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What is the purpose of asking someone whether or not they know the person they just accepted a friend request from outside of facebook, and what happens if you select No instead of Yes in response?

I just accepted a friend request from a friend of a friend and Facebook is now asking me "Do You Know This Person Outside Of Facebook? Yes/No."

I tried looking through Facebook's help section for the answer but they don't even have anything about this or it's relevance. There isn't even anything about it as a side note explaining why the question is asked once a friend request has been accepted.

I'm very interested in know what the purpose of this is for and what happens if I select Yes, and what will happen if I select No as I don't want any of my friends to be adversely affected just because Facebook decided to be a pain in the rear again and decided to punish someone for sending me a friend request who doesn't know me but plays the same games I do and wants to be friends on the game.

To me it's quite obvious that if I didn't want to accept the person's request I would have denied the request, No harm no foul. So I am very grateful to anyone who can give me an explanation about this "feature". Thank You!
Asked about 5 years ago by Kathryn Grenier
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