Right now @ the Pink House! Antis will tell you 'we don't yell or scream.' LIE Antis will tell you 'we are here to pray for the women, to help the women.' LIE! This happens all around the country where abortion providers aid women.
Live @ the Pink House, sidewalk counseling....
But we LIE about them using voice amplification. We LIE, the antis don't yell at patients. They 'preach' love. Get the fuck out of here!! Pro-Liars.
Forty-five years ago, the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, which declared abortion legal across the United States, was handed down. Rather than putting to rest the national debate over whether women should be able to make their own decisions …

Supreme Court Tells North Carolina To Hold Off On Redrawing Congressional Map

Ohio's lawyer faced sharp questions about how failing to respond to a mailing from the state was evidence someone may have moved and might be an ineligib...|By Sam Levine

Another home-run from RM!

As abortion access dwindles, medically necessary miscarriage treatment becomes the next anti-choice target.

WOW! Can they be any more honest with their disregard about women's health and survival? I guess the broken water lines and lack of funding of the CHIPS program doesn't warrant the same urgency?!…/pdf/history/HB/HB0045.xml

WOW! Dr. Barnes is so deserving of this honor!

The Pink House Fund

Greetings Friends!
Since going live last week, The Pink House Fund has over 100 likes on our Facebook page! If you haven’t had a chance to visit please do so no...w. And if you are active on twitter, please follow us @1PinkHouseFund. We would like to take this time to update you on one of our proudest projects: Announcing the Dr. Helen Barnes Scholarship for Mississippi Women!
For too long, those of us in the abortion rights movement have been vulnerable in the fight for our services. And in the South, the culture war surrounding abortion is especially brutal. In Mississippi, we have been on the ‘chopping block’ numerous times, awaiting a judges’ ruling to keep our doors open to provide a much needed option, that is abortion healthcare. For so long, we’ve been defending our rights, and haven’t planned for the long haul. The Pink House Fund and JWHO have come up with a proactive plan in safeguarding the existence and the lives of women/girls seeking services by investing in future abortion providers, in establishing a scholarship to aid in the expenses of pro- choice students studying nursing, medical assisting, certified nurses aid, nurse practitioner and future OBGYN’s, in their pursuit to improve access to abortion care in the state of Mississippi. By helping offset portions of tuition for qualified applicants, we would require a (minimum) two-year employment commitment with JWHO to employ them upon graduation, where they would receive hands on training in our clinic under the tutelage of some of the most highly skilled OBGYN’s in the field.
We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Dr. Helen Barnes Scholarship for Mississippi Women, in honor of one of the state’s most beloved daughters and pioneers of Mississippi women’s healthcare. For decades, Dr. Barnes has answered the call to protect women’s health and abortion rights numerous times - be it testifying at legislative hearings or serving as the keynote speaker at pro-choice events. Dr. Barnes performed abortions in the state of Mississippi long before Roe v. Wade. An alumnus of Howard University College of Medicine, Dr. Barnes returned to Mississippi as the states first African American woman physician, and dedicated her career to women’s health. She was the founder of the UMMC’s Primary Care Clinic for Women, became the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s first African American faculty member, served as Chairwoman on the statewide Health Coordinating Council and is a founding member of Jackson Women’s Health Organization. We are honored for her unwavering dedication, commitment, and tireless efforts to champion and safeguard the rights of Mississippi women to choose abortion.
We can think of no more powerful way to continue her legacy as a founder of Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO), than by establishing a scholarship in her honor. The Helen Barnes Scholarship for Mississippi Women is the first to be established by an independent provider in honor of an African American woman. And the first step of our plan in safeguarding our existence, empowering local women and girls, and protecting access to abortion in Mississippi.
We are tired of always defending our rights. This proactive partnership will allow JWHO to be less vulnerable to anti-choice legislative efforts, increase the services they provide to patients, and invest in the future of the pro-choice movement by training future abortion providers to share their knowledge and training in areas where abortion healthcare options are scarce. We strongly support investing in the women/girls of MS in becoming stronger, more confident and engaged in achieving reproductive justice for ALL. And are looking forward to funding and supporting the next generation of abortion providers via a partnership with JWHO. We kindly ask for your continued support by making a donation to The Helen Barnes Scholarship for Mississippi Women today.

The Pink House Fund

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The Pink House Fund
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Trump's attendance has come under fire from civil rights groups, with the NAACP casting it as an "affront" to African-Americans.

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Welcome to Mississippi! The Pink House Fund is a non-profit organization based in Jackson, Mississippi. Our goal is to share the struggle facing families seeking reproductive health care in hostile areas of the country and spread some of the “out of the box” strategies that have worked for us....
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It's been over 40 years since abortion was legalized in the US. But anti-choice activists and legislators are taking women's rights back to the stone-age, bit by bit. Here's how:

.....they are prone to even more restrictions....

Service women are more likely than civilians to face unintended pregnancies, but they have few options for ending them.