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  • Hair stylistDecember 2010 to January 2011Puyallup, Washington
    Styled, cut, & colored hair. Also wax
  • Sales2008 to 2009Puyallup, Washington
    I did sales and pierced ears. The manager made me nuts. When I started I told her college came first so she would call me while im in class to cover her shifts. The first time I tried to quit the gm told me she would fire the manager if that would keep me. But it kept up so I had to quit.
  • Team MemberMay 2006 to March 2007Puyallup, Washington
    Prepared food, worked front counter, drive through, did food prep, opened & closed. Dishes, mopping & constant sanitizing.
Professional Skills
  • Class of 2010CosmetologyPsychology in the WorkplaceBusiness mathsLakewood, Washington
    Went to Clover Park Technical College to earn my Cosmetology License! I learned all about hair skin & nails! I learned how to cut, color, style & bleach hair, I learned how to give someone a scalp massage after shampooing & conditioning their hair! Another thing I learned is how to wax people but a few different techniques to either make it less painful or to make sure I get what I want waxed, I was also taught to use different types of wax! I also learned how to do facials, which is where your massaging the face as your cleaning it to get all the old dead skin off, once done, you re-moisturize it with a really good facial lotion! Lastly I learned how to do a spa manicure, which would also include a hand massage & a really good manicure, we also briefly read about acrylic nails but never actually did them like everything else!! At the end by the time I was about to graduate I had pulled about a 3.5 GPA average throughout college & all together ast the end my final classes after taking all my lower classes to build me up to these ones were Business Math, English 101, Psychology Of The Workplace & Cosmetology!
  • Class of 2008Spanaway, Washington
    All the teachers there are amazing. In bethel school district you need like 22 credits to graduate in all four years of high school. I made up 16 my senior year at challenger.
  • Aug 2006 to Mar 2007Spanaway, Washington
    Teachers never helped me. I had trouble understanding my work and asked for help, because I kept asking and wasn't getting my work done, me teachers just ignored me instead of trying harder to help me like I asked for. So I skipped a full two months of school before they called my mom. The only reason they called was to see if I would be back in time to take the WASL.
Current City and Hometown