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Poor Pup
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The “Heart” of the Moment

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words; and while that may be true, it can’t nearly capture all of this picture’s true worth and meaning. What you are seeing is cathartic relief being expressed through animal and human bond. Your eyes may be initially drawn to this sweet pup - for her, it was truly a whirlwind day. She, her sister and their surrogate mother had never a day in their life been inside any of the big, scary cars they see whizzing pas...t the dilapidated structure, where they had found shelter from the elements, nor had they ever been inside any building or house. Through the caring acts of a young girl that lived nearby (who aspires to be a veterinarian someday), they had slowly become more comfortable with humans, allowing us to get close enough; not just to provide food, water and medicine, but also to connect and give them love and affection.

On this day, we had decided it was their time to move on to something we believed would be better. For us, we had already spent days driving, searching and visiting as many strays as we could, from sun up to sun down. It is very emotional work. The highs are like spiritual awakenings, and the lows are truly despairing. “How can we possibly save them all? Who are we to even choose? Are we even helping them at all? Would they be better off as they are?” For the human in this picture (Melanie), you’re seeing a complete release of all these sorts of emotions. In that moment, there was nothing else to do but surrender to it all and try and convince herself and the little pup that the universe will ensure that everything will work out for the better.

The moment I took this picture was magical. Pictures never capture it, but it’s in their eyes that a great narrative can be seen. While this pup likely didn’t have the same mix of emotions we were experiencing, her eyes were telling me a story. She had just been taken out of the first crate she had ever seen, from within the first car she had ever ridden in, and was being held by one of the only humans she has ever met. Up until this moment she had been exhibiting all the unease and insecurity you would expect from all that was foreign to her, but in this moment, once she was scooped up and held she laid completely motionless, seeming to be as comfortable as she’s ever been; completely trusting. Her eyes were slowly scanning all the unfamiliar surroundings behind me, things she’d never seen before: a window, a picture, an air conditioner, a table. As an observer to all this, there’s a lot I can’t say for certain, but what I believe is that in that moment, this embrace was what they both truly needed. They both saved each other that day.

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We are so pleased to introduce this adorable little guy, who we will be transporting to New Hampshire this week to meet his forever family! “Lucky” was rescued by the wonderful folks at Save-A-Sato, and has been undergoing medical care for the last few weeks. Sending love and gratitude to Lucky’s new family, Rick and Norma - we are all anxiously awaiting his arrival!

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