Woot! For my KL friends!

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Young Living Malaysia


Need an essential oil infused drink that you can drink anytime, anywhere?
NingXia Red to your rescue!


With every purchase of NingXia Red-4pk, receive one (1) box of NingXia Zyng (12 cans)
for FREE!

Item Code: 3044515
Wholesale Price: RM566.00
Retail Price: RM744.63
PV: 127.00

Terms and Conditions:
Offer valid from 10 June 2016 - 30 June 2016.
Available on Essential Rewards and Standard Order.
Valid via walk-in, email, phone and fax.
Top-ups are allowed.
This batch of NingXia Zyng will expire on 24 July 2016.
Non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
Strictly while stocks last.

Click on the link below to download / view the flyer:…/youngli…/27557681775/in/dateposted/

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Yay! Ningxia Red is back!

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Tan Kai Hiang to One Drop: Open

Starting this amazing week with the best news EVER!

Thank you YL Singapore team for working tirelessly through this 1.5 years to bring this back to us.

Receive...d in the email this morning:

The NingXia Red bottles will be available for purchase starting 18th May 2016, Wednesday. Members can purchase under Essential Rewards or Standard Order, via NVO, CVO, Walk-in, Email or Fax.

The bottles are available for purchase in 2 pack, 4 pack, 6 pack or 8 pack as well as a special NingXia Red Essential Rewards (4 pack) pricing.

Pricing Summary

NingXia Red Essential Rewards (4 pack): WS$201, 121PV

NingXia Red 2 pack: WS$118, 71PV

NingXia Red 4 pack: WS$211, 127PV

NingXia Red 6 pack: WS$311, 187.25

NingXIa Red 8 pack: WS$404, 243.50PV

During the launch event, there will be Event Specials for Standard Order purchase and New Member Sign Up.

Watch out for the promotions which will be released tomorrow via E-Newsletter.

You may download NingXia Red resources for sharing at…/8x81lm…/AAAvth4PYMyix-3zY5nKhImCa…

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Clearing the air ...

Tan Kai Hiang to One Drop: Open

Good day oilers!

This morning it seems like the world is just talking about Cinnamon Bark! I have personally written my response for our ONEDROP team and posted... in the private fb group where we communicate and learn. I know many folks in this open forum that we host publicly for EVERYONE in or outside of our group may not have a group you can run to for queries and I decided I will share my original post here. Hopefully it you can draw strength and insights from this:

"Good morning ONEDROPPERS!
I know many of you have been asked about the blogger's post with regards to Cinnamon Bark's purity and I would like to share what I know, what I believe and what you can choose to do about this. I prayed before I hit the keyboard that my sharing may bring light and that you will be equally anointed with wisdom to begin to understand the situation.

To set some context, the query about Cinnamon Bark started in February this year. The original story started from Dr Robert S Pappas whom if you know the history of the essential oils industry - has been one that had started a number of accusatory cases in the long history against YL and has his own affiliation to another company. In every previous issue raised, Young Living has also historically responded with evidence and explanation. In this current case, Young Living has issued an official statement and Dr Mike Buch (VP of R&D & Product Management) has also personally written up a detailed long email to account for the questions that have been asked. I will attach the copy as a comment (it is long).

Now, with internet - emotions can run high when discussions take on personal emotions - some founded; some unfounded. The blog that is circulating raises the same questions that were previously asked and had been addressed; but additionally he included his screenshot of a customer service personnel's answer plus a "text message with Jared Turner". This in turn did turn a discussion that had been handled before into a personal story. And yes it started making its rounds again in end April.

Before we discuss the science that falls behind the tests and explanation, I wanted to stop for a moment to tell you what I do know about the company and Gary & Mary. Many of you may be new with YL and the Gary and Mary and who YL is , is a distant concept or description....perhaps as you would see any company. I started using Young Living in 2007 and in 2010 I chose to fly to Utah to see what the fuss was about. I was a distributor rank i.e I have never enrolled anyone and was just a user. But something in me was very curious about what the fuss was with YL because those who have met Gary and those who have walked the farms always came home with hearts brimming with gratitude, souls that furiously seem too alive. And they seem to hold a light that just DOES NOT extinguish. In judgement, I think they were brainwashed. Well that was before I stepped foot in Utah in 2010. From then, I have been to the French Farm, the Ecuador farm, all 3 farms in USA, the co-op farm in Australia and our own frankincense farm in Oman. I have walked along side Gary in Oman understanding his 10 years of research and commitment to frankincense in Oman. I have harvested alongside Gary and veterans (these are people who have stayed side by side with Gary for the last 20 years) at Winter Harvest. I have watched Gary watch every bubble that swims up in his distillation with delight and hear him whisper to himself "This oil will save a life". I have sat in a room where he had cried because of the burden God places on him to champion essential oils for the last 20 years in a disbelieving world. I was standing there in France where a reputable French distiller and his mum held Gary in their arms crying thank him for bringing hope back to Lavender in Provence; but more than that... turn around to tell us that he is family. I have seen Mary and Gary talk and think about everyone in need - whether it is for the essential oils or to be better equipped financially to study or to live a better life. I have seen Young Living farm hand wipe his tear telling us why they do not use chemicals and will take a much longer time to wash every distiller by hand. I have sat in a presentation where the in-house lab person talks about and show us a picture of his young daughter and why he would do everything to protect his daughter. He has every confidence in the YL oils and uses all of them at home because he is the lab technician.

See, if you hang around Young Living long enough.... you know the virtues of this company is rooted. DEEPLY ROOTED in honouring truth and it flows from Gary through his team, to the managers to every one that is willing to listen. Young Living is a family-hearted business. Yes even if it is a billion dollar company. I don't care about being a Diamond in YL. I care about who I am sticking my head out for. I care about honouring truth and in the last 9 years that I have known YL, I also know seeking and standing for truth can be one of the most painful things because you stick out like a sore thumb and mud will be slung at you. If you are in ONEDROP, I care that you are in here because you first trusted us. And I want you to know we dig into the situation to learn every bit so that we can give you insights and not just expect you to trust.

As you continue to read Dr Buch's explanation below in the comment box, I am highlighting 2 key points:
- YL has tested all the batches that were raised independently and in-house and stand firmly with the results that they are pure and pass all the stringent quality tests and standard.
- Most lab reports are interpreted by drawing on comparison to historical data from the whole eo industry. This is where the interpretation itself can also be misread into because historical data is simply a collection of what is measured in the field but does not necessarily distinguish quality that matters. In short - you can run a lab test but the reading and interpretation of it needs to be done with a complex understanding of many factors and not just a yes/no result if the oils has certain constituents.

As I conclude my sharing with you, I would like to invite you to start journeying with YL differently - because there is a greater cause YL is standing for and the heart of this company is NOT to come and sell you another oil. Young Living and those who have stood the test of time with Gary believe in the very heart of who we are that these powerful essences in the bottles are meant to change this world - physically, emotionally, socially and yes spiritually. And frankly this cause is too important for the company to allow any adulteration - in the bottles or in the hearts. "

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Heishop shared a photo.

Wondering what to buy every month?!

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KerYew Ng to One Drop: Open

Are you always wrecking your brains over what to spend your 100PV on? Personally, I'm always trying to cut my orders back! Because i want to buy EVERYTHING that... YL has. hahah. Sheena Ling came up with some suggestions you could buy with your monthly 100PV requirement! Take a lookie! I'm definitely gonna add some to my routine and orders!

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C.O.C.O.N.U.T !

*Altered with permission by Jennifer of Hybrid Rasta Mama. While traveling through Thailand, by partner and I joked about buying a coconut plantation because it...

YL Feelings Kit!

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Joelle Lee-Teo

So, I have been facing some difficulties with my teenager lately. Have you heard? 8 is the new 18!

Rebellious streaks and tantrums that manifest out of nowhere.... Testing the limits to the max.

I was at my wits end. Nearing child abuse. Emotions were running wild. Mine!

That was when I was reminded that I should go back to the basics! My oils! (Thank you Jelyn!)

Young Living Feelings Kit lets us get in touch with our emotions. Frustrations and anger were released. Harmony and Peace comes in. We are grounded once again. As we apply the oils on each other, we talked about the day's events. The anger we let go, the joy we reminisced. We promised to be better tomorrow. The bonding helps tremendously too!

What started out as a 'therapy' for the child turned out to be more beneficial for me! I feel more relaxed after the session. No more lost sleep at night due to the anger during the day. No more feelings of defeat at my parenting choices. And most important of all, I became more tolerant of the occasional antics! It's been 2 weeks and I have not raised my hands on him! That's a breakthrough!

He has calmed down somewhat. The occasional outbursts is more manageable now. Instead of harsh words, I only had to ask, "Do you want to waste the oils and our efforts?" And the defiant look will leave his face. It is still work in progress. But I know I am in control. That's what oiling is all about.

