you learn in this 4 day workshop will be immediately put to use as Sylvia has put together the program with the workbook in such a way that you will feel confident to integrate it into your present programs.

This program is valuable to all who seek a new career pathway.

Book the next date closest to you... or email

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💕 EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS alter neural pathways in the brain in relatively short amounts of time and even affect processes like gene expression for connection, relationships, career outcome, wellness & healing.”
How we interpret our experiences and inner thoughts influences our physical and mental health. Heart Leaders Academy gives you the skills to regain the clarity of thought needed to determine what needs to be done next.
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Are you repeating cycles that you would rather not? Do you ever feel that there is an unsung song inside of you…a calling, a yearning, a dream, a soul

💕 GRACE is the whisper when you’re standing in front of the dark that says, “I can’t make this less scary for you, but I can remind you that you’ve walked through it before. ~ Brene Brown 💕

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💕 Never undervalue the power of love; nothing in life will ever mean as much to anyone and whether giving or receiving, it is the one quality we all crave and the secret key to a life of happiness. When it is missing, a soul remains in darkness and a home is just walls with a roof. ~ M. Leal. 💕

Exciting to be heading to the UK next month to join health professionals – doubly excited to be launching one of our newest Transforming DNA Memories teachers Lise McNamara to the international stage.

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💕 Effective leaders change the world around them, they start by changing the world within. ~ Sylvia Marina. Heart Leaders Academy 💕#BeTheBestYou

A Specialist in Behaviour Science. In 1984 Sylvia Marina was the founder Kinesiology Association in Western Australia and in 1986 one of seven founding the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) national committee, she is an honoured Fellow of the AKA. With a professional background in Psychology & Orthomolecular Medicine, Sylvia began practicing and then teaching all levels of Touch For Health, 3 in 1 Concepts and PKP. Sylvia was invited to a medical team as program direct...or for wellness retreats for Cancer patients. Requests from patients and their families led Sylvia to create workshops & seminars relating to genetic inheritances, health & wellness intelligences. Internationally she brings skills and understanding to deepen the human experience, training facilitators to open communities and countries to Transform DNA Memories. Transforming DNA Memories uses the 'self responsibility' model, emotion, support, and realignment.

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Sylvia Marina's presence and quiet assurance invites you to listen and drink from her many experiences from welfare days of childhood to her exciting and dynamic life today. She is an inspiration teaching you to work from the heart, healing your ancestral hurts and damaged DNA, identify and remove t...

I learnt...
💕 Time spent with family is more precious than words can write. AND as the hand of my grandchild slips into mine to cross a road or approach a place of uncertainty, my wits alert, my heart-beats strongly this is not just a hand in mine it is a silent voice that says ‘I trust you’, help me make my journey safe. ~ Sylvia Marina ND 💕

Never let anything stand in the way of your dreams, just watch.

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Never let anything stand in the way of your dreams, just watch Mandy Harvey!

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