3 Heavy Brothers + 1 Lil Sis + 2 other fabulous multi-instrumentalists = New Band “Mystery Seed”. CALLING ALL Heavy Brothers Fans!!!!!!!

Michelle Medler

I know as a musician it's not all that interesting that I'm posting about another gig. Blah blah...but I am seriously excited about tomorrow (Friday 1/5) at The... Secret Society 10pm. We have started a new band called Mystery Seed. It is a long term dream that has come to fruition, a step out of the Jazz music you may expect to hear from me. We have a couple of cover tunes, but this is new stuff influenced by the no-so-jazz music we grew up listening to. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, 70's funk, Groove Collective & more. There are 4 multi-instrumentalists in this 6 piece band, so many cool sounds emerge. This is one of our first gigs & it may be awhile before you can see us in public again as we finish our first EP. Come out if you can! Some of us will be playing with Paul Brainard's Fun Machine for the second half...seriously, he has an organ called the fun machine, it's a... ummm... how to describe.?It's....yeah....

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Michelle Medler is with Benjamin Medler and Dan Gildea.

I'll see you at Raven & Rose this Saturday! This place is a cool hang!


Happy 4th!! NEW VIDEO released today!

Official Music Video of American Dreams c. 2014 Performed By The Quadraphonnes Written by Mary Sue Tobin The Quadraphonnes are: Mary Sue Tobin- Soprano Saxop...
Not surprising, they've been moving in that direction for quite a while. They have six days left to raise the money via Kickstarter to record it.
We are raising money to help us record & internationally launch a new album of original funk for 4 Saxes, rhythm + vocals

Quadraphonnes are raising money for a new CD project. We will have a kickstarter up soon (kickstarter is a very cool fundraising/pledge drive for artists), but if you don't already have our first full-length album, it is available via digital download or CD. Every track sold, helps us fund the new album! Also, please Like our FB page if you enjoy what you hear!

The Quadraphonnes are a saxophone quartet based in Portland, Oregon. They perform a blend of...

Happy Holidays from the Heavy Brothers!!

Hey All!!! Exciting Heavy Brothers Update!! STUDIO !!!! Yes, we are recording our next album (yes I said album take that for what ever you want) and things are sounding great! Stay tuned and we hope to get some of our new tunes out to you all once they are Heavy Brotherized!!!! Who knows maybe we might come out of the studio for a special guest appearance some time?? Stay Tuned!!!!

Heavy Bros @ Missssissssippi Pizzzza TONITE. Pizzzzzzza. Beeeeeeer. FuuuuuuunK!

OK, you all have about 11.5 hours to get ready (i.e. find your dancing shoes) for the Giant Bodacious Heavy Brothers Ben Medler Birthday Bash! Come on down to Mississippi Pizza tonight and get sweaty and dance your ass off!!! Show starts at 9pm C U There!!!

Hey all, Just a matter of hours to Ben Medler's Big Heavy Birthday Bash @ Mississippi Pizza On Friday night July 6th, 2012! See you there!

Ben's Birthday Party is HERE:

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This Friday! We got funk, we got soul... we got new original songs! Come out for some pizza (gluten free options, too!) and tight, horn-centric funk.

Thanks to everyone that came out to support local Music and Kids at the show last Thursday at the Alberta Rose! Get set for our next show on Friday July 6th at Mississippi Pizza!!!! Its gonna get Hot, Sweaty and Gooey!

Its almost Time to Dance and get your Sweaty Groove on!!! See you at the Alberta Rose Theater Tonight!!!!

The funk Workshop band is TRYING to take over the heavy brothers.....they sound pretty dang good! Look out guys the kids can PLAY! ...But look out kids, the Brothers still have some tricks up our sleeves!!!

Ok Everyone, nows the time to go to your boss and ask to come in late next Friday Cuz you plan on Coming to the the Alberta Rose Theater on Thursday 6/21/12 for the Heavy Brothers show with the Kids from the Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra Funk Workshop and you plan to dance your Ass Off! Come out, have fun and Support Kids and Local Music at the same time!