*Image credit: oliedruppel . nl

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Woot! Our Favourite antioxidant drink now in Malaysia!

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Will Halterman added 2 new photosfeeling awesome at Young Living Malaysia.

Biggest announcement ever!! Ningxia Red is officially launched in Malaysia at the 1st anniversary event!! Woohoo!

For our friends in Malaysia! Elsie Mak Jocelyn Low Julia Oh

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Young Living Malaysia

The time is finally hereeeeee!! Countdown to Young Living Malaysia's very 1st Anniversary! Bring your family and friends along to this fun filled event and be r...ewarded.

• Date : 10 October, 2015 (Saturday)
• Venue: Young Living Malaysia Bangsar South Office
• Time: 9am - 6pm

Things to look forward on our anniversary:
• Recognition
• Spin and Win
• On-site Promos
• Featured Speakers
• NEW Products Launching (oil, diffuser, personal care and the long awaited nutrition product)

Don't missed out and come check it out yourself on this golden opportunity to celebrate our very 1st anniversary and see you oilers this Saturday!

*This event is open to public


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Can't help but think of this when I saw the Shell Nitro.

My favorite Nitro when I needed an energy boost. Nowadays when I get a headache from being out in the sun without my morning coffee, I down a Nitro and get immediate relieve!

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YL is 4!

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Young Living Singapore

Young Living Singapore is turning 4 in October! Because this is our anniversary month, we are bringing you the top picks for physical, emotional and general wel...lness support. Get Helichrysum, JuvaCleanse and OmegaGize free with our October specials!

450 PV GIFTS: Free Juva Cleanse 15ml, Helichrysum 5ml and OmegaGize
(Retail Value: $531)

350 PV GIFTS: Free Helichrysum 5ml and OmegaGize (Retail Value: $303)

270 PV GIFT: Free OmegaGize (Retail Value: $121)

*Available on Essential Rewards and Standard Orders
*PV Promos are not cumulative
*All offers valid 1 to 31 October 2015
*Top-ups to Essential Rewards are not allowed

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For those who don't understand how YL diffusers work in this Haze.

A study has found that topical applications of moisturizers such as Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream, or Vanicream could increase...
Heishop shared their photo.

Arm yourself for the Haze!

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Do not be bothered by the haze! Get your oils and diffuser ready!


Because it's National Day and #simisaialsosg50...

We have 5 Dewdrop Diffusers to let go at S$50 each!

(Self collect. Oils not included.)

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Get rid of phelgm in your kiddo the YL way!

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
Posted by Nina Chua
Nina Chua is feeling thankful.

This is a video made for one mommy who was asking how to get baby's phlegm out using young living essential oils and this technique

Today, I would like to share... with you mommies something that i feel is relevant in every momma's life. Especially when we are looking after a little life,the past few days, has been a nightmare for me; my little 4 month old baby has been having a very bad chesty cough with a lot of phlegm. But babies being babies, don't know how to cough out the phlegm.

For those who are new to oiling & want to try an all natural alternative that is easy to apply - - do check out Instagram: @inara.organics CHEST RUB ( $18/30mls & $29/50mls )
Ready made with all the essential oils necessary for Respiratory ailments.
Order via whatsapp: 91735026

First 3 days i diffused the young living essential oil 'RC' right by her side as she sleeps & apply 1 drop diluted with yl v-6 (vegetable oil) on her chest/sole of feet. The phlegm started to break, because i could hear her finally try to cough it out.
But it was still stuck & I know it was very very thick because once I had to pull it out from the side of her mouth; that was just a preview of what my poor baby had been trying to cough out so I decided to use another oil called 'Dorado Azul' 1 drop on her chest/sole of feet/back (the same area where her lungs is) diluted with v-6 and followed by the tapping/draining therapy which i will attach in the comments below.

After 8 hours of doing the same routine every 2 hourly; her coughing intensified as though to get it out then; this happened! SO MUCH PHLEGM!! when i touched it; it was all thick thick phlegm, now i hear clarity in her breathing and the best part; no more phlegmy sound happy baby is a happier mommy

I just thought of sharing because I'm sure us mommies will come across this one time or another,be it our little ones or someone we know but at least we will know what to do, I always try natural remedies instead of going to the doctors feel free to pm me if you need any guidance

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The next time someone questions you about the high costs of oils....

And if you are paying much less, you've gotta wonder why.

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Young Living Singapore

Ever wondered how much raw material is needed to produce a bottle of Young Living essential oil? Take a look at the mind-blowing numbers that make up our bestselling oils - Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint!