Some very dismissive comments about Greek "mythology" at the end of a recent episode of #jjgo!

If any of you have seen where Dionysus parked our anamatronic skeleton army after his last all-nighter, please let us know. Otherwise we'll just be sending down that creepy owl, and I don't know that it'll have the same effect.

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Griffin McElroy joins Jordan and Jesse for a very special MaxFunDrive episode! They get deep into adolescent confusions like when you should start shaving and the undiscussed phenomena of bumps under your nipples, the majesty and the fear that the Grand Canyon inspires, and the mystery behind the va...

*realizes they haven't shared a post in a while* oh fuck, ummm.. eh, this post mentions mighty Zeus! There! Goodnight mortals.


100 likes? Congratulations mortals you have unlocked an opossum picture for your efforts!

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Spoiler Alert: Unless you've participated in an Odyssey of some kind or battled with a mythical beast of some kind (anything living in Australia including Paul Hogan counts) nothing you do really matters that much.

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Been quite the uptake in new likes lately, either Hermes' marketing campaign was a success (we sent him down there telling him that's what he was doing anyway, but really just wanted rid of him for a while) or things have gotten so dicy down on earth that humanity finally came crawling back.
Welcome back at any rate, mortals!

It's not all doom and gloom, mortals!
Sure: life on earth is beginning to stench like a coming apocalypse but Ares is having a BLAST right now! #livinglifeasawargod
Warning though, Artemis got reinvigorated by all the hate down there and the Oracle tells me she's thinking about popping down there for a human sacrifice to celebrate the good old times. Don't worry, she'll probably just take One!

Good luck, guys!

Alright we admit it, sometimes your monotheistic deity has a sense of humor, bravo.

Sure, they're no gorgon or half man half bull beast but it looks like our latest creations sent to torment the human race have finally started irking you guys in the right direction.

Your whole endealment!

Don't worry, mortal. We'll catch you!
(In all seriousness, this may show the real consequences of the bubbles of belief people can sink themselves into. I hope this guy changes his mind or at least is ok after his launch.. I do enjoy his gusto and the very idea of a steam powered rocket.)

Maybe if you guys would bow down to some real gods you'd be depicting more naked muscle man battles in such detail. Just saying..

For several years, archaeologists have been rooting around the 3,500-year-old tomb of a Bronze Age warrior they call the 'Griffin Warrior.” Within this anc

There's probably more of us Gods than followers of this page. What can we do for more likes?
Army of poorly animated skeletal warriors?
Some kind of gross enormous sea serpent?
A good old fashioned Hermes caper??
Were just spit balling here

Hellenic Polytheism is feeling confused.

You look away from your creation for 2 millenia and look what happens!
What in Hades name are you mortals doing?!

Working on a great new hybrid snake/human/goat monster, its going to be terrific, just really great, ok?

The mortal known as Fry is wise! Tremble before your admittedly flawed Gods!
Also, your monotheistic wimp God really does create some nasty subversive things.. Say what you want about minotaurs, at least you know where you stand and hes very unlikely to ever need to burrow out of your eye.…

They fail to mention even one of our vast plethora of Gods so unfortunately we've had chain all the hosts to rocks where seagulls will peck at their noses for all eternity... but this might be worth a listen and, who knows? Maybe they'll escape.. (ha!)

Religion is the topic we discuss with mild gusto and largely uninformed opinions/ideas/historical fact. We also do our own little Street Fighter sounds. “Just don’t be a dick.” &#…

There's a bunch of words in here but rest assured, this page exists solely for the purpose of Zeus to find mortals worth sodomizing, not as any kind of "spiritual revival".

Rooted in the traditions and philosophies of the ancient Greeks, one neopagan path that has begun a resurgence is Hellenic Polytheism.

No posts for a year and a half but we're fucking Gods here (in every sense of the term "Fucking Gods") so cut us some slack or we'll send a hoard of horny geese to sort you out